Funding a Global Peace Project

Funding a global peace project must begin with the people. Even though problems cannot be resolved at the level they are occurring, it is possible to agree to be One with this solution.
Our world is going through a transformative process that will not be completely understood until it is complete. Because of this, a lot of faith will be required during the transformation process. Faith is contrary to the intellect/ego. It believes it must assign understanding to everything. For this reason, the intellectual/ego is not invited to participate in this process. If it were, the process would never be complete. Ego/intellectual understanding is considered interference. If the intellect could have devised global peace, wouldn’t it have done so by now? The problem is, it does not understand, so its methods run contrary to the global plan for global peace. It’s methods also run contrary to what is good for the whole. The ego/intellect always wants to know; what’s in it for me?”
The Great Miracle Share Project allows the people to fund global peace without the so called global experts and nations who are not just interested in peace, but also have an ulterior ego motive, which is to gain a material advantage. By placing a material value over the emotional value of peace, it will never be obtained. This is because peace carries eternal property value, while material value does not have the integrity necessary to uphold eternal value.
We are being asked to support the means being given to accept the property value defined in eternal peace and secure it for global peace. The only way this can be done is to accept a Universal Gift. You can call this a deal if it is easier to understand.
A miracle bridge across time must be built, which allow the people in our world conscious access to the eternal property value defined as peace. This will elevate or transform global consciousness in ways that are impossible to intellectually understand or define. We live in an experiential world, which means that we must experience to understand. If we have never had access to global peace, how can we understand or define it? We must have access to it first.
In our world, our experience with value is defined by having money. Money allows us purchasing power, and also allows us to make choices. The Universe has come up with a Plan that allows us to exchange material property value for eternal property value, or a way to exchange dollar value for miracle value.
Miracles are the bridge builders across time, which is where the eternal property value of peace is located. By investing in miracles, we build a Universal bridge across time, which allows us conscious access to peace. This also teaches us a whole new way of emotionally directing our free will. Our free will can be consciously directed emotionally by a much higher degree of integrity, which is undeveloped in the intellect. This allows us to see the value in the emotional integrity within our free will, and also allows us to consciously assign a directive into a higher dimension.
Now, I understand that this information is not easy to understand, however following it to reach an outcome that will benefit the whole world is simple. Simply invest in a project to obtain global peace that is Universally Inspired and will work.
It is time for the people to take back their power through the acceptance of a Plan that cannot fail. Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work, (ACIM) because only God’s Plan understands what the problem is, and also what the solution is.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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