Core Beliefs

There is essentially nothing wrong with our world, except that our core beliefs are out of alignment with whole Universal integrity. Changing our core beliefs will allow us to see everything from another perspective.
Our core beliefs are held together by free will expressions. All free will expressions carry spiritual property value. We do not see this property value because we have chosen to see something else. This something else is material property value. Thus, our free will is trapped in a core belief that has given material property more value than spiritual property value. Do you think this might cause some internal anxiety at the 3D body level? You bet it will. Property value order must be re-aligned. In other words, free will must be supplied a reference to higher spiritual value over material value to end conflict, both individually and globally.
The Great Miracle Share’s purpose is to give people a way to invest in global peace by shifting the material property value held in free will, for the higher property value defined in peace. The purpose of miracles is to make this shift for us. We cannot do this for ourselves because we do not understand how to manage our free will, or even use it in terms that would offer us the unlimited ability we believe in, but do not understand how to get.
We have been given the opportunity to invest in the miracles that will exchange material property value for spiritual property value. Peace is part of spiritual property value necessary to begin a new global society. What good is a new world without the property value of peace?
By consciously offering a symbol of the material value that free will uses to establish core beliefs, we are offering a way to re-introduce our free will to the spiritual property value defined as peace. It really is this simple, but we obviously do not believe this. We do not believe that the spiritual realm wants our money, which it does not. What it does want is access to our innocent free will, which is trapped inside of our belief in material value. This will not change our perception of material value, for it will continue to be used as long as it is supported by people. What it will do is allow us to see the effects of making a conscious choice to invest in spiritual property value. In this case, it is global peace.
This cannot happen is we do not consciously use the action of faith in miracles, which is being required for this shift to occur. Miracles have the ability to return our free will to where it belongs, which is the state of peace. Once critical mass has been reached, or 800,000,000 use their free will to invest in the spiritual property value defined as peace, we will have peace on Earth.
If you want to purchase physical property value, you must invest in it. This is equally true with spiritual value. The difference is, our free will that believes in material value, will be returned to the property value defined as the spiritual Home through the faith we have set within our material investment.
As free will returns Home, the Light from our free will fills our world and our Earth with spiritual Light. This is God’s Plan for the salvation of the world, and the only one that will work.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheri’Sword


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