Seeds for Global Peace

Nature is abundant. It extends and increases in value every season. Investing in seeds to replant and grow a crop is how people are sustained. Sustenance is maintained and protected by the natural flow provided by the seasons. Time is provided for each season by allowing a specific amount of time for nature to produce her bounty. People do not understand how to create something that grows in time to specifically produce what they want. This is because we do not meet the intuitive standards necessary to understand what time and seasons are for. For instance, we know that we cannot take a physical nail, plant it, and expect it to grow no matter what time it is planted, in what season. The best we can do is mass produce it in a factory. In effect extending and increasing the value of a nail must be done through force and manipulation. Using the intellect to extend and increase value can only be done through force and manipulation. Once it is in place, this game must continue to completion, or until the made product is placed in the hands of the consumer. Intellectually, this is how we distribute what we have made.
Extending and increasing value through making does require some intuitive bility. However, the time it takes to intellectually redefine intuitive value in physical terms is a waste of time. If it were possible to access the natural intuitive ability within without ego/intellectual interference, the whole world would change. The 6 degrees of separation that the ego/intellect uses to get its needs met would dissolve. The who, what, when, where, why, and how, would be replaced with 2 questions; what do you want, and what is the value it has for you? This may seem impossible, but this is exactly what the new time zone we have entered into is calling for us to learn.
The Great Miracle Share is a global project that eliminates the 6 degrees of separation that asks the 6 questions, and attaches us directly to Universal intuitive value.
From a global perspective, everyone wants global peace, and they understand its value, so the 2 questions necessary to meet the criterion to end the 6 degrees of separation have already been answered. Now, the means to meet the goal must be accepted.
In our world, we use money to get what we want. If we do not have money, we believe we are without the means to have what we want. Most people attempt to get money to have what they want. The Great Miracle Share comes from a whole different perspective, which is that we already have the means to have what we want, but have limited our ability to express at the same intuitive level as nature.
In our core beliefs, which have no intuitive value whatsoever, we believe that money makes the world go round, that time is money, and that if we want something, we must place our money where our mouth is. These are our sayings and they come from global core beliefs held in time, which is what we share with nature. We are now sharing intuitive value in time, but we still do not understand what this means.
Being within the core value of globally held beliefs that it is money that controls time, and also how our core value is spent, we now can control time, and the season necessary to attain global peace. But we still do not have access to the means, or access to the same intuitive value as nature to extend and increase in value what we want, which is global peace. This is the purpose of miracles.
Miracles give us immediate access to time, because miracle work in time. This time/space is defined Universally as Now, which is the only aspect of time that is real. Miracles link what we believe with what we want in time, or in the Now. By eliminating the 6 degrees of separation that is necessary to force and manipulate to get what we want, we are in a position of using what we understand, or our money, to have a global solution to peace. Our money has thus become a seed to give us a new choice, which is a global intuitive reward, which will extend and increase in value, for having the faith in miracles to produce what we cannot produce for ourselves.
What we are being asked to learn far exceeds what we understood in the past about what we can and cannot do. We are unlimited beings, and intuitive value needs no force and manipulation to get. We are being asked to join with a Universal Project to introduce global peace by investing in The Great Miracle Share. This is a global project, but there is much to learn individually. By being willing to join in the same time and space that nature uses to produce a natural bounty, Higher Laws will be introduced to the people who live in our world, and our Universal Rights will be restored. Such a small price to pay to receive so much.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share Project
Written by Cheril’Sword


