The Gap in Time

When the Universal error began thousands of years ago, a tear in the dimension of time became evident. It has taken thousands of years for this tear to become a gap. This tear occurred in the 4th dimension, better known as time. Evidence of the tear eventually opened up a floodgate that caused a global flood. Higher Beings that occupy higher dimensions understood the consequences of this tear, and attempted to warn the people through Noah about this flood, but none listened, and so the people died in a watery grave.
The time allotted for the split between the 3rd and 4th dimension was programmed into the Earth. This calculated time was 6000 years. During this time, the people who inhabited the Earth were given the ability to take a separate identity. This identity allowed them to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell without a reference to the whole. This eventually became the paper identity that is now given at the time of birth.
The Bible is a living story that teaches how our separate world began, and how it will end. Make no mistake, the old world is ending. But everything is in place for a New World to begin. But stepping across, what has become a gap in the dimension called time, is fearful. Because we do not understand what is on the other side, and because we do not understand that this is the problem, we continue to seek for old world solutions. These solutions are dying along with the old world, and the tighter they are clung to, the more difficult it will become for us as individuals to find refuge in them.
We are being asked to learn everything from a new perception. This is a miracle perception that we do not understand how to adjust to without Help. Because miracles will allow us to cross the gap in the 4th dimension, it is for our benefit that we accept the means.
The 3rd dimension houses the separate identity that came about as a result of the error. In the beginning, there was no separation in time. In other words, time was used for one purpose, not two. After the flood, our world was given the opportunity to survive until it was time to end the separation. The ending of a separate world that used laws that were peppered with deception, eventually became a world of deception that is peppered with law. This is the condition the old world is in, and this condition in the mind of the people who inhabit our world. This will not happen by a magic wave of a wand. We the people must accept the Universal Plan that has been made to assure our protection and safety to the other side of time, or as the song says, over the rainbow.
As a global society, we must be willing to accept a global goal that will help bridge the gap in time so the people can begin moving across time without fear. Miracles are the means given to help us move across time. The Great Miracle Share is a global project designed to direct the miracles that are in time, to create a bridge across the gap in time so the people can cross safely.
Look at it this way. For each miracle that is invested in, a miracle stitch will be placed in the fabric of time. This will provide the people with enough time to make the adjustments necessary to learn the wholeness necessary to live there.
The Universe has made it simple for us to create stitches in time with miracle investments. But even at this, we are not used to investing in the invisible. Investing in the invisible requires faith, and this we have immediate access to. A global project that calls for global peace will save the time we have left, as it will connect us to whole peace. A whole idea is necessary to prevent the complete collapse of old world time.
Alone, we can do nothing. But together, we can save valuable time. This will allow us access to whole time, and allow us the time to learn what it means to live in a global society that is Universally recognized in wholeness. This is what The Great Miracle Share is buying for the people in our world, time.
The website is up. Of course, there is some tweaking that needs to be done. If you want to check it out please go to


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