Living Words-Living Peace

Everything our world understands has been assigned paper value. Money, contracts, peace treaties, paper checks, legal documents and laws. Even our physical identity is assigned by paper value. What would happen if you built your house on a paper foundation? Yet this is how all value has been assigned to our world. A paper world, upheld by words written on paper that cannot uphold anything.
A dimension must be upheld by Living Words. Jesus said; “I am the Word.” His Words are Living Words, which means they were backed by Living Laws.
The attempt to destroy His Life was issued by paper law. His physical body perished according to paper law, but there was something else within Him that paper law could not destroy. This was and is His Word. His Word is recognized Universally, and it is impossible to destroy or kill with paper documents that are not backed by Living Law.
The Living World is the aspect of the Self that we are being asked to recognize and develop. This ability is trapped within our free will expression. Learning to recognize that our words can and will become Living Words, will leave every paper law ineffectual.
Our free will expression is being held captive within intellectual beliefs that paper can bind us and force us to be a witness to our own destruction.
The words that we sign on paper are ones that we do not understand. They were written so we do not understand them. There are thousands and thousands of them in one document, which protects the people who write the documents, but does little to provide protection for us, the people.
In essence, our word has been placed in the hands of people who want to steal our value. All Universal Value comes from the Living Value assigned to our ability to freely express ourselves. Once this value has been depleted by completely placing it in the hands of this deception, our words and our world will be lost. Is this what we want? We the people have sold our soul, or our Right to freely express our destiny, to the devil himself. We have gone without a whimper, believing that the devil can get something for us that we do not have the ability to give with our Word.
Undoing this mess by relieving the so called people in charge who are stealing our Universal Rights, must be done with dignity and respect. Force and manipulation in an attempt to take back our power will only lead to World War 3, and this will destroy our world.
This world does not recognize our words as being living words, but neither do we. This is something we must remember. It begins where we are right now.
Right now we believe that our paper contracts and agreements will be upheld. The wording on The Great Miracle Share is worded to uphold the Living Rights of the people who are involved in signing this document.By using what we already understand, we are being given an opportunity to exchange our paper foundation for a Living Foundation, established with global Peace.
The Great Miracle Share is a Living Document, like the Constitution. It therefore upholds the Words and the Living Rights of the people who agree to sign it. It recognizes the individual who signs their name as a Universal Citizen, who is given immediate access to their Living Rights that paper law has never been able to protect. This aspect of The Great Miracle Share alone would be enough to change our world, but there is more.
Replacing the old world paper foundation that is not protected, with a Living Document that is, allows us to create a New World Foundation assigned by miracles. Miracles carry Living Eternal Property Value. It is this Living Property Value that will uphold the integrity of global peace. This is peace we agree to consciously give with our free will expression, or our Living Word.
Giving peace with our free will expression is much different than getting it with paper agreements. We are being asked to sign a Universal Peace Agreement. This is a Living Document between we the people, and a Higher Government that will protect us and global peace with Living Laws. Is there a better Plan than this One? If there is, please let us know so we can invest the value of our time and money in it.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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