Inconsistent Peace

“Peace is the state where Love abides and seeks to share Itself.” So says A Course in Miracles. If this statement is looked at as being real, then our world has a problem. It is not that we do not experience love individually, it is that we do not experience Love globally. But even at this, individual love is sporadic because we are not always peaceful.
Higher Laws protect those who maintain healthy living memories. When we are sick, depressed, in pain, or lacking in abundance, it is because we are not in alignment with higher healthy living memories. Health is not something we have to get, it is already here. A false memory is one that violates the conditions of peace, and it is a false memory that fragments health that makes us sick. Our core beliefs are riddled with memories that are counterproductive to our own well being and happiness. These are deceptive memories we have been exposed to, or have taught ourselves. Whole Love does not offer love conditionally, but fragmented love does. I love you, but you really make me mad when you do this certain thing, is a deceptive memory attached to love. Real Love dismisses what interferes with its purpose. It does not look at the irritation, and then seek to find a way around it. What is not Love is not real.
A world that does not follow the conditions  necessary for whole love is not real. We believe we are real, but when what we think, do, and say are not in alignment, we are playing a make believe game of life. This is a game that we made up in an attempt to destroy reality. This is a game that always ends in death. Death opposes the memory of eternal life, and this is sin.
Every real memory requires access to the state of peace. Time supports these memories. Nature is full of these memories, but our world is not. The way our world has learned to use time is fragmented and without any reference to the conditions necessary to create a state of peace.In order to correct this global problem, whole peace must be introduced into the collective memories that defines our world by using time to establish its reality, but we are playing a game of make believe. This has so consumed our lives, we have overlooked what is real for what isn’t. By attempting to make real what has no reality, we have forgotten how to establish what is real. We must maintain a state of peace to establish a foundation of reality for our world. If this does not happen, our world will cease to exist. This is what the Bible refers to as Armageddon, or the destruction of our world, but we do have another choice.

We cannot establish peace individually because we are not powerful enough. However, we can do it globally. Even an effort at establishing a whole state of peace is worthy of Universal consideration. Higher Consciousness wants us to succeed. Remember 911 when global war was supposed to break out, but instead whole Love did? There were those who wanted war, but critical mass was reached when enough people chose peace instead. No one did anything, because doing is not necessary to establish a state of peace.
The advantages of establishing a whole global network of peace is that it compensates for those who are not peaceful. In other words, instead of offering fragments of individual peace, a whole consideration of peace is powerful enough to overlook what is not. This requires a little willingness on the part of the people in our world to join in a whole project that has met the terms necessary to meet the conditions of whole global peace. These terms are not set by personal understanding, for the terms of peace have already been met for us. We just have to catch on to what they are.
The Great Miracle Share has met the conditions necessary to establish global peace, but it must have the support of critical mass, which is defined by the people. Once critical mass is met, there will be peace on Earth as it is Heaven. Each person who agrees to invest in The Great Miracle Share, invests in his brother, and this is an action of unconditional Love.
We are the world, and we are the children. We can wait for things to get better with national efforts to establish peace that will never work, or we can take choose to take miracle action and allow peace to unfold of its OWN. Peace comes from allowing, not doing. When we invest in what we want, once it is invested in, we allow. We do not do, for everything that must be done is already done with our investment choice. The rest is out of our hands. This is how The Great Miracle Share works. We take the first step, and the rest will be done for us.
Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work because there are many variables occurring in time and in our world that we are not privy to. I place my future in the Hands of God, means that we are willing to move beyond our own understanding to use a Plan that takes all variables into consideration, and therefore cannot fail.
The Great Miracle Share does not need your belief, but investing in it does require an act of faith. The investment is the offering of faith. The rest will be done for us.

Inspired by The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

The Gap in Time

When the Universal error began thousands of years ago, a tear in the dimension of time became evident. It has taken thousands of years for this tear to become a gap. This tear occurred in the 4th dimension, better known as time. Evidence of the tear eventually opened up a floodgate that caused a global flood. Higher Beings that occupy higher dimensions understood the consequences of this tear, and attempted to warn the people through Noah about this flood, but none listened, and so the people died in a watery grave.
The time allotted for the split between the 3rd and 4th dimension was programmed into the Earth. This calculated time was 6000 years. During this time, the people who inhabited the Earth were given the ability to take a separate identity. This identity allowed them to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell without a reference to the whole. This eventually became the paper identity that is now given at the time of birth.
The Bible is a living story that teaches how our separate world began, and how it will end. Make no mistake, the old world is ending. But everything is in place for a New World to begin. But stepping across, what has become a gap in the dimension called time, is fearful. Because we do not understand what is on the other side, and because we do not understand that this is the problem, we continue to seek for old world solutions. These solutions are dying along with the old world, and the tighter they are clung to, the more difficult it will become for us as individuals to find refuge in them.
We are being asked to learn everything from a new perception. This is a miracle perception that we do not understand how to adjust to without Help. Because miracles will allow us to cross the gap in the 4th dimension, it is for our benefit that we accept the means.
The 3rd dimension houses the separate identity that came about as a result of the error. In the beginning, there was no separation in time. In other words, time was used for one purpose, not two. After the flood, our world was given the opportunity to survive until it was time to end the separation. The ending of a separate world that used laws that were peppered with deception, eventually became a world of deception that is peppered with law. This is the condition the old world is in, and this condition in the mind of the people who inhabit our world. This will not happen by a magic wave of a wand. We the people must accept the Universal Plan that has been made to assure our protection and safety to the other side of time, or as the song says, over the rainbow.
As a global society, we must be willing to accept a global goal that will help bridge the gap in time so the people can begin moving across time without fear. Miracles are the means given to help us move across time. The Great Miracle Share is a global project designed to direct the miracles that are in time, to create a bridge across the gap in time so the people can cross safely.
Look at it this way. For each miracle that is invested in, a miracle stitch will be placed in the fabric of time. This will provide the people with enough time to make the adjustments necessary to learn the wholeness necessary to live there.
The Universe has made it simple for us to create stitches in time with miracle investments. But even at this, we are not used to investing in the invisible. Investing in the invisible requires faith, and this we have immediate access to. A global project that calls for global peace will save the time we have left, as it will connect us to whole peace. A whole idea is necessary to prevent the complete collapse of old world time.
Alone, we can do nothing. But together, we can save valuable time. This will allow us access to whole time, and allow us the time to learn what it means to live in a global society that is Universally recognized in wholeness. This is what The Great Miracle Share is buying for the people in our world, time.
The website is up. Of course, there is some tweaking that needs to be done. If you want to check it out please go to

