Lesson 3

Lesson Three

I Do Not Understand Anything I See

It is impossible to see peace without changing your mind. We understand war because we believe we can see it. Everything we believe we understand in time intellectually supports this.
It is impossible to see peace unless we are willing to let go of what we intellectually have learned to believe. The Great Miracle Share is a project that allows us access to global peace before we change our mind about what we see. It is in our collective agreement to assist the Universal Plan for global peace that grants us global peace. Our understanding of how is not necessary.
There is a war going on. This war is against our Self The vision we use to see the world either comes from what we have intellectually learned to believe, or it comes from miracles. Right now, we do not understand what miracles are, nor do we understand how to see them. Global Peace is a global miracle. When enough people choose to support miracles, then we will understand and be a witness to global peace.


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