Miracles and Self Investment

In our world we believe that charity means giving of our material wealth to someone else. The old adage it is better to give than to receive is an ego interpretation of a Higher Living Law, which states giving and receiving are the same thing. When we give with the expectation that it is better to give than to receive, we set a block in place that is applied to the Law. From this perception, we will never see the Law of Giving and Receiving working the way it really is. This is a waste of time, assets, and resources. The only person that benefits from this kind of giving is the one who has been given to. By giving in this way, we will never learn the true potential of the Law of Giving and Receiving because the circle of life will never be completed. What is given by us, must be returned to us at least 7×7. How this happens is not for us to decide. The Universe gives to us in ways we do not perceive because of our personal beliefs. We actually have no idea how much we limit our receiving because of what we believe is true.
The idea that there is nothing outside of the Self poses an interesting concept, for if there is nothing outside of the Self, then what we give to another, we must also give to ourselves. This is of course if we believe this. For most of us, we believe if we give to someone else, our investment is lost to us, for now they have it and we do not. The experiential level of reality, which is where we live, promotes this belief. This has set us up individually for failure. Interest fees charged by banks, taxes, identity theft, drugs, corruption, and etc, all seem to steal our Self value by taking our dollar value. The problem lies in the belief that the dollar has more value than we do, and someone can take what we have invested our value in. Obviously undoing this perception is one that we must be involved with. Otherwise we would not perceive the shift that came from learning Self value.
The reason we are so caught up in material wealth is because we have been taught how to respect money. Learning this has come at a high cost, for we globally place more value on wealth than on our Self. There is actually no creative value in money. This belongs to the Self. However, we sell this to our job to make money. This is not exactly how it is supposed to be. Of course, this is how it has always been, as far as physical history teaches, but this is not a Universally applied lesson.
Spiritual history teaches the value of the Self in physical terms. The stories in the Bible all relate to understanding Self Value, and how to use this Value to attain material wealth. If the value of the Self is placed under material wealth, then it is impossible for the Law to flow. Living Law flows through you, not your money. When monetary value places you in a position of need, it is because the Law has been violated and correction must occur.
The value of understanding how miracles world allows us access to the Law even before we understand how the value in the Self can be applied to obtaining material wealth. Miracles work in time. Our belief system relies on information that has been stored in the body to direct self value. When we use self value to direct monetary value, where is Self Value? It is buried in the belief that material wealth can get something that we cannot. Thus, we have to find a way to release Self Value so flow can be re-established. If not it is just a waste of time.
Need is a waste of time. When we believe we need money, it is because we are using time ineffectually. Being in opposition to the purpose of time causes all kinds of body stress. The solution is not in body memories, for this is where the problem lies. The solution is in time.
Miracles work in time. They always see the Value in the Self over a perceived body need. By consistently making this correction for us, we become a conscious witness to miracles in our lives. Because miracles correct a perception error, which affects flow, we begin to understand the significance of using miracle consistently in every situation.
The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to establish global peace, but it is also a lesson in the Self Value. The One Self that establishes global consciousness comes from the people, not those who have the money. The value in the Self has been hidden in money. Putting your money where your mouth is allows the individual to speak their truth.
Investing in The Great Miracle Share is an investment in understanding the value of the Self. Supporting the miracles that claim this value for us, allows us to claim global peace without a shot ever being fired. We are being given the opportunity to invest in miracles, which will shift our Self Value and place it in flow, or we can continue to believe that we can fix the world and our lives with money. Both are investments, but only one will give us what we really want.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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