Changing our Mind about War

The greatest challenge our world faces, both individually and globally, is changing our mind about what we believe we see. At the time of the separation, our vision shifted due to a shift at the mind level. It was our wish to see something that was not there that makes reference to the world as we perceive it today. In effect, we believe what we see, so we are a product of the fear that we externally behold. The fear is in us. It is not “out there.” Changing our mind about the fearful outcomes we envision in our mind involves involves introducing a higher thought into our mind to replace the fearful memories that we have designed to show us a fearful external fearful world.
We believe we can just change our mind when we want to, but the truth is we do not know how. Core beliefs that define the foundation of our world cannot be dismissed with a petition, a desire, an intention, or a treaty. Personal beliefs that define the 3rd dimensional body cannot be dismissed with an intention or a desire. The mind is the most powerful force in the Universe and it will not give up its treasured beliefs easily, even if what it believes is harmful and destructive to the one who holds them.
Because we would be bound to what was instilled in our mind, at the separation a Universal Plan was devised, which would allow us to see the whole world from another perspective. The whole meaning found in the book A Course in Miracles explains this process. This book is so profound, most people who begin to follow its guidance, continue to struggle with its meaning.
ACIM makes reference to a Universal experience that must occur in our world for whole change to begin. While a Universal theology regarding the purpose and meaning of peace is impossible, a Universal experience of peace is not only possible, it is necessary. The collective mind that governs the dimension we share with the 5th dimension is split about the purpose and meaning of time. Our world has been using time in a very destructive manner for 6000 years. The meaning of time held in collective core beliefs is riddled with guilt. In the 3rd dimensional body, guilt becomes fear. Fear of doing something that makes one guilty encourages the unnatural condition of body fear. As time is defined in our world, right now fear encourages us to see war. Dismissing war from the collective mind with previous methods, as mentioned above, is impossible.
The dimension that we share time with understands the higher property value in time, and they are happy to share this interpretive value with us, but we will not be given access to this understanding of property value without some kind of value investment that we perceive in the aspect of time we use. In other words, we are being asked to give what we deem as valuable to us in time, so we can receive a much higher value reward. These are called miracle rewards. In essence, we are buying property value in time so the collective consciousness in our world can be elevated into a higher frequency. We are willing to invest a lower property value understanding in time, to receive higher property value understanding in time. This higher frequency will allow us to see time from the same perspective as the dimension we share time with, or the 5th dimension.
We are not alone in the Universe, and the solutions we think are good ones, in fact miss the mark. Isn’t the definition of sin missing the mark?
The global solution for peace requires a Universal solution. We cannot change our mind about global war because it is all our world has ever had access to. Changing our mind requires a lifting up of the value held in our mind to a higher value. The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to share the miracle means necessary to change our mind to a higher frequency. How many will it take to see a peaceful possibility emerge to take the place of war? 10% of the global population is necessary to reach critical mass.
We have been given a Plan for global peace that cannot fail. It is up to us individually to accept the Universal Gift being given.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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