Beauty and the Beast

Being emotionally secure carries the natural psychological ability to be happy. Being happy is not intellectual, it is emotional. Being intellectually secure carries the skill to complete a task according to the skill one has learned. We were born whole emotional beings, which gave us access to whole Love. The parents we were entrusted to, were assigned the task of protecting and guiding our emotional well being as we learned to integrate an intellectual skill into our emotional security. But somewhere along the line, we began to learn that our emotional ability to be happy was dependent on what we intellectually learned. Happiness is not an intellectual skill, It is an emotional Right that is Universally supported. When we believe we will be happy when we can use an intellectual skill to reach the natural inner ability to be happy, it will be a temporary illusion that will be lost. It is like an addict who has found a temporary fix in a substance that allows them to unconsciously believe they have found an external reference that allows them to do something that will make themselves not feel the pain of happiness loss.
In our world we attempt to “fix” the problem of addiction with another intellectual solution. Just quit using the substance. But the problem is the unconscious belief in the loss of happiness, not the addiction. When we never address our emotional loss, it remains lost in time. It is here we believe we can find what we have lost, so we return over and over again until we figure out that we cannot lose happiness, although we believe we can.
The difference between doing and being is that one requires some kind of external skill, and the other is an inherent ability within. An inherent natural ability does not require an intellectual skill, but this is what we unconsciously believe. This begins when we are children. We will be rewarded with something that will make us happy if we, say… clean our room. Now, gaining happiness now requires us to do something. We learn that the better we are at the skill we are performing, the more we will be rewarded. Thus, the cycle of doing to be happy begins, and in one way or another, repeats over and over again until our life is finished. We never figure out that we were already happy, and could never complete the cycle of life through doing.
By our spiritual nature we are emotional beings, but by the physical nature, we are intellectual beings. The proverbial beauty and the beast. The emotional spirit is soft and yielding, but the beast is demanding and does not allow for our emotional honesty. It punishes when our emotions dare to speak our truth. Many things our parents ask of us are not a punishment, but to the integrity of the spirit, it will feel this way. It is in our perception of the delivery that our own ego is born.
The emotional nature thinks with the heart, but the intellect thinks with the brain. The conflict between the two within has become so intense, it is threatening to rip our world apart. This does not even begin to explain the untold misery in the desperate lives of individuals who do not understand the real problem that is ripping their life apart.
The gap that exists between the beauty and the beast, or the spirit and the intellect, must be brought together to live in harmony. But this cannot be done according to the laws of the beast. The nature of the beast learned through deceptive measures. His only purpose was to survive. This is a skill that has evolved over time, but it is one that is not psychologically sound. We have become a global society of emotionally dishonest people who lie to get. We may believe that we do not do this, but in one way or another we have all kept our emotional integrity under wraps to protect the beast to preserve what it needs. If this was not the case, we would not be in the world.
For 6000 years, in our world the intellect has been set in a superior position over the emotional honesty and integrity within the spirit. Undoing this travesty cannot be done with intellectual lessons. It must be done with a spiritual one. This is the purpose of miracles. Everything that we believe in time is an intellectual lesson. Intellectual lessons in time that have placed us under an ego defined will must be undone. This requires a miracle mind shift in conscious understanding, or placing the heart above the head. This shift is so profound, it demands a New Movement of Thought be introduced into our mind. If this mind shift does not occur, the global consciousness that defines our world will be lost for a very long time in a sea of intellectual deception, and we have already traveled too far down this path.
The miracle works in time. Its sole purpose is to teach a whole new lesson. This lesson does not eliminate the intellect, but it will put it in its proper place. Skill must serve the spirit. Our emotional integrity must be first to complete the circle of life. Otherwise, we will continue to die trying to do something intellectually that is impossible to do.
The Great Miracle Share is a step in introducing the miracle into global consciousness. The more people who participate in The Great Miracle Share, the easier it is for the miracle to shift global consciousness towards a more spiritual acceptance of what is emotionally the same.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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