The Miracle Amendment

Exploring the Miracle Frequency

It is impossible to establish your Higher Identity by using your free will to make fear, or anything else that does not comply with Higher Living Law real. The temptation is to make something real, and then “fix it” by making amends. The Miracle Amendment is all the “amends” that are necessary to establish your proper identity and order in the Universe. Everything has already been done for you. The only thing that has not been done is your personal acceptance. This, you are responsible for.

All fear is unreal. It is the responsibility of the provisions in the Miracle Amendment to simply overlook fear, and then replace this unnatural symptom occurring in free will with the Perfect Will of Love. This will re-establish our connection with the Will of God, along with our unlimited ability to express our Self freely. However, it is our responsibility consciously take action by directing our free will to take advantage of the Miracle Amendment.

The Miracle Amendment Frequency
Although the Miracle Amendment is readily available to anyone who wants to use it, because it does not work according to what we believe, its frequency is beyond a scope of personal understanding. In other words, the frequency of belief is of the body, while
the frequency of miracles works in the dimension defined as time. Because 3D body awareness, which is established by belief, is must denser than 4D miracle awareness, it will take time to consciously learn how to determine when one is accessing miracles, or
when one is attempting to use their fear based belief to fix a problem.
The Miracle Amendment establishes an out of time pattern that allows one access to their Universal Identity, which places them under the protection of Whole Living Law. This immediately gives the individual access to their Universal Rights to health, wealth, and happiness. But the responsibility of the individual to meet the conditions set forth in the Miracle Amendment must be met. Remember that the Universe has redefined Living Law for us. This Law was already perfect. The least we can do is meet our personal obligation, which will allow the miracle to do what it is supposed to do.
In our world we are responsible for our behavior. However, in higher realms, we are responsible for how we think, for thinking defines
behavior. Thinking defines the Being level of reality. This is defined in our connection with whole Universal harmony. This harmony can only be realized in our personal free will. The problem is, we have inadvertently taught our free will to do what we want, instead of allowing it to express emotional freedom. This has left us deficient in our relationship to the whole Universe. Our inability to join our free will with our Higher Will has separated our emotional integrity and fragmented it in pieces, while teaching us deception. Undoing this travesty to our free will can only be done by consciously agreeing to assign our free will to miracles.
Miracles happen in time, which is a higher dimension that the 3rd dimension of the body, which we have learned to express our free will
through. The truth is, we can learn to express our free will in the 4th dimension, and even higher dimensions, but we cannot enter higher dimensions without making some emotional adjustments. Undoing fear is this adjustment. Fear is not real, and it will not be allowed in higher dimensions. This is what we are being asked to learn. By learning to exchange 3D body fear for 4th dimensional miracles, everything we understand about reality will change.


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