Belief, Faith, and Peace

Peace is beyond belief. In other words, peace does not need belief to be real in our mind, it needs our faith. When we plant a seed to grow a tree, we do not believe the tree will grow, for belief requires us to do something. Doing requires planting the tree, but only God can make a tree grow. Thus, it is faith that grows the tree, not belief. Once faith in place, it moves on to truth, and walla, a tree grows.
Many times in our personal lives, we give our belief in what we want instead of giving our faith. When this occurs, we do not receive what we want. Belief without faith does not have the consistency to move a mountain. Belief will often interfere with the growth of a seed by opening up the ground to see if the seed is growing. Faith requires patience, and truth requires peace.
Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share itself. Missing a required spiritual step in making a new choice in the new time zone we have entered is going to become more difficult. We would not expect to receive a PHD without a formal education, yet many people blame God for not performing according to their standards. Do we not think that the standards that the Higher Mind has for us is greater than physical requirements?
We have a greater obligation to our spirit than we do for our body. The spirit is eternal, while the body is not. For 6000 years we have learned to make conditions that provide support and comfort for the body, with little consideration for our Spirit. We have used the spirit to support the body in ways that have violated it, yet this error is not perceived. The error of comforting the separate body began 6000 years ago, thus depriving the natural ability within the spirit its direct connection to the whole, and depriving our spirit and this world of peace. So now it is time to correct this error.
We believe in peace, but the faith necessary to obtain it, we believe comes from our ability to understand what it is. We do not understand what peace is because we lost our ability to be aware of it thousands of year ago.
There is not one person who lives in this world, or any subsequent generation in past time, that understands whole peace. If whole peace came and hit us in the face, we would not call it peace because we do not understand what it is. The ability to understand whole peace was stripped from the awareness of the human mind when the error began long before any of us remember. Because of this, the true state of peace must be introduced into the awareness of the human mind in such a way that it will be recognized for what it is.
What we want in our lives we invest in. If we want a PHD, we invest our time and our money to earn a degree. We understand that it is impossible for the degree to just show up without us doing anything. The doing comes from belief, the learning comes from faith in our Self. The Self is the nature in the spirit, not the brain. The brain stores information and analysis it. The brain understands nothing. It is the spirit that puts information and understanding together to form a pattern of learning that allows us to obtain a PHD. Once it is in the awareness of the mind, it becomes part of our unconscious memory that we can call up into consciousness when needed. Connecting the memories in the brain and the unconscious is a spiritual ability, not a brain one.
We are being asked to use our belief to support faith in a higher Plan to undo the error that is afflicting our world. Our spirit has been forced to be a slave of the body/brain for a long time. Because we do not live in a peaceful world, we have taught our spirit it must serve what we individually want in the body. With no peaceful reference to the whole, our spirit is limited, and so are we.
We believe in peace, but we must exercise the faith necessary to plant the seeds of whole peace necessary to plant them in the awareness of our mind. This is our investment in time that will allow us to experience whole global peace rather than doing what we believe we must do to get it. Once faith has been applied through the investment, it will move on to truth. Look at the investment in The Great Miracle Share as being a seed that has been planted in the ground, waiting to grow. Once the seed begins to sprout, we will see the evidence of our faith. Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of a reality, though not beheld. Does this not describe a seed that has been planted?
Peace and truth come together as One to define the wholeness necessary to give us access to the understanding of Now, or the time period that we have entered into. This is where the truth of our investment becomes a global reality.
The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to understand God in our OWN mind. A global reward that benefits the whole world. Who could ask for a better peace than the one that is being offered to us?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword


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