Seeds for Global Peace

Nature is abundant. It extends and increases in value every season. Investing in seeds to replant and grow a crop is how people are sustained. Sustenance is maintained and protected by the natural flow provided by the seasons. Time is provided for each season by allowing a specific amount of time for nature to produce her bounty. People do not understand how to create something that grows in time to specifically produce what they want. This is because we do not meet the intuitive standards necessary to understand what time and seasons are for. For instance, we know that we cannot take a physical nail, plant it, and expect it to grow no matter what time it is planted, in what season. The best we can do is mass produce it in a factory. In effect extending and increasing the value of a nail must be done through force and manipulation. Using the intellect to extend and increase value can only be done through force and manipulation. Once it is in place, this game must continue to completion, or until the made product is placed in the hands of the consumer. Intellectually, this is how we distribute what we have made.
Extending and increasing value through making does require some intuitive bility. However, the time it takes to intellectually redefine intuitive value in physical terms is a waste of time. If it were possible to access the natural intuitive ability within without ego/intellectual interference, the whole world would change. The 6 degrees of separation that the ego/intellect uses to get its needs met would dissolve. The who, what, when, where, why, and how, would be replaced with 2 questions; what do you want, and what is the value it has for you? This may seem impossible, but this is exactly what the new time zone we have entered into is calling for us to learn.
The Great Miracle Share is a global project that eliminates the 6 degrees of separation that asks the 6 questions, and attaches us directly to Universal intuitive value.
From a global perspective, everyone wants global peace, and they understand its value, so the 2 questions necessary to meet the criterion to end the 6 degrees of separation have already been answered. Now, the means to meet the goal must be accepted.
In our world, we use money to get what we want. If we do not have money, we believe we are without the means to have what we want. Most people attempt to get money to have what they want. The Great Miracle Share comes from a whole different perspective, which is that we already have the means to have what we want, but have limited our ability to express at the same intuitive level as nature.
In our core beliefs, which have no intuitive value whatsoever, we believe that money makes the world go round, that time is money, and that if we want something, we must place our money where our mouth is. These are our sayings and they come from global core beliefs held in time, which is what we share with nature. We are now sharing intuitive value in time, but we still do not understand what this means.
Being within the core value of globally held beliefs that it is money that controls time, and also how our core value is spent, we now can control time, and the season necessary to attain global peace. But we still do not have access to the means, or access to the same intuitive value as nature to extend and increase in value what we want, which is global peace. This is the purpose of miracles.
Miracles give us immediate access to time, because miracle work in time. This time/space is defined Universally as Now, which is the only aspect of time that is real. Miracles link what we believe with what we want in time, or in the Now. By eliminating the 6 degrees of separation that is necessary to force and manipulate to get what we want, we are in a position of using what we understand, or our money, to have a global solution to peace. Our money has thus become a seed to give us a new choice, which is a global intuitive reward, which will extend and increase in value, for having the faith in miracles to produce what we cannot produce for ourselves.
What we are being asked to learn far exceeds what we understood in the past about what we can and cannot do. We are unlimited beings, and intuitive value needs no force and manipulation to get. We are being asked to join with a Universal Project to introduce global peace by investing in The Great Miracle Share. This is a global project, but there is much to learn individually. By being willing to join in the same time and space that nature uses to produce a natural bounty, Higher Laws will be introduced to the people who live in our world, and our Universal Rights will be restored. Such a small price to pay to receive so much.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share Project
Written by Cheril’Sword


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