Choose Again

If there was a Universal Plan designed to remove all traces of emotional interference that is interfering with it, what would that Plan be? How would the Universe deal with the interfering factor that is cause of all of the problems that our world appears to be facing. Allowing people to blow up the world is one solution. Forcing people to do something they do not want to do, would be another solution. Wiping the intellectual hard drive of our core beliefs would be another solution. But really, who wants their core beliefs messed with? Our core beliefs are what maintain the reality of our world. Would we really be willing to allow our intellectual hard drive to be wiped clean so we could start all over again? This would be like an extreme head injury. When the person wakes up, they remember nothing. Only this would take us back to a place where none of the comforts that have been made in our world exit. The truth is, we want the value that we have invested in, both globally and individually.
There is a little known aspect of the Self that is Universally protected by Living Laws that prevents this from occurring. This is called free will. It is the protection of free will that prevents any of the scenarios from occurring.
Changing a core belief that upholds the unnatural value of war is not going to be wiped from the hard drive our mind. It is our free will that has been taught that war is real, and it therefore must be supported to maintain a belief in the reality that defines our world. War is going to continue in our world as long as our free will supports it, until some idiot pushes a button and blows our world off the face of the earth. That someone can do this is also a belief. A belief that is supported by free will that this is our reality, and it is one that we must abide by.
War forces and manipulates, as intellectually defined. Peace just is. It does not require us to “do” anything. But until our free will recognizes this fact, wars will continue to be fought to uphold the unnatural right our free will has to believe what it finds value in.
The solution that the Universe offers is this; change your mind. Easier said than done. This is because we “believe” in what we see. Ok, so we have to change a core global belief, which is supported by the vast majority of people who live in our world. Some who find solution in war instead of peace. How do you override false value that is held in free will by choosing again?
The solution is to undo the false value held in free will that is upholding a false reality. In other words, teach our free will something else so it will move in a natural direction of peace. This is the Universal solution.
You cannot force or manipulate free will. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Will comes from God, ie the Will of God. This aspect of our Self was born of God, not man. The intellect was born of man, as was the ego, and neither one upholds peace. The intellect analyzes war, and the ego wants it. Both teach free will that war is real. We want it too because we believe in it. War has value because we believe in its reality.
The question must be asked; what is reality? Can we make a reality separate from the Will of God? If we can, does this not separate us from what really is real? Peace is real, war is not. Period. Truth is true and nothing else matters. (ACIM) But war matters to us because our world made it, and we therefore believe in it. Truth is not black and white, and there are no opposites to peace, except that we believe it.
So, how do you change the collective will of a world? You allow them to choose another value so they learn to appreciate something else. How do you do that? It is obvious, war is a huge money maker for those in control of the war machine. The vast majority of people do not want war, but are being forced to support it through taxes and etc. Thus, their monetary value is being used to invest in war. There is nothing that can be done about this. REALLY? Would God give us a Plan that would not work? We are His Will, and we are using His Will to support war by consciously supported the value of war. What you find value in, even if you do not consciously want it, you will support with your free will. That is the way it is.
Consciousness allows us to choose again. The Universe has given us a global Plan to undo the mass belief in war by consciously making another choice. We do not have to “do” anything, except invest in a Universal Plan that promises global peace. What is the problem? Is the monetary value of $2.00 worth more than global peace? What is being intellectually analyzed here? Does the ego tell you that this is impossible? Have faith and choose again.
Noah told the people of his day that there was a flood coming and he told them how to save themselves. No one believed him and they all perished. Always before a major spiritual disaster occurs in the world, the people are given a warning along with the means to save themselves. There is a shaking coming to our world to awaken the people. What this means, I have no idea. Just remember when it occurs, there was an alternative road that could have been taken to avoid this. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


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