Toxic Emotions and Weather

Nothing in the whole Universe happens by chance. Everything that happens is preceded by a thought. Gaining movement for this thought requires emotion. If the emotion has integrity, it moves towards a positive healthy outcome. If the emotion is colored with deception, its movement is erratic. Erratic emotions make ripples in time that are chaotic. Chaotic ripples disturb the atmosphere and cause adverse effects in nature. There are around 8 billion people in our world, and no one wholly agrees on anything. Do we not believe that this in itself is enough to violate the natural patterns in nature and create unnatural weather patterns?
One thought that is wholly shared would solve so many problems amongst the people of the world, and in nature. The problem is we believe our thoughts are private, and being such have no ability outside of ourselves to impact anything. But this just is not the case.
One individual alone cannot impact the whole world. However, if you happened to put 100 angry people in a house that did not agree on at least one thing, how long would the house stand before people began to tear the house down? It is a fact, a house divided amongst itself will not stand, and our world won’t stand either unless we agree to accept just one idea that is the same.
The house we live in is a dimension. This dimension is filled with emotional toxic waste, which is symbolic of the environment we live in. Our world has polluted nature, and almost destroyed it in an attempt to hang onto personal toxic emotions. We do not want to look at our own emotional responsibility for the mess our world and nature is in, so we blame corporations who pollute the air and the environment with toxic waste we can see.
If you took a handful of rice and dropped it onto a table, you would still not have as many people as there are who inhabit the dimension we live in. Now, within that handful of people, there are not 2 people who wholly agree on anything. Add that by 8 billion people, and it is a wonder that our world has survived as long as it has.
Not much is being asked of us. We are only being asked to agree on one thing. We do not even have to come up with a plan to agree on this one thing, as it is being provided. This one thing is global peace. We all want it, but there are not many people who are willing to pay the price for it by investing in it. A Course in Miracles asks, do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?
Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work, because only His Plan carries the possibility for global peace. I say possibility because unless we as a global society accept this Plan, nothing will happen.
Weather and ocean patterns must move in one direction to nourish and protect the whole Planet, which in turn provides for the people who inhabit it. The ocean current is not in competition for air currents. They work in harmony. This harmony is being interfered with by the billions of chaotic emotional currents that are disrupting natural flow. All unnatural weather patterns are being brought about by the people who live in the dimensional house. Weather does not think, it takes direction from the people who consciously assign it.
If we as a global society do not begin to agree on at least one thing, nature will destroy what is interfering with natural flow. Not because she wants to, but because we have emotionally claimed our right to our unhealthy emotions as the value we want to keep. We do have this right, but at what expense?
Once the toxic emotions no longer exist, Mother Earth will return to natural harmony, and with natural flow adjusted, it will be time to begin again. It just doesn’t have to be this way. Accept the deal.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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