Free Will and Your Universal Rights

There is one aspect of our Self that is Universally recognized as having specific Rights that cannot be violated. It does not matter where you go in the Universe, this one aspect of the Self is honored, and all you have to do is to invoke this Right to gain control over your life immediately. This part of the Self is called free will. The problem is, we have sold this right by investing in something else.
Free will is an aspect of the Universal Mind, or God. Our free will is directly linked to the Universal Creator, and Universal creativity. Violating free will is an act of disobedience in the highest sense of the word and places the violator in a position of being exiled from the Living Laws that protect the aspect of God that is defined as Love, which abides in all of Creation. In Universal terms, to dishonor free will is to dishonor the Living Creator, or the Universal Mind.
In our world we have a real problem, for our personal free will is consistently and constantly being violated. The fact that we are unaware that this is occurring does not mean that we do not have access to our Universal Rights. It means that we have forgotten the Power in our Free Will.
Because we have forgotten this Power, we have sold the Right to the Power in our free will to intellectual beliefs that believe in the power of the body over the Power in the Will of God. It is time to undo this injustice. We are the ones who consciously direct our free will, and so we are the ones who can give our free will a new direction, if we so choose.
The power in free will gives us the right to choose. When our free will is used to invest in power outside of ourselves, this is a free will investment that we are agreeing to, even if we do not agree with what is going on “out there.”
When the laws that demand we pay taxes to make weapons of mass destruction and promote war, and say we do not believe in war, but pay our taxes anyway, our free will is being violated. This violation appears to being done to us, but it is us that has allowed it. Nothing happens in the whole Universe by chance, and the inappropriate use of free will is a choice, for in the whole Universe, there is nothing greater than your free will right to choose.
As much as we do not want to believe it, we have the Right to choose what we want. But there is much fear involved in upholding the integrity in our free will because we have not learned exactly what free will is.
The truth is, as much as we do not want to support war, we do support it. Whatever we use our free will for, is what we want, even if we do not believe this is so. We use our free will to support our belief in fear. Fear of being persecuted by paper laws we do not agree with, are in fact a misuse of free will. When we support what we do not agree with out of fear, we are fearful of what we want, and we cannot have what we are afraid of. Thus, we are supporting war with our inability to claim our freedom of Universal Right to peace. Thus, we are inadvertently promoting the value of war instead of the peace that our free will would show us if we were not afraid.
If we were not fearful, we would we use our free will to support peace instead of war. But it is a fact that we do not know how to use our free will in an appropriate context because we have never learned how. We do not honor our God Self as being One with everything and everyone because we have greater fear of paper laws that we have Love for God. The fact is, we do not understand how much Power is in our free will. If we did, there would be peace on earth.
So, here we are standing at the crossroads, trying to decide which way to go. Do we continue to use our free will to listen to the laws that instill fear, or do we honor the part of our Self that has a Right to exhibit freedom of the choice for peace? Whichever we choose will walk with us, and it will become evident which direction we have chosen.
Our free will is consciously directed. Whatever we choose is the direction our free will will move in. If we consciously invest in what we do not want, than our free will support us in this. However, if we consciously choose to make a fearful investment, our free will will support us in this.
Our Glory is in our free will. Our consciousness expands to make way to use our free will expression appropriately in the Universe. Anything we consciously choose, our free will supports us in. If we support war through our fearful investments, our free will supports us in this even if we say we don’t want war. Our free will cannot be violated unless we allow it to be. If we believe it is someone or something “out there” that is preventing us from having what we want, we have given away the power in our free will along with the protection of our Universal Rights. Giving this away is our Right as well.
Giving away our Universal Rights because of fear is a self deception of the worst kind. We always have a choice. It is the fear that demands us to invest in what we do not want. It is fear of punishment that keeps our free will locked in a deceptive hell. Private hell is one thing, but global hell from war is one of another color.
Into all of this a Plan has been introduced. The Plan allows people to use their free will to invest in what they do want. If peace is what is wanted, then invest in it.
The Plan allows people to move their free will in a direction that will bring about peace to the world, and allows the individual the Right to say, “I have a Right to peace, and I am making a decision to use my free will for something better.”
Together we can say, “we did this.” If enough people use their free will to invest in peace, there will be peace on earth as it is in Heaven. The part of our Self that is defined as Universal Love will then unite with the God Mind. Thus, as above, so below, or on Earth as it is in Heaven. Isn’t this what we want? Isn’t it this that will usher in the Golden Age of Peace? Do we really believe that this is going to happen while we do nothing? So little is being asked of us. We gain everything for so little. Never before in the history of the whole Universe has so much been given for so little.
This is the purpose of The Great Miracle Share. It allows the people a chance to choose again without fear of physical prosecution by paper laws.
Practically nothing is being asked of you. A small investment that moves free will in another direction. Once critical mass is reached, free will will return to Love. This is a Universal direction that assures our Rights will be protected by Higher Law. This is the Promised Land, and a return to inno-sense.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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