The Apple Core

The story of the apple dates back to the beginning of creation when Adam and Eve took a bite and changed global history. If the truth be known, the apple got a bum rap because it was not an apple at all that changed the world; it was a decision to taste a fragment of reality without respecting the wholeness, of which reality is created that caused the problem. This erroneous step began the separate body identity along with the many different interpretations of nationalities and religions that are prevalent throughout the world today.

For 6000 years, people have been taking a bite of their own apple in an attempt to make a whole picture out of that bite that will make sense. The problem is the many separate bites taken from the apple have been used to determine many separate global realities. There has caused a huge discrepancy in how our world defines its reality. It would be like one person claiming that everything that is necessary to understand everything is within the interpretation of the piece of the apple that they have ingested. How insane is that?

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is not to eliminate global information that is helpful in the many bites that have been taken, but instead use all of the information within the core of the apple that is helpful to create a New World. This will require adopting a language that can be used and appreciated by the whole world.

The seeds within the core of the apple will provide this, for it is in the memory of the seeds that the whole information necessary to begin a New World lives.


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