Peace and Frequency

Peace carries a frequency that is heard throughout the whole Universe. Our world does not make this peaceful Sound because it does not know how. It never learned.
Making the Sound of global peace must be something that people consider as having value. Value is something we will spend our time and money on. Miracles will give us the time, but we are responsible for the investment. Without an investment token, the energy necessary to move in a collective direction of global peace will never wholly be accepted.
We believe money makes the world go round. We support this idea because everything we support involves a monetary investment. The Universe cannot introduce a belief into the collective mind, as it would violate Higher Law. Not only that, we would overlook the belief in favor of what we already understand. We are being Helped by being offered something we do understand, which is investing, to introduce global peace through our willingness to invest in what we want.
Just like we invest in what we want in the material world, we are being offered an opportunity to invest in a global phenomenon of Universal Peace by using the same methods that we understand now.
The truth is, just because we do not understand how this works, it does not mean that it won’t. All truth we invest in requires an act of faith. Faith is evidence of a reality not yet beheld. Would God ignore our act of faith? Religion has been around for thousands of years because of this simple principle. The difference is, this time it is a Self Investment. There is no religion offering its interpretation on the meaning of global peace. This is being offered directly to the people, so they can offer it. It is in our hands.
“Put your money where your mouth is.” Why do we say that? Isn’t it because we believe we must back up what we say with our money? This is a global belief, and isn’t war a global problem? Our investment in global peace will move mountains because we have faith in what we believe.
We are being asked to use our belief in a new way. We are being asked to believe in what we do not understand. Is this not faith? Faith in our money can be re-directed for a much higher purpose. This is something we must learn. Everything we consider having value in our world can be used for a higher purpose. We cannot teach this lesson to ourselves because we do not know how. It must be learned. We have been offered a global project to understand how to invest in global peace. Is this not worthy of a monetary investment? The one thing that is important to remember when using Higher Integrity to solve old world problems; good intentions are not enough. Miracles are necessary.
ACIM tells us that we do not understand miracles. If we did, we would not need them. We need global peace. It is within our hands to offer it, but it will take some time to understand.


Funding a Global Peace Project

Funding a global peace project must begin with the people. Even though problems cannot be resolved at the