Lesson 4

Lesson 4

These thoughts do not mean anything

The Great Miracle Share is a global project designed to create a healthy stable foundation of miracles.
The foundation of any dimension comes from thought. In our world, all of our thoughts carry the dimensional error that began thousands of years ago. This has made cracks and gaps in the property value that defines the dimension we live in. These gaps instill fear at the body level. Fear is an unconscious reaction to a thought that is not real. These unreal thoughts are threatening to dismantle our beliefs. Once our beliefs that uphold higher integrity are completely dismantled, there will not nothing left to hold up the integrity of the dimension we live in. It is the thoughts that are undermining our Universal Rights that must be undone. These thoughts must be undone in time, for it is time where the problem exists.
The reality of global peace must come from time. The belief in peace “someday” must be replaced with peace “Now.” This aspect of time exists within the individual, but has not been developed because people are seeing something that is not there. It is a seed of Light that has been buried under unreal thoughts.
In this lesson we are being told that what our good thoughts are showing us are merely shadows of possibilities. What our bad thoughts are showing us are blocks that are forcing us to look at the error.


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