Lesson 7

Lesson 7 – I See Only The Past.

Teaching to only see peace in time can only be done through a joint effort. Lesson 7 teaches us that we only see the past. We believe what we see, but what we do not understand is how what we see is actually a stored memory in time. All of the pictures of war and memories that we store in time are simple to find. Museums and history books are full of the memories of war, lest we forget. We believe that if we keep these memories alive, we will not make the same mistake again. But over and over again, this misleading perception has been proven wrong. The emotional trauma set into motion by these toxic memories only increase in value in time.
Changing our mind about what we have learned to see in time will take a miracle. The impact of war on our world is a global tragedy that has lasted for 6000 years. We cannot eliminate war in time with good intentions. They are not enough.
Time carries every memory that any individual has ever thought up. With war, there are billions of memories that support war in time. Undoing this mess will take a collective miracle that is globally supported.
Investing in the miracles in time allows us to share global peace. This is not going to be anything people understand from the get go because people do not understand the impact that their personal memories have in time.
Only God’s Plan for the Salvation of the world will work, because only God’s Plan understands how our memories have distorted time.


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