Lesson 5

Lesson 5

 I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to gain momentum for global peace through miracle investments. By investing in what we want, instead of what we do not want, we will realize a New World.
All war was made in old world time, but we have entered a new time zone. In this new time zone, old world conditions no longer apply, except that we support them with past beliefs about what reality is.
All of reality, no matter where you are in the Universe, is supported through our emotions. When something upsets us, it is not because we see an intellectual upset, it is because we see an emotional upset. War is not intellectually upsetting because the intellect analyzes, it does not understand how to feel. It sees, analyzes, then calls on our emotional response to get the support it needs to make the upset real. If we learn how to withhold our emotional support, we will see another world.
A major reason we get emotionally upset is because we have intellectually learned to believe that something “out there” controls how we feel. If something out there controls how we feel, then this something must be guilty, but guilt is not real. If guilt is not real, then making someone pay for their guilt is simply a waste of time. We are learning how to make better use of time by not supporting it with our emotions.
I am never upset for the reason I think introduces a new concept into our mind. It is designed to direct our attention to how we feel internally, instead of externally. If I see war, and I say I am never upset for the reason I think I am, then I must ask why am I upset? Now, instead of blaming someone else for my upset, I can direct my upset to a place where I can learn to choose again.


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