The One Wholeness Now of it All

Transcending the idea of separation will take more than a belief in peace. We only carry 10% of the collective consciousness that defines our reality. The other 90% belongs to the Universe. It is not the Universe that has to change, it is us.

We lack 90% of the appreciation necessary to attain global peace. We must invest the global 10% of consciousness in the other 90% to attain global peace. What we give we will receive. If we invest the 10% of the collective consciousness necessary to attain global peace, we will gain 100% of the appreciation. In essence, we will join with the rest of the Universe, which will allow us access to Universal peace. Global peace is not enough to sustain the Universal Memory of peace. We must have access to a whole appreciation for peace. Once whole appreciation is attained, then whole understanding of the purpose of peace will be revealed.

It is up to us to take the first step. Our free will is part of the Universal Will of God. Would God accept less than the Wholeness of His Will to Give His Gift? His Will is defines Whole Science. Alone we carry a fragment of a symbol of peace. It is in the wholeness of the collective memory of His Will that peace will be remembered. This symbolic fragment must be joined together to create the whole 10% that we hold collectively if we want to join with the other 90%.

The Universe has given us an Inspired Plan to accomplish the One Wholeness of it All.   It is our responsibility to accept this Plan. The Great Miracle Share is the Project that will teach us peace. We cannot learn this without joining with the other 90%. Choose again.



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