The Velveteen Rabbit

Everyone knows the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. It is the story of a rabbit that wanted to become real. In the end, the rabbit understands that it is only possible to become real if their fur has been rubbed off, and perhaps a few holes where the stuffing comes out. Life is like that. What we believe is real, all of the best that this world materially offers, we discover is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality. Getting the stuffing knocked out of us seems to be a necessary lesson, for most of us because we want the illusion to be real. We want to arrive in this world, completely intact, with no bumps and bruises. We are taught that if we follow all of the rules that someone else has written, we will have what we want. But this is not the lesson. The lesson is that we are not here to get the Gift, but instead we are here to give it. Until we learn this, we are living an unreal life.
So just what is this Gift that we are here to give? Is it money that we give to someone else to enrich ourselves? Just saying it this way is a little insane. Yet most people believe that it is possible to give, and then get from the giving experience. The problem is, and we all know this, is that money cannot buy the emotion that makes us feel real. Thus, the monetary gift we give does not live up to the living expectations that the Living Law of Giving and Receiving imply.
Most of us learned early in life that we could purchase what we wanted with money. Thus, we gave our power and buried our hope in a piece of paper. We did not mean to do this, but we did. We devised an unreal belief and buried our reality in a material idea that is in fact an illusion. We have all heard that money does will not buy happiness. Most of us know this, but we still find the inner need to pursue the illusion, or the monetary reward. The insanity of all of this lies in the fact that we were born without the belief in the illusion that money is the answer to any question that we ask. Everything we find value in is one way or another tied up in our unnatural belief that money is the solution.
We have inadvertently taught our spiritual internal witness that money is the answer. The internal witness is called our free will. Once free will has been taught the value of a dollar, it will not let go of this illusion because the mind never forgets anything.
Breaking the spell the emotional illusion holds over us cannot be done intellectually, for the intellect is where we hold the belief. Instead, we must go outside of the body, or out of the box, to redefine the problem. The problem with this is that we do not believe that there is anything outside of the box, or the intellect. But miracles work outside of the box. Genius is outside of the box. Here, our potential is unlimited. The problem is, once outside of the box, the miracle is redefined by the intellect and then becomes part of the contaminated illusion.
Thus it is, the intellect cannot make what we believe real. Sure, it can get money to make something in time, but what it cannot do is give the emotional integrity necessary to give life to what we have made. There is so much to learn, and we must begin by unraveling the illusion. Using a Universal Plan to undo the illusion begins with the idea that everything we believe is part of the illusion, and what has the ability to make our beliefs real is outside of the box. Getting outside of the box is simple, but staying there has to be revealed and then accepted.
We are the Velveteen Rabbit and being emotionally deprived within an illusion that we support with core beliefs that no longer work is getting really old.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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