Undoing Global Fear

There are hundreds of way to manifest what you want. There are thousands of ways to become enlightened. There are thousands of Masters who teach enlightenment. There are thousands of religions that claim they know the way. There are thousands of prophecies that explain what is going to happen in the future. There are thousands of ways to be the change you want in the world. The truth is, we are unlimited in how we choose to express ourselves spiritually in the physical body. The physical experience gives us a lot of choices, and there is really no right path or wrong path on this journey we call life; there is only learning. We are students in this journey called life, and how we learn is up to us.

However, there is one lesson that can only be learned through one specific Plan. This involves the undoing of fear. The means to learn how to undo fear is the same for everyone. Although a Universal theology is impossible, a Universal experience is not only possible, it is necessary to undo the unnatural condition called fear. The undoing of fear is so important, a whole book was Universally written to address this subject. The name of this book is called A Course in Miracles. The name of the Plan outlined in A Course in Miracles that calls for the undoing of fear is called One Wholeness Now.

The Plan of One Wholeness Now was put into effect 6000 years ago to correct a Universal error that occurred on the Planet Earth thousands of years ago. The purpose of this Plan is not to change the personal journey of enlightenment that has been individually chosen. Instead, its purpose is to help people understand the global story of how an error that occurred in our world thousands of years ago shifted the entire Universe, and how the Universe is now dealing with the correction of this error.

The story of the correction of the error is a Love story that helps us understand the meaning of the words, “For God so Loved the world.” How can we be reconciled to Perfect Love if it is impossible to understand the meaning of these words?

Everything has a beginning and an end. Even the Universe had a beginning. The beginning of the Universe is called the Big Bang Theory. The end of the Universe has not yet happened. In Biblical terms the beginning and the end is called the Alpha and the Omega. The Alpha and the Omega defines the beginning and the ending of a huge Universal event that is impossible to understand in physical terms or language.

Because the God or the Universe deals with everything in wholeness, and because we are individually fragmented in what we personally believe, it is important to understand that there was a time when this was not so. There was a time when we were connected to whole understanding. Whole understanding is being able to speak with Universal understanding. It is a Language that allowed us to communicate by speaking the Universal Language of Love.

Along with this Language we were connected to the same Living Laws that provide and support the whole Universe. Under Higher Law, there was no lack. Everything was provided for us. This was the Garden State that was upset by the original error, which A Course in Miracles explains.

Even in our world we understand that if we want to correct an error, it must be understood where the mistake began so it can be undone. Because this original mistake is has been accepted as part of our reality, if people do not begin to recognize that this mistake is not real, people will continue to react to this error by continuing to attempt to correct it themselves. Self correction involves judgment and projection onto another in an attempt to get rid of the error. This never works, as proven by the fact that our world still goes to war in an attempt to self correct by correcting someone else. This is obviously insane behavior, as even the sentence sounds insane.

The error itself is a Universal error. Attempts at self correction will continue to fail. For this reason, we must teach the self to learn the Universal means to correct said error. Otherwise the conditions in our world are going to become get worse, and become very intense until the Universal means for the correction of the error are accepted individually.

The time allotted for this Universal error ended on December 21, 2012. Before this, this time period was called the “end of days.” We are now in the time of the correction, or the new beginning. We are responsible for the error that we have accepted into our mind and harbor, but we cannot see it. We believe the error is real because we understand it. In fact we even promote it.

We think sometimes this error is bad, but sometimes it is good. The Universe does not vacillate or promote opposites, so it does not say yes and no concerning the same matter, and then wait while we attempt to figure out what this means. It is firm on this matter. The error is not real and any attempt to make it real is a futile attempt to redefine reality, or the whole Universe.

The error I am talking about is fear. Fear is not real, and we cannot deal with fear alone. Think….it has taken the Universe 6000 years to perfect a Plan to undo global fear, yet we believe we can simply overpower it with positive thinking or an affirmation all by ourselves, or doing something else that we really do not want to do to show that we are really a good person. Doing good or bad things will not undo fear. Fear is an unnatural condition that is set in the mind. Thus, it is an unnatural mind set that is supported by what we personally believe.

The only way to undo fear is with a Universal solution. This solution is called a miracle.The name of the Plan to promote miracles to undo fear is called One Wholeness Now.

How ever you decide or choose to enlighten yourself is all well and good. What you believe is your choice. But if you continue to support fear with your beliefs, you are going to run into some real problems. The Universe is in the process of correcting this error. We can choose to continue to be part of the problem call fear, or we can agree to join with the solution by asking for help to undo the 6000 year old error. You are being asked to play a part in undoing this error by undoing sef fear. Ask this first, and the rest will fall into place.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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