What is 10%

By investing in global peace, we increase the property value in our world by 90%. This is a 90% increase on our investment.
Since our world began 6000 years ago, even though it was considered separate from the Heavens or the Universe because of the error, it still maintained 10% of Universal consciousness. Look at what our world has accomplished with as little as 10% of this ability. Now imagine what kind of a world we would like in if we had access to the other 90% of conscious understanding. Yet this is what we are be offered. In order for this to happen, a bridge of conscious understanding must be built through time to reach this goal. If we give 10% of our ability to build this bridge, the other 90% will be provided for us. Even though we only carry 10% of Universal consciousness, this 10% is necessary to complete Universal understanding. Completion of the bridge through time, and the joining of our 10% of conscious understanding with the other 90% will complete the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now.
Obviously it is us that must elevate consciously to reach the other 90%. It would not make a lot of sense to bring the other 90% down into our world, especially because it is such a mess here. It makes more sense to build a bridge of understanding through time that will allow our world to elevate what we OWN to a higher level of integrity. This will prevent us from losing what we want to keep that has value, while allowing us the ability to look at what has no value and leave it behind.
Of course, all of this happens within consciousness, which gives us an opportunity to choose another way of learning. In our world we learn through the intellect. The intellect is individually assigned through body awareness, which is how we establish our beliefs and are obviously limited to what we perceive with separate body senses. On the other hand, consciousness has the ability to embrace Universally Inspired ideals and expand beyond the limited intellectual concepts that are body assigned. This is whole sensory learning. Something we were born with, but set aside in favor of intellectual study. By constantly using the intellect to keep and protect the body first and above all else, much more has been left out than has been brought in. There is so much more.
Consciousness can be taught dimensionally, while the intellect cannot. The rewards of moving consciously across time to embrace whole Universally Inspired concepts is obvious.
The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is not to introduce individual consciousness or the intellect to wholly inspired Universal understanding. This is something that must be consciously understood through revelation. Revelation is an intensely personal experience that cannot be explain to someone else, or appreciated by another. We are merely here to offer the means to move beyond the intellect into conscious learning by offering a way that appears to be unlikely, and obviously takes conscious faith to accomplish, not intellectual understanding.
The means to build a bridge across time will begin the process of elevating the property value of what we OWN and find value in by 90%, which is not a bad deal. This is a conscious investment, not an intellectual one. Set the intellectual body aside for an instant to consciously hear something else. This is information that is beyond belief, but not beyond you.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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