A New Global Foundation

Any structure must have a foundation that has the integrity necessary for it to stand. The foundation of our world was built on a deceptive lie. This was a Universal deception that had to play itself out over time. The cracks in the foundation that we define as our world have become so evident, they are impossible to ignore. There is not anything that has not been touched by this deception. Deception in the core values is destroying the integrity necessary for a firm foundation. Without fixing the problem of integrity at the foundation level, our whole world will fall through the crack in time that was made at the time of the original error. Because this crack has become a gap, and global deception continues to widen this gap, something must be done or all will be lost.
6000 years ago a Universal Plan began to fix the gap in time and mend the foundation that defines our world. It was Universally understood even then that this dimensional problem would have to be repaired, and thus the Plan was implemented at the onset of the problem. We the people are being asked to help with repairing the damage that was done thousands of years ago.
Because the problem exists in time, this is where it must be addressed. Time defines the 4th dimension, we live in the 3rd dimension. The Plan involved introducing the solution through the people as they entered the 3rd dimension through the body. This invisible solution is called inno-sense and is found in the free will expression. The Great Awakening involves releasing the innocent free will expression held within the 3D body so a new foundation of innocent integrity can be set into place at the foundation level. This will create a new foundation for our world, and will allow the people to begin again. In essence, our world is being offered a new beginning without having to start all over again. In other words, the memories that have been used that are helpful, or are structurally sound at the foundation level, will remain intact, while those that are deceptionally corrupt will be eliminated. This Plan is so perfect, it cannot help but succeed. The problem is, we do not understand what meets the Universal criterion for structurally sound foundation, especially at the 4th dimensional level. Because this information is alien to us, we must relearn everything we believe we understand so what we have made that is useful can be used to create a new beginning for our world.
All of this begins with the premise that individually, we understand no-thing. Because we believe that we are some-thing, and our world is as well, and in fact from a Universal perspective it was built on deception, and therefore is no-thing (it does not meet the requirements for reality) the gaps between what is no-thing must be repaired or closed so a Universally applied understanding can be applied to no-thing so Living Universal Law of some-thing can be applied to it.
The way the no-thing of our world attains Universal some-thing status is through miracles. Miracles work in the 4th dimension, which allows us to help with repairing the dimensional damage that was done when the Universal crime was committed. The problem is, miracles respond to inno-sense, not body understanding.
Because we are all victims of this crime, and believe the effects of the crime are real, we are being asked to help correct it. If we do not help with the correction of the error, we will continue to wallow in the guilty gap where it was made. This will hardly be helpful, as it is time for it to be repaired, which means that all guilt is set to be eliminated from our world. Once again, the solution lies within the individual, for they were born innocent, and it is this inno-sense that is the solution.
The Plan is very simple, but not necessarily easy. We the people are being asked to be involved in this Plan. It is a individual choice that we all must make at one time or another.
As time moves forward in the new time zone, it will become less and less tolerable to hold onto guilt and the body fear that accompanies it. The Great Miracle Share will go a long way in repairing the damage that has been done in time. With millions of people investing in the miracles necessary to attain global peace, the gap in time will be repaired considerably.
Because this information has been very difficult to understand and then share, the time has not been right to present it in a fashion that would be understandable. The Great Miracle Share website will be up soon. If you are interested in being involved with repairing time with miracles by investing in global peace, please visit.


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