Synergy and Intuition

Within the new time zone that we have entered, new patterns can be expected. Sleeping patterns will change, and the patterns and seasons that we have come to expect and understand in nature are also changing. The economy will be shaken even more, and governments will collapse.
With these kinds of changes, there is going to be fear. Even though fear is not real, it is an unmistakable body symptom that we as humans find difficult to ignore. Learning to be a silent witness to the changes in the external world, while maintaining a peaceful interior, will become essential in surviving the global changes that are set to begin.
For thousands of years people have been waiting for the Son of God to return. Well, the time has finally come. Expectations of this return have been interjected into time by people who thought that they had the right time. Who knows why they chose the time they did. All I know for sure is that nothing happens by chance, and chance certainly plays no part in our journey through time and space. The whole Universe is involved in helping the people in our world usher in, what the Bible calls, the Kingdom of God. This is the government that will give us access to Natural or Living Law. Learning to tune in to Living Law will require synergy.
Synergy is a term that can be applied to how our energy relates to time and nature. Learning to use synergy requires intuition. This is intuition that we have set aside for intellectual ego understanding. Intellectual understanding is not dependent on intuition. It analysis data and uses skill to do. Nature does not require us to do anything. In fact, what has been done has almost destroyed nature. Mother Earth is dying. If Universal steps were not taking to salvage what still has value on the Earth, everything that exists on her would be destroyed, including us. The Plan offers us a way to buy time to save what has value here, so it can be preserved for the Universal greater good.
Intuition is dependent on inner sensory skill. If this inner sensory skill is placed in the hands of the intellect, fear will be experience because the intellect does not understand how to decipher the information coming through intuition. Although it is impossible to lose intuitive value, much of the intuitive ability called on to decipher intellectual analysis has been given to the ego/intellect. It is this that has inhibited our spiritual growth. The inner spirit, which is defined in our free will, has been taught that it belongs to the brain, when in fact free will has the ability to span into whole new realms of understanding. But until we master time and clean up the emotional mess that is interfering with our intuitive relationship with Mother Earth, we will remain in the body within 4th dimensional understanding. The purpose of miracles allows us to examine the 4th dimension with intuitive wholeness. Something that we never learned under ego/intellectual guidance.
Moving through and adapting to the new time zone will require us to intuitively adapt instead of intellectually analyze. Within intuition is the ability to tune into the changes going on in nature, and then make new decisions and choices to synergize with these patterns. This will greatly decrease the fear factor, which has intellectually interfered with our “spidey senses.” The eventual goal is to deplete the value of fear that we have accumulated through ego learning. This will not eliminate the skills that we have intellectually learned, but it will diminish the capacity of fear that the ego relies on for a teaching device. The whole idea is to become one with the natural elements as are the animals who reside in a natural setting.
There is so much to learn. The information can be overwhelming. Time is returning to the Garden State. This state is called Peace. Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share Itself. Does this not define the innocent condition that permeated the Earth before the original error?
The opposite of Love is fear. By learning to eliminate fear from our DNA, we can learn to live in harmony with nature and the whole Universe. The purpose of miracles is to exchange fear for Love in time. Miracles carry the synergy necessary to shift our free will into whole intuitive value without us doing anything. This will save thousands of years of the intellectual analyzing of data, and will also replace fear with Love. Just because we do not intellectually understand how this will work does not mean that it won’t.
As the value of time forces us to change our perception, we will want a Plan designed to help us with these changes. We can learn to give whole appreciation for this Plan by taking advantage of it.


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