About TGMS

Who is The Great Miracle Share?

The GMS is a global project that belongs to all of the people who live in our world. It is a Gift that we the people extend to future generations to make sure the next generation has access to what all previous generations never did have access to; this is Universal Right to global peace.

By recognizing that we the people have a measure of the peace of Heaven within us, and by using the Gift that Heaven has bestowed upon us, we can use our Gift to invest in an external idea, which is peace on Earth. It Is the joining of the inner and outer world that merges them into One The symbolic Gift of charity to the future generations of our world is based on using what we already understand to give charity to another aspect of time that we do not recognize is there. The purpose of the investment is to bring the awareness of miracle to those who want to experience global peace. This is the whole purpose of The Great Miracle Share, to expose miracle awareness through global peace by giving to the next generation.  We are giving to the children; the future generations that will inhabit our world. We are paying it forward. If we did not have it to give, there would be no point. But we do have it.  Just like the song, “We Are the World, we are the children.”  It is time to begin to Give the Gift of Miracle Rewards to our Self, and the benefits of global peace to future generations so they can call the world home.

The miracle investment is an act of faith that gives Higher Consciousness immediate access to our Spiritual Inheritance, or Inner Peace, that we have not recognized, and therefore do not understand that we have it to give. By symbolically releasing inner peace through an investment, we are consciously choosing to accept the Universal Plan, or God’s Plan, to give global peace to future generations that will inhabit our world.

By laying our intellectual understanding aside, we consciously agree that there is an aspect of our Self that is in alignment with Higher Consciousness, and this Higher Consciousness can do for us, what we have been unable to do for ourselves or our world since time as we understand it began. It is a way of offering what we have to give, but have not yet learned how.

What is The Great Miracle Share?

The Great Miracle Share is a global project that has been Universally Inspired according to the terms and conditions in the Universal Plan to awaken individuals and the world to a Golden Age of enlightenment, and also repair the dimensional error that occurred thousands of years ago. By repairing the dimensional damage, all past haunting sounds of fear will cease to exist. These are the unnatural sounds that began to enter our world when the error addressed in the Bible first emerged. The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to replace the haunting sound of war with a New Sound. This is the Sound of Peace.

When will global peace be realized?

When enough people join together who want to see global peace instead of war the project will be complete, and peace will be evident. Critical mass is a factor and it is necessary to meet critical mass to change the unconscious mind, which supports war through fear.  Meeting the conditions of critical mass will teach us that it is indeed possible to change the destiny of our world by using the Inner Gifts defined by our Spiritual Inheritance. Because we believe in what we see, as we move closer to the point of reaching critical mass, people will begin to see/understand that the power that people have sought outside of themselves is really within. (Seek not outside of yourself, for it will fail and you will weep each time an idle falls….ACIM) One of the purposes of the Plan is to teach this lesson.

 Where are we in relationship to global peace being realized?

Our world exists in time and time is an illusion. How long it takes to determine global peace is in the hands of the people. It is their willingness to accept God’s Plan for global peace that makes it possible.

Why is the solution to global peace being offered Now?

Now is the only aspect of time that is real. (ACIM) Now is the only time it is possible to give a miracle Gift. Now is also the time that we must learn to live in. Disrupting the Peaceful Sound of now is the haunting sounds coming from the past and filling our unconscious mind with fear. We believe these sounds coming from the past because we believe trust the sound of fear is real. It is not.

How Miracles respond to the global call for Peace?

Miracles work in time. Not time as we understand it, but Now, the only aspect of time that is real. Miracles teach us how to live in the Now without the distracting sound of a fearful past constantly intruding on the present.

The Miracle influence removes any memory that denies or interferes with the power of the Sound in peace. The power in joining in a global cause for peace comes from the Power that is lying dormant in the people waiting to be awakened. It is your investment, which is the symbol of your faith that wakes the inner dormant call for global peace. Because what we invest in, we expect a return on, we will expect to see global peace. (What you expect you see. What you want to see you will invest in.) The Great Miracle Share opens our mind to new possibilities. These possibilities are only revealed because we made a miracle choice, instead of a fearful one.

Global peace must come through the people. There was a Universal Code implanted in the innocent free will expression before they came into the physical world. Once released, this expression is Now the seed that creates a New World. The call to listen and release the Sound of a New World will become increasingly more difficult to ignore as the time for release of the Inner Code becomes increasingly more difficult to ignore.

The Great Miracle Share does not include the plan to reveal individual codes, which will open  the individual mind to their particular Gift or Talent, which will be necessary to create a New World. Instead, its purpose is to offer a Unified Goal that all people can join together in. This unified goal is global peace.

The people are responsible for releasing their code because they are the only one that has access to it. It is a personal responsibility that comes from a conscious decision to begin again. It comes from the faith that God and the whole Universe has given to us to accept individual responsibility for releasing the code for a New World.

 This Call is impossible to ignore and it will become more difficult now that we have reached the end of days which was the time allotted for defining the old world. The Code you have access to  is the only One that will work for you, and the only one that will fit into the wholeness necessary to claim a New World

We are on the cusp of breaking through the veil of deception, or the spell that our world has been under for thousands of years. Like Sleeping Beauty awakening from a deep sleep, the Code that was planted in our inno-sense must be awakened, and we must begin again. Only this time, there will be no deception, and no unnatural sound coming from the haunting sound of fear left over from the past. Within this spiritual code we all carry is God’s Plan for the salvation of the world. We are the Ones who must not fail. (The salvation of the world depends on me…. ACIM)




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