The Winds of Universal Change

The winds of change are blowing. Air is the element of thought and wind is its movement. This is a Universal shift called a New Movement of Thought. This is not a new thought movement. A new thought movement introduces new motions of thought into already conceived thought patterns. A new thought movement is information that is shared through people networks. Reading, talking, analyzing and sharing new thought movements allows information to be adopted into old memories patterns by making them fit in with what is already understood, if this information is compatible with what the individual already perceives is their truth. This is how new information has been shared for the past 6000 years.This does not define a New Movement of Thought.
A New Movement of Thought is not introduced from one human being to another. A New Movement of Thought is designed to take the place of old memory patterns by introducing a whole new way of understanding into the mind.
A New Movement of Thought cannot be intellectually defined. This is because its purpose is to introduce into consciousness memories that are beyond the intellectual body to understand. These are eternal memories that align us consciously with integrity that was re-assigned when the error was introduced into time.
The winds of change that bring a New Movement of Thought are very quiet and peaceful. They do not intrude on our free will choices. They gently remind us that there is another way of choosing that has nothing to do with how we made our choices in the past. What this new choice offers us is nothing less than a miracle.
A new thought movement teaches us how to do something better. A New Movement of Thought teaches us how to be better, which will impact what we do in ways that are impossible to grasp from intellectual learning.
A New Movement of Thought sees everything as moving through consciousness. By picking up the miracle aligned thought, we come as close to the eternal creative process as we can in the physical world. All of this is done by making a new choice.
A new thought movement teaches us that we must force or manipulate outside influences to get what we want. It teaches that we must compromise and sacrifice the wholeness of our desire so it fits in with an external world. If our what we want is not in alignment with how the external system is set up, it is us that must make the adjustment, not the external world. Attempting to have what we want often forces an individual to break a paper law, which brings on guilt, which adds to the unnatural fearful and stressful body condition, which adds another aspect of body problems, namely disease.
There is something terribly wrong with our thinking. Most people recognize there is, but they do not understand that they are part of the problem. The solution is a New Movement of Thought, which is being offered to anyone who wants to do the work.
How long did it take you to understand how to incorporate a new thought movement into an old mind set? Just learning how to incorporate how the internet works took time. People learned how to use the internet because there was value in it. Yet real value is internal, not external. Adding another intellectual skill to ones ability does not increase their spiritual value. This value was established before the skill was developed, not after.
Although skill is not recognized as having spiritual value, it is possible to use skill in such a way that it attains spiritual value. This calls for a New Movement of Thought. Adding a miracle to our choices allows our intellectual skill to be placed under the direction of our personal value, and this is the New Movement of Thought that we are being asked to begin using. This will change everything we believe about our world and our Self.
As long as we place our natural spiritual ability under the direction of an intellectual skill, we are wasting time. Using our natural creative ability in virtual time calls for us to use it, instead of selling it to the highest bidder in a corporate world. Our creative ability is ours. It does not belong to the external world. This is what we have forgotten, and this is what we must learn to remember.
How long did it take to intellectually learn that we can sell our creative ability to the highest bidder if we call it a skill? However long it took to learn this is how long it will take to change our mind and learn anew.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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