A New Global Foundation

Any structure must have a foundation that has the integrity necessary for it to stand. The foundation of our world was built on a deceptive lie. This was a Universal deception that had to play itself out over time. The cracks in the foundation that we define as our world have become so evident, they are impossible to ignore. There is not anything that has not been touched by this deception. Deception in the core values is destroying the integrity necessary for a firm foundation. Without fixing the problem of integrity at the foundation level, our whole world will fall through the crack in time that was made at the time of the original error. Because this crack has become a gap, and global deception continues to widen this gap, something must be done or all will be lost.
6000 years ago a Universal Plan began to fix the gap in time and mend the foundation that defines our world. It was Universally understood even then that this dimensional problem would have to be repaired, and thus the Plan was implemented at the onset of the problem. We the people are being asked to help with repairing the damage that was done thousands of years ago.
Because the problem exists in time, this is where it must be addressed. Time defines the 4th dimension, we live in the 3rd dimension. The Plan involved introducing the solution through the people as they entered the 3rd dimension through the body. This invisible solution is called inno-sense and is found in the free will expression. The Great Awakening involves releasing the innocent free will expression held within the 3D body so a new foundation of innocent integrity can be set into place at the foundation level. This will create a new foundation for our world, and will allow the people to begin again. In essence, our world is being offered a new beginning without having to start all over again. In other words, the memories that have been used that are helpful, or are structurally sound at the foundation level, will remain intact, while those that are deceptionally corrupt will be eliminated. This Plan is so perfect, it cannot help but succeed. The problem is, we do not understand what meets the Universal criterion for structurally sound foundation, especially at the 4th dimensional level. Because this information is alien to us, we must relearn everything we believe we understand so what we have made that is useful can be used to create a new beginning for our world.
All of this begins with the premise that individually, we understand no-thing. Because we believe that we are some-thing, and our world is as well, and in fact from a Universal perspective it was built on deception, and therefore is no-thing (it does not meet the requirements for reality) the gaps between what is no-thing must be repaired or closed so a Universally applied understanding can be applied to no-thing so Living Universal Law of some-thing can be applied to it.
The way the no-thing of our world attains Universal some-thing status is through miracles. Miracles work in the 4th dimension, which allows us to help with repairing the dimensional damage that was done when the Universal crime was committed. The problem is, miracles respond to inno-sense, not body understanding.
Because we are all victims of this crime, and believe the effects of the crime are real, we are being asked to help correct it. If we do not help with the correction of the error, we will continue to wallow in the guilty gap where it was made. This will hardly be helpful, as it is time for it to be repaired, which means that all guilt is set to be eliminated from our world. Once again, the solution lies within the individual, for they were born innocent, and it is this inno-sense that is the solution.
The Plan is very simple, but not necessarily easy. We the people are being asked to be involved in this Plan. It is a individual choice that we all must make at one time or another.
As time moves forward in the new time zone, it will become less and less tolerable to hold onto guilt and the body fear that accompanies it. The Great Miracle Share will go a long way in repairing the damage that has been done in time. With millions of people investing in the miracles necessary to attain global peace, the gap in time will be repaired considerably.
Because this information has been very difficult to understand and then share, the time has not been right to present it in a fashion that would be understandable. The Great Miracle Share website will be up soon. If you are interested in being involved with repairing time with miracles by investing in global peace, please visit.

