Lesson 6

Lesson 6 – I Am Upset Because I See Something That Is Not There.

In our world, one of the greatest upsets is the one that defines war. No one wants war, yet our world continues to experience it. In this lesson, we are being told that we are seeing something that is not there. The question of whether we see war is obvious. We all see war. But the reason we see war many not be as obvious.

The memories of war exist in time. The collective consciousness that defines our world is directly linked to time. In the past, when people were exposed to war, it is was because the perceive threat of war was held in the mind. That nagging feeling that war was approaching was the ability of people to intuitively “tune in” to warring nations. During the era of World War I and II, enough people collectively agreed that there would be a war, and there were 2 wars that were commonly agreed upon. The thought of war was a movement carried out in time, where all wars occur.
Today, we live in a time when there are just a few people who deliberately manipulate circumstances to make a war. The unnatural ability to do this comes from the collective sound of past wars that occurred in time.
Once a sound has been heard in time, it continues to echo through time until this sound is repaired. Thus, the upsetting sound of war will continue in our world, until enough people take the action necessary to repair this unnatural sound.
The only way to repair the unnatural sound of war in time is through miracles. Miracles have the ability to stitch up the fabric of time. Because miracles cannot be forced or manipulated into believing a sound that died a long time ago, they are impossible to deceive.
If I am upset because I see a war that is not there, it is because I do not understand the Sound of peace. Revealing the Sound of Peace must come through the people. Only they have been offered the means to exchange the sound of war for peace by investing in the miracles that will repair the damage done in time.


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