Investing in Miracles

In the past, investing in the future meant finding a place to our make money grow. But this idea is passing away. Not only this becoming more impossible, it also will not work in the new time zone. New time no longer supports monetary investments. This does not mean what it appears to mean on the surface.
New world time will begin supporting Self investments, which will replace the investments that were made to grow an external economy. What this means is that people will be forced to sacrifice or compromise their external investments and find another way to grow their investments without old world support. On the surface this will not appear to change anything, but internally everything we believe about investing is about to change. The new time zone that we have entered into offers us a new way of investing that will usher in a time of prosperity never before experienced by humankind.
The old world has always supported material wealth over the spirit. Understanding how to support material wealth has always called for intellectually understanding finance. Too many times, material wealth has been supported by deception. Deception is not of the spirit, it is of the ego. The ego came into being by learning to place intellectual understanding over the intuitive spirit. Intellectual success is dependent on force or manipulation, or both. Forcing and manipulating to get is a skill. A skill must be learned. It is not inherent within the spirit.
Learning to be spiritually successful is dependent on a natural inherent ability called intuition. Many people call this a gut feeling. Attempting to interpret an intuitive gut feeling intellectually, although impossible, appears to be possible. Giving the intellectual brain responsibility for intuition is impossible. If time was take to examine how the intellectual ego denies intuition, this would be simple to discern. Many times when intuition kicks in, the intellectual ego will interfere with this feeling. It is impossible to logically assess intuition with the brain, so the ego will attempt to override it with reasons why the intuitive hunch is not worthy of our examination. This interference by the ego/intellect has caused untold lost opportunities. This is because we trust our intellectual ego skill to assess a situation, and we do not trust our Self.
The upside down references that places the intellectual ego over the natural intuitive ability in the spirit is causing confusion, conflict, and inner anxiety. Undoing the inner unnatural condition of fear that is emerging from this uncertainty is not only possible, it is a necessity for the survival of our world. We must learn how to support and listen to the inner promptings of our intuitive spirit without questioning it with the intellect. By learning to do this, we will live in harmony with the natural intuitive promptings coming from the spirit and also be placed in a position of financial security, along with health and happiness. We obviously have a long way to go, because we are confused about what is a real intuitive prompting, and what is not.
In the past, investing in the spirit was a religious matter. However, we are now in a position of investing in our OWN spiritual intuitive wellbeing without a religious middleman. This will not eliminate religion, but instead teach that there is another way to invest in the spirit without religion. This will strengthen the individual role in their OWN personal spiritual direction and development, and also teach the individual how to use the integrity of the spirit by learning to discern the difference between an intellectual body prompting, and one that is coming from the spirit. This will change everything.
Shifting priorities from the promptings of the intellectual ego to the promptings of the intuitive spirit requires us to learn how to consciously incorporate miracles into all of our external affairs. Because we do not understand how to do this for ourselves, we are being offered the opportunity to invest in miracles. This investment will give all of our investments a boost in value. This will teach us how to first be witnesses to miracles, and then learn how to rely on them for everything.
Just as we understand how to intellectually invest in material property, we are now being given the opportunity to invest in the higher property that defines our Spiritual Self. This kind of investing is so different, and offers so much more than intellectual material investments, it will literally change everything we have ever learned in the past about value investing.
Because miracles work in time, they work within elemental flow, and everyone knows what being in flow means. Miracles also work when we are peaceful. Although the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now will teach us how to maintain personal peace, we still must obtain global peace. This will override the external need to amass weapons of mass destruction, and will also allow the freed up monetary value to be used for a better purpose.
If we want the world to change, then we must invest in the miracles necessary to secure it. We are not being asked to “do” anything, except use the value in the Self to invest in a Spiritual Plan to secure global peace. The Universal Mind recognizes the Value in the Self. By using the monetary value that we intellectually recognize as real and then assigning this monetary value to invest in miracles, this dollar investment amount will then be recognized as being One with the Self. This will allow global peace to be recognized in the Universal Mind. In effect, we are being offered the ability to purchase global peace by investing what we intellectually believe in (monetary value) to secure global peace in time with miracles. Because miracles are recognized by the Universal Mind as being real, we can secure global peace with a monetary investment, or an investment that we intellectual believe is real, for a real miracle investment.
The Great Miracle Share offers the means to invest in global peace. This is a global project that allows us to support the miracles necessary to secure global peace by intellectually investing in them with intellectual value.
Money supplies intellectual value. Miracles supply spiritual value. By being willing to give intellectual to be exchanged for spiritual value, we can exchange war for global peace .This will secure the peace that has eluded our world since its inception. This will also introduce Heaven on Earth.
We truly live in a mystical time. Understanding our connection to our OWN mystical spirit will require us to invest in the miracles necessary to explore this aspect of our Self. Our ability to intellectually support the spirit by investing in miracles is surely a Gift that will change everything.


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