Before I entered this world, there was a Sacred Contract I agreed to. This Contract was Universally binding. The purpose of this Sacred Contract was to introduce a New Movement of Thought into the the mind set of global consciousness by using forethought and consistency. This New Movement of Thought involved introducing miracles into the physical mind by replacing the unnatural condition of fear. I Am the 4th part of a Universal Plan that began 6000 years ago to correct a Universal error, which introduced the innocent nature to fear, thus plunging this world into darkness.  The darkness of fear cast a shadow over the Garden, which in fact was the innocent nature.

The world that people associate with on the Planet Earth is not the real one. After the error was introduced into consciousness, a dimension was Universally established, which would allow the separated ones time to understand that the deceptions brought on by fear have introduced destructive and false value that has depleted the world of the true value that exists there. This value comes from the people.

The purpose of a New Movement of Thought is to realign this world with a higher purpose than the original one assigned to it. This will allow the Planet Earth, along with the people who reside in this world, to become a major contributor in a Universal Society that uses a Higher Law to explore and colonize the many different societies that inhabit different planets in this Solar System. The only way this can be done is by removing the error from within the awareness of those who willingly agree to serve their Higher purpose. The removal of fear will leave an empty space where a miracle mind set will take the place of fear. Because the miracle is the link being provided by Higher Dimensions of Awareness to connect our world to whole Universal understanding, it is imperative that people begin to let go of the fear learned in the past to make way for the new awareness defined by miracles.

Because this world does not understand the implications of this change, it is imperative that people be willing to a new form of education that will help them recognize where fear hides within their body, and then use the means that will be provided by a Universal Plan to undo this fear with New World Miracles.

Because there is so much to learn, and because the foundation of this world was built on fear, it will be observed that the foundation of the old world is collapsing, while the New World is being created. How this will be done is not the primary focus for the people. What must be the focus is the undoing of the unnatural fear held in the body so it can be replaced with miracles.

There is nothing that is being explained here that cannot be learned. However, in the beginning this way of learning will seem to be unnatural, it will eventually be found that this way of learning is natural, and will lead to miracle rewards, which were never offered under the direction of old world fear.

You are invited to comment or ask questions. However, until you begin to understand how your fear has contributed to the underlying demise of the old world, your contribution to the Plan will be limited to undoing your personal fear.

Thank you for coming here to read The Great Miracle Share. We are at the beginning of the new birth for a New World. One that will be impossible to deny as time moves forward. If you would like to contact me, or learn how to begin the process of undoing your fear, please use the contact form below.


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