Virtual Time and Emotional Integrity

In old world time, we kept pace by keeping track of our time by doing. In new world time, or virtual time, time keeps pace with us. In other words, the time is made available to us to complete an assigned goal that is Universally supported. This in itself reverses a law we believe is impossible to change. Higher Laws reverse our perceptions of the laws of time, nutrition, money, life, death, happiness, and the list goes on.
As stated before, miracles work in time, and agreeing to use time to support a goal that serves a higher purpose requires miracle support. Although we have always had access to time and miracles, understanding how to use time with miracle support has never been consistent or with forethought. We are embarking on a journey through time that is unique in the whole Universe. We cannot expect this journey to just happen, for nothing in the whole Universe just happens. It is the belief that it does that has prevented us from using time, instead of it using us.
One of the profound advantages to being in a position of making miracle assignments is learning to appreciate how our thinking has an effect on dimensions, namely time. The inconsistent emotional messages being assigned to time from individual thinking is chaotic and sends many mixed messages into time. The ones that are consistent enough to stabilize a dimension are few and far between. The ones that are consistent enough to break through to make a healthy effect on our world, are quickly covered over in time by old world thinking. In other words, we do not believe that our emotional health contributes to time. Instead, we believe that what we make in time is beneficial. Time is a dimension that is provided for emotional health, not to make things intellectually that can and will be destroyed or will end in death.
Time works with us when we are e-motionally healthy. The emotional health of our world is sick, sick, sick, and we are quickly running out of the time that has been provided for intellectual understanding. In the past, we did not have access to a global network of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is how we globally communicate. Our spirit requires emotional integrity to communicate with, and because it is our spirit that assigns dimensional science, without emotions, the time necessary to communicate with will collapse. This is the problem our world is facing now. We do not communicate within virtual time with emotional integrity because we do not know how to get emotional integrity inside of technology. This is what the new purpose of time is for. Virtual e-motional integrity within virtual time will change everyting.
Dimensional science or time responds to happiness, joy, Love, peace. goodness, and the like. These are e-motions that our world has placed under the direction of the intellect. Whenever our e-motional integrity is placed under the direction of the intellect, an unnatural dimensional pattern emerges, which effects the mind of the thinker. This unnatural use of time explains the ego problem. This way of using time also makes an unnatural pattern, which explains why the weather is acting like it is. It is acting out according to our unconscious emotions. This unnatural use of time is assigned by an ego. The intellectual ego does not see higher e-motional integrity as having value. It sees the intellect as valuable. The ego was made without love, which means that we do not globally have the emotional integrity to assign the integrity of a dimension to time. This is something we must re-learn.
Because this way of learning is beyond anything the ego/ intellect understands or even sees as having value, it will continue to divert our attention towards an independent intellectual body solution. It is not there. A Universal body of evidence requires conscious global participation that we make as One. This is not a solution that someone else provides that we are expected to accept without exception. If we want to be involved in global decisions, then we must learn how.
A child is not responsible for their own education. We are like children in a Universal School relearning everything we believed we knew had value, and then learning it really had no value at all. Every value in our world must be reassigned. We are part of this process, but it cannot be done individually. It requires global participation. We are wasting time, and there is a better way to use it.
We do not want to spend the time learning what we must learn to save the time necessary for global consciousness to mature in because it takes time, and most people believe they already know. We know nothing, and we understand a whole lot less. We cannot globally mature on our own because we do not know how. Learning to globally mature as a whole will require us to globally participate in a Universal Plan designed to teach this. This is the purpose of The Great Miracle Share.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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