The Universal Intuitive Language

All miracles carry intuitive value. Intuition is a form of communication that is unconsciously transmitted within time. This form of communication carries a much higher degree of integrity than the verbal communication that is intellectually relied on to communicate from one person to another.
In old world time, the ability to intuitively communicate occurred, but it never was relied on. Attempts to use this advanced method of communication was used by the military. Though there was success, it never really got off the ground. One of the reasons was that it was not reliable enough. It was not reliable enough because it was being used for deceptive purposes. The intuitive language will work all of the time, as do miracles. What intuition will not support is deception and what miracles will not support is fear. Thus, the purpose of learning to understand the intuitive language is to support honesty, and the purpose of understanding miracles is to support honesty without fear, or with Love.
Nature communicates intuitively. In nature we do not find deception. Thus, nature is honest. Because nature is honest, its purpose is to communicate in honesty and lovingly. Fear in nature comes from the unnatural sounds emanating from the unconscious minds of men. These sounds are not in harmony with nature, and therefore interfere with the Universal intuitive memory. When the Universal intuitive memory is disrupted, a ripple effect occurs in time, which disrupts the delicate balance in nature. This in turn creates unnatural weather patterns and other things in nature we cannot fathom.
In the Garden State, which is defined in the Bible, there was no disruption in communication, so there was none nature. Man and nature lived in perfect harmony. Once deception was introduced into the intuitive language, guilt and fear became a method of communicating ideas that were not upheld by a higher sound defined by reality. In order to protect the intuitive language, a new way of communicating emerged. This did not eliminate intuitive communication, but it was disrupted in time. This disruption in time sent our world into a separate identity state, where people could hide their thoughts, or have private thoughts that no one else was privy to.
With the ability to communicate the untimely deceptive emotions of guilt and fear, the connection with the Creator and the Universal Gods that offered guidance to humanity was severed. The intuitive language between nature and man was lost as well. With the loss of the intuitive language, the people who used to live in the Garden State began to spiral into a web of deceit, greed, and temptation. The flood of Noah’s day signaled the beginning of the end of the loss the intuitive language. It also signaled the beginning of a new era. The time allotted for all of the factions necessary to re-introduce the intuitive language into the unconscious collective began with a Universal Plan that would take 6000 years to implement. We are living in the end of the time allotted for the disruption of the intuitive language on Earth.
In order to consistently hear the intuitive language, one must be willing to let go of the deceptive language of the guilt, fear, that began the intellectual way of speaking thousands of years ago. But willingness is only a first step. Because the deception behind guilt, fear, have cut our world off from the intuitive language spoken by the rest of the Universe, the miracles that have been assigned to move us our world towards the New Movement of Thought are necessary to understand the intuitive language. For this reason, steps must be taken to make miracles the rule, rather than the exception.
Our world has entered into the timezone necessary to understand the intuitive language spoken Universally. But because there is a communication gap defined by the deception of guilt and fear that must be undone, we are internally confused as to what is real and what isn’t. We do not even understand that it is possible to communicate telepathically by using intuition. Miracle links must be defined, and then learn to be referenced as a the new means of internal communication, which will go out and redefine everything we believe we understand.
As it is right now, would you mind if someone was able to enter your mind and read your thoughts? Would you be willing to share your internal fear, guilt, surrounding the deceptions you believe are real, knowing that this is what you would imprint on the mind of the individual who met you in your mind? Would you want to share your private thoughts if they included anger and hate? These are thoughts we do not even want to admit to ourselves, never mind anyone else. We are a closed global society that has shut itself off from the whole, and is falling apart because we do not want to let Love into our mind, for fear our guilt will be found.
As you can see, the timezone that we have entered has far reaching consequences that are far beyond the communication barriers we believe are real, and have set up to protect us from the honest language necessary to maintain a healthy body, along with a peaceful world.
Within The Great Miracle Share, we are committed to introducing enough miracles into the collective unconscious mind to introduce A New Movement of Intuitive Thought globally, which will change everything we globally believe about reality. How this will be done is not our concern. What must become our concern is how we can invest in what will become a new way of communicating to express our OWN reality. Within this new ability to communicate, what we have to give, we will also give away. We could ask, “What’s in your wallet,” but a better question is, what is in your mind?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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