Releasing Whole Seed Memories

The memories in the apple core are innocent memories that live within us. These memories are defined as our free will. Being trapped in an apple core, the seeds carry the memories of the many fragmented accomplishments of humanity. They also carry the memories of the wholeness of the spirit. Bringing together the memories that continue to be helpful in our world, along with the wholeness of the spirit, can only be accomplished by setting into motion a Universal Plan designed to unite Heaven and Earth as One in Wholeness. In a sense, this will allow people to have their apple, and eat it too.

The time set aside for the people of our world to learn how to release the seeds in the apple core is called virtual time, or Now. The release of the innocent seed into virtual time will change how time is used. Because this will dramatically change everything we believe about reality, people must become a willing participant in this Plan. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to show the willingness of the individual to introduce their innocent seeds into the reglobal plan to unite Heaven and Earth in One Wholeness Now.

Uniting Heaven and Earth will require a New Movement of Thought to be introduced into individual thinking. This way of thinking will replace old world fear with New World miracles. Because all belief is based on old world values, which include fear, New World miracles must begin to replace old world fearful beliefs.


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