Economic Flow and Global Peace

If you take out a dollar and look at it, what power is in that dollar? The truth is, it is paper, and within itself is has absolutely no power. Yet we use it to establish global flow. Without the flow of money, all global economy would collapse. Denial of the effect of money on our world is not only impossible at this point, it would also cut us off from our own good. Thus, money is not only a medium of exchange and give us choices, it also establishes global flow.
The problem with the idea of monetary flow is this; flow defines many different emotional purposes. In other words, the flow that we look to to provide and sustain us, is emotionally corrupt or is being used to disrupt the flow going to the people. It is also being used to fund unnatural purposes which are preventing global peace. Even though we say we do not agree with war, our flow continues to be used to fund weapons of mass destruction. This is obviously a conflict, and conflict is a denial of peace. The paper laws that have assigned value to weapons of mass destruction seem to force us to comply with our own destruction. There does not seem to be a way of resolving this issue without going to war against those who are assigning value to weapons of destruction, which is once again the denial of peace.
Even though the majority of money actually lies in the hands of the people, the people see their value as continually diminishing in the face of the few who appear to have more than they do.
Individually, we are inept at making a change in the direction of flow, because individually we perceive we do not have enough money to influence the few who appear to have a lot of money. In our world money is power, and the more money you have the more power you can wield. So the question becomes, how to place monetary value back into the hands of the people where it belongs, which will encourage flow, without a huge war ensuing between those who seem to have, and those who don’t?
In the past it has been proven that people can change an outcome by withholding their support of a specific product by not purchasing it. The Great Miracle Share does not promote breaking paper law by withholding taxes. It is way too early in the transformation game to encourage this. There is just too much fear involved. Instead, what is being encouraged is to use a small investment, $2.00 is all, to invoke a miracle revolution. When enough people have decided to invest in the Universally assigned method of global peace, all value will be will be restored to the people, along with flow. What the people cannot do for themselves, miracles will do.
Means and end must be established. The end is the outcome. The outcome is global peace. The means to reach global peace are the specifics. One of these specifics is to return value and flow to the people.
All of this and more is being offered to the people. When people join together for an emotionally honorable purpose, their voices will be heard in Heaven as One Word; this Word is Peace. Heaven itself will lean down and offer a peaceful alternative to the one that has been imposed for thousands of year. We do not need war anymore, we need miracles to solve this dilemma.
One problem, global unrest brought about by withholding flow from the people. One solution, global peace by restoring flow to the people.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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