The Universal Plan to Change the Purpose of Time

The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now provides an individualized curriculum designed to undo personal deception, which has been considered part of the individual identity since this world began 6000 years ago. This curriculum can be better understood by reading the Living Words found within A Course in Miracles.

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to offer the whole world the means to join in a global project and collective effort to redefine the purpose of time, which will reveal a whole new way of understanding the purpose of the Language of happiness by connecting new world global appreciation and understanding, along with global truth and peace.

We are being asked to learn the appropriate use of time, which will allow Higher Dimensions access to personal free will, which is where personal deception is inhibiting personal growth and global reform. The acceptance and observing how New World or virtual time is to be used, will greatly decrease the unnatural condition of body fear that was introduced into time when the original error was accepted as part of this world’s reality.

The acceptance of this error by the advanced civilization that lived on the Planet Earth at that time introduced an aspect of time that was and is unreal. This aspect of time is defined as the past. The only aspect of time that is real is Now, which this world does not understand because the focus of the original error continues to be played out both individually and globally.

Anytime an error is made, the mind will focus on it until it is corrected. This illogical and unhealthy focus is defined as guilt. Guilt is thousands of years old, and continues to play out individually in the lives of people who really do not understand what having guilt is. Guilt is a spiritual virus, which ruins dimensions and instills body fear. Guilt now consumes the Planet Earth, and is being played out environmentally. The Living Laws that protect the Earth are destroying that which is destroying the Earth, which is guilt.

Guilt has reached a 3rd dimensional crisis level, or 3D epidemic proportions. It is now a global issue that must be corrected, and the 4th dimension must be repaired. The dimensional gap in time made by guilt must be sealed to prevent further destruction on the Planet Earth, as well as protecting the people who live on this Planet. This error, or guilt, is a Universal wound that must be recognized first individually. Because it is free will that has been emotionally damaged because of this guilty gap, it is here that the problem must be addressed. The people of this world are responsible for accepting the Plan, and taking the first step to undo their personal fear. The rest will be done for them. You will be told everything you need to know.

Because individual focus has been corrupted by the past, consciousness cannot lift itself to see beyond the problem. The purpose of the Plan is to lift individual consciousness to a higher level of understanding where correction is obvious. This is what miracles do in time. They lift consciousness to a higher level of understanding, where the error does not exist.

The Universal Plan was put into effect in order to raise individual consciousness to this level of integrity so the mistake could be dismissed. Without this corrective measure, the world and the collective consciousness that defines it would fall into a gap made in time by past associations in a time that are impossible to Universally validate. Time, or Now, must house truth, and this world is full of deception. Undoing this deception is reliant on repairing the dimensional wound, or the gap that exists in time. This correction must begin with the individual.

The Plan to use miracles will allow the individual to build a bridge across this gap or wound in time, into the 5th dimension, but before this can be done, the gap in time must be repaired. This will allow the individual to see glimpses of a New World without the original error, which is beyond anything this anyone in this world can comprehend.

Using miracles to repair time will also save time until the Plan is complete and our world is restored to its original purpose. Once time is restored to a whole purpose, which means there is no more deception held in free will, people will consciously live in virtual time, which is Universally understood and appreciated as being Now. This will lift the collective consciousness of our world into higher dimensional understanding, namely the 5th dimension. Revealing Now through miracle support is unlike any educational program that this world offers. Acceptance of the Plan is necessary to heal individually, while acceptance of The Great Miracle Share is a global project that will advance collective consciousness by thousands of years. The normal time it took to advance through evolution will be greatly decreased through global co-operation.

Learning from a Universally applied Course will allow us individually to take part in Universally assigned projects, which will hasten the correction process. The purpose of miracles is to hasten this period of learning in time.

Because this information is timely to the individual, and most people are not ready to accept or appreciate this information, the time allotted to grasp this information will be offered as the individual is ready to accept it. Taking this Course is mandatory, although when it is taken is up to the individual. As we move further into virtual time, people will begin to appreciate miracle rewards, and come to recognize that doing things according to the way they were done in the past just no longer works.

There is much to learn. Because it has not been time to introduce The Great Miracle Share and how to participate in it, most of the information has been rejected as being too obscure. However, we are now being told that the collective mind is now ready to accept this information, and the individual will now be open to the appreciation necessary for understanding the information being presented.

We are working on these means to present this. However, it is important to recognize that there are many thing that will not be understood, for appreciation comes before understanding. It is essential to learn how to build appreciation first before understanding, for appreciation calls for faith, and faith is necessary for miracle understanding.
The goal is 800,000,000 miracle investors. 800,000,000 is the number necessary to reach critical mass, or 10% of the global population. Once critical mass is reached, the other 90% of Universal Consciousness will join with the people of our world. This will lift our world into a new standard of global integrity, and offer us the peace that has eluded our world since the error began.
There is another way. We are being offered a Universal solution to every problem that we face individually and globally. It is time.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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