Emotional Sound and the Collective Debt

The world we reside in has an emotional collective historical storyteller. Physical history does not tell this story because the emotions that define history do not belong to physical history. Instead, they belong to the whole world. The emotional history of our world is full of physical historical value that relates to the atrocities of conflict and war. Healing thousands of years of the emotional trauma that war has inflicted on our world cannot be done with a peace treaty or signing a petition for peace.
All of the wars that have been fought in our world has left our world with deep shadows of fear. The global unconscious storyteller that remembers everything that has ever taken place on the Planet Earth, constantly relates collective memories of fearful war, which intrude on the good intentions that have been attempted to attain global peace. We cannot change these dimensional memories without dimensional Help.
The haunting sounds coming from the graves of those who have died due to the injustice of war will not be silenced with good intentions, an international proposal of peace, or meditating on peace. The problem that defines these unjust emotional fearful haunting sounds are 6000 years old. They are found in every culture, nature, and civilization that has ever inhabited this Planet. These hauntings sounds of emotional injustice are the reason why only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work. We do not understand how to fix what we cannot see.
How much would you be willing to invest to end the emotional torture of the injustice of all of the wars that has plagued our world since it began? If correction does not begin, this is the emotional sound we will leave for the children of tomorrow. This is our debt. It does not belong to the children of the future. I have 2 grandchildren, and I will do anything so they will not have to pay for what they did not do. Do we really want to leave this debt for our children to figure out. The debt we owe is a spiritual debt, not a physical one. We cannot buy our way out of this debt, but our governments continue to look to money for the solution.
The sound of the war machine has become too loud. In order to block it out, our children are listening to very unhealthy music. This only intensifies the unhealthy sound. It is a sound that is making our children do things that are not normal.
Our world is filled with an evil sound. The dimensional hole that allows this sound must be repaired. Specific instructions have been given and received that will allow the people to pay this debt off. Because we believe this debt is a material one, we are being given the opportunity to pay this debt in a way that we understand. The rest will be done for us.
The price of a Great Miracle Share investment is $2.00. Is this not a price that is worth paying to have the hole repaired in time where the haunting sound of war is coming out of Miracles work in time. They carry a frequency that will repair the sound of emotional trauma left behind by war and held in the collective consciousness that defines our world.
We do not understand how a historical sound of war continues to interfere with the Sound of Peace. Peace comes of itself once the sound of war no longer exists in our mind. The investment is not only a Sound investment in peace, it is also an investment in our OWN peace of mind.

Core Beliefs

There is essentially nothing wrong with our world, except that our core beliefs are out of alignment with whole Universal integrity. Changing our core beliefs will allow us to see everything from another perspective.
Our core beliefs are held together by free will expressions. All free will expressions carry spiritual property value. We do not see this property value because we have chosen to see something else. This something else is material property value. Thus, our free will is trapped in a core belief that has given material property more value than spiritual property value. Do you think this might cause some internal anxiety at the 3D body level? You bet it will. Property value order must be re-aligned. In other words, free will must be supplied a reference to higher spiritual value over material value to end conflict, both individually and globally.
The Great Miracle Share’s purpose is to give people a way to invest in global peace by shifting the material property value held in free will, for the higher property value defined in peace. The purpose of miracles is to make this shift for us. We cannot do this for ourselves because we do not understand how to manage our free will, or even use it in terms that would offer us the unlimited ability we believe in, but do not understand how to get.
We have been given the opportunity to invest in the miracles that will exchange material property value for spiritual property value. Peace is part of spiritual property value necessary to begin a new global society. What good is a new world without the property value of peace?
By consciously offering a symbol of the material value that free will uses to establish core beliefs, we are offering a way to re-introduce our free will to the spiritual property value defined as peace. It really is this simple, but we obviously do not believe this. We do not believe that the spiritual realm wants our money, which it does not. What it does want is access to our innocent free will, which is trapped inside of our belief in material value. This will not change our perception of material value, for it will continue to be used as long as it is supported by people. What it will do is allow us to see the effects of making a conscious choice to invest in spiritual property value. In this case, it is global peace.
This cannot happen is we do not consciously use the action of faith in miracles, which is being required for this shift to occur. Miracles have the ability to return our free will to where it belongs, which is the state of peace. Once critical mass has been reached, or 800,000,000 use their free will to invest in the spiritual property value defined as peace, we will have peace on Earth.
If you want to purchase physical property value, you must invest in it. This is equally true with spiritual value. The difference is, our free will that believes in material value, will be returned to the property value defined as the spiritual Home through the faith we have set within our material investment.
As free will returns Home, the Light from our free will fills our world and our Earth with spiritual Light. This is God’s Plan for the salvation of the world, and the only one that will work.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheri’Sword

