Intellectual Understanding, or Emotional Integrity?

The inability to complete a project signifies an emotional deficiency, not an intellectual one. The intellect only tells 10% of the story. When we are upset, the reason is lack of the emotional integrity necessary to complete an action. An action requires motion, and it is e-motion that moves us towards completion, not the intellect. We may come up with intellectual ideas that are profound, but if we lack emotional integrity, our project will never be completed.
The intellectual interpretation of emotional integrity is lacking in emotional content. When it cannot find the emotion necessary to complete a goal, it will make things up that it must do to complete the task. When we are at a loss for what we should do, we call on the intellect, but most of the things that we intellectually do does not see a need for emotional integrity, and in fact calls for the exact opposite. The intellectual ego devises all kinds of things to get what it wants, and most of this doing is carried out with deception.
The truth is, we will not do anything unless we can justify it first. If we do not have the emotional integrity to get what we need to get what we want, we will make something up and then justify why we should take this action even if the emotional integrity is not there. This is called deception. This is why the vast majority of the foundation of our world is not stable enough to secure a future for future generations, and also why the world world is full of lack. When justification for a goal does not carry the emotional integrity necessary to carry the goal to completion, we will intellectually assign meaning where there is none. Is this a foundation of truth, or a foundation of fearful deception. We do not necessary see fear as being the lack of emotional integrity because the intellect believes it can make things up to fill in the perceived emotional gap. Thus, our world has aspects of a fragmented reality, but the vast majority of it was made up to fill in an intellectual gap that should have been filled in with emotional integrity. This would be like using peanut butter as a fill instead of mortar when laying bricks. What kind of sense does that make?
Filling the deceptives gaps that have been designed and made by the intellect cannot be fixed with an intellectual solution for obvious reasons. The problem lies in the deceptive foundation the intellect has designed. What the world needs now is the emotional integrity that Love provides to create a foundation that will last until time indefinite. This is why only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work. We cannot intellectually see the problem, so how can we devise a solution?
This problem is huge. It is so huge, it was deemed a threat that would split time in two, and thus eliminate all traces of our civilization/global society that defines the dimension our world resides in.
Building an emotional bridge with the integrity necessary which will allow us to move across the foundational gaps left by the intellect must be done with great care, honor and respect. There is enough emotional integrity in our world to bridge the deceptive intellectual gap held within the people, but we the people must be involved in exploring how we have been deceived into believing that it was ever possible to fill a dimension with intellectual deception, and then expect it to last.
There are many individual projects that will be given to the people to undo the dimensional damage that has been intellectually done, but there is only One global project that will unify the people in One purpose. This is a global project for world peace. This is called The Great Miracle Share.
Every aspect of this project had to meet a specific criterion that was Universally approved. This would allow the people a way to use what they intellectually understood, which is investing, while holding the emotional integrity necessary to build a miracle bridge across time. It is the miracle that makes up for our lack of emotional integrity. It is a miracle that will grant our world the time to mend our emotional wounds, and thus repair the emotional damage that has been done to time. Miracles work in time. Time we need to fix this global problem. We can buy time by investing in miracles. The intellect works in the body. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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