The Invisible Reality

90% of what we use to determine our life and reality is invisible, yet we rely on the 10% that is visible to dictate health, wealth, happiness, well being, and so on.
Thoughts, emotions, integrity, wisdom, intention, and passion are just a part of the invisible world that has been neglected by the 10% of the intellectual form we use to dictate our reality. Is it possible there is something wrong with allowing and relying on what we can visibly see with “form,” or 10% to define a whole reality, or 100% reality?
All problems that face our world comes from the inability to place our priorities in a proper perspective. This includes the issue with war. War is propagated by the 10% of insane form that is being used to override the other 90% of sanity with bodily force and manipulation. The same goes for disease. By overriding the other 90% of what cannot be seen, individually and globally we have made a society that is obsessed with 10% of reality. The only way this could be done is if it was possible to deviate so far from reality, a huge deception would have to be put in place, which would prevent us from seeing the truth.
Reason has never been a great truth in our world to govern reality. Instead, people are obsessed with the body. The memories we make to define the body do not uphold the integrity of the Universe. What upholds the integrity of the Universe comes from the unseen. These 90% unseen forces have been placed in a position by science to serve 10% of physical form. Does this make sense?
What would it take to believe such a lie? Something would have to be stolen from Heaven to make an unnatural wish such as this real. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk tells us what was stolen from Heaven that would allow us to believe such a lie. The Harp and the hen that laid the Golden Egg are symbols. The harp represents a Universal Sound that permeates time. The problem is, this music died, which is obvious. Because we have exchanged the Sound of Love for a sound of deception, our world is no longer protected by the Sound that was stolen from Heaven.
The other property stolen from Heaven is symbolic of value. In Heaven, it is not money that is valuable, it is the other 90% that has been overlooked in favor of material reward. ACIM says that we have stolen something from Heaven, and we must give it back.
So the question is, how do we give it back?
The only way we could hold together a world is if we had access to the property value defined in Heaven. But our world has contaminated Heaven’s Value with deception. The belief that we can change Heaven’s Property Value into material property value is not only a deception, if it was left up to those in charge it would destroy not only our world, but the Planet Earth as well.
Heaven has given us a Plan to fix the imbalance of power that is going on in our world. This imbalance of power is obvious by the small amount of people who are in control of the masses.
In our world, what we see is symbolic of a much bigger problem. The people must be willing to give to Heaven the property value that was stolen. This must come from what has been buried in the 10% of material form that we use to define our reality.
Fragments of eternal property value have been wrapped in deceptive intellectual understanding. This is called free will. Without having access to free will, we would not have access to the Value of Heaven. Being willing to return the invisible property value to Heaven is our responsibility. Once we have agreed to return Heaven’s Value, miracles will do the rest for us.
We are being asked to consciously learn how to release our free will to the other invisible 10%. By consciously choosing to make this choice, we will have conscious access to the other 90% of reality that we have forgotten. Basically, this is releasing the Karmic Debt that we have accumulated over many lifetimes in time, which will liberate our free will to its natural abode. This will liberate us as well.
There is only one Plan that offers to teach us how to exchange material property value for the Value of Heaven. This Plan is called One Wholeness Now.
The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is not to introduce peace in our world, but rather to elevate collective consciousness to a higher level of invisible integrity, which will elevate the collective integrity of the people beyond the deception of the value in material war. This will change everything.
The property material value that defines the 10% of what can be seen with the body’s eyes is deceptive value. We believe this value because we believe we can see it with our eyes. There is so much more.


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