Miracles and Self Investment

In our world we believe that charity means giving of our material wealth to someone else. The old adage it is better to give than to receive is an ego interpretation of a Higher Living Law, which states giving and receiving are the same thing. When we give with the expectation that it is better to give than to receive, we set a block in place that is applied to the Law. From this perception, we will never see the Law of Giving and Receiving working the way it really is. This is a waste of time, assets, and resources. The only person that benefits from this kind of giving is the one who has been given to. By giving in this way, we will never learn the true potential of the Law of Giving and Receiving because the circle of life will never be completed. What is given by us, must be returned to us at least 7×7. How this happens is not for us to decide. The Universe gives to us in ways we do not perceive because of our personal beliefs. We actually have no idea how much we limit our receiving because of what we believe is true.
The idea that there is nothing outside of the Self poses an interesting concept, for if there is nothing outside of the Self, then what we give to another, we must also give to ourselves. This is of course if we believe this. For most of us, we believe if we give to someone else, our investment is lost to us, for now they have it and we do not. The experiential level of reality, which is where we live, promotes this belief. This has set us up individually for failure. Interest fees charged by banks, taxes, identity theft, drugs, corruption, and etc, all seem to steal our Self value by taking our dollar value. The problem lies in the belief that the dollar has more value than we do, and someone can take what we have invested our value in. Obviously undoing this perception is one that we must be involved with. Otherwise we would not perceive the shift that came from learning Self value.
The reason we are so caught up in material wealth is because we have been taught how to respect money. Learning this has come at a high cost, for we globally place more value on wealth than on our Self. There is actually no creative value in money. This belongs to the Self. However, we sell this to our job to make money. This is not exactly how it is supposed to be. Of course, this is how it has always been, as far as physical history teaches, but this is not a Universally applied lesson.
Spiritual history teaches the value of the Self in physical terms. The stories in the Bible all relate to understanding Self Value, and how to use this Value to attain material wealth. If the value of the Self is placed under material wealth, then it is impossible for the Law to flow. Living Law flows through you, not your money. When monetary value places you in a position of need, it is because the Law has been violated and correction must occur.
The value of understanding how miracles world allows us access to the Law even before we understand how the value in the Self can be applied to obtaining material wealth. Miracles work in time. Our belief system relies on information that has been stored in the body to direct self value. When we use self value to direct monetary value, where is Self Value? It is buried in the belief that material wealth can get something that we cannot. Thus, we have to find a way to release Self Value so flow can be re-established. If not it is just a waste of time.
Need is a waste of time. When we believe we need money, it is because we are using time ineffectually. Being in opposition to the purpose of time causes all kinds of body stress. The solution is not in body memories, for this is where the problem lies. The solution is in time.
Miracles work in time. They always see the Value in the Self over a perceived body need. By consistently making this correction for us, we become a conscious witness to miracles in our lives. Because miracles correct a perception error, which affects flow, we begin to understand the significance of using miracle consistently in every situation.
The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to establish global peace, but it is also a lesson in the Self Value. The One Self that establishes global consciousness comes from the people, not those who have the money. The value in the Self has been hidden in money. Putting your money where your mouth is allows the individual to speak their truth.
Investing in The Great Miracle Share is an investment in understanding the value of the Self. Supporting the miracles that claim this value for us, allows us to claim global peace without a shot ever being fired. We are being given the opportunity to invest in miracles, which will shift our Self Value and place it in flow, or we can continue to believe that we can fix the world and our lives with money. Both are investments, but only one will give us what we really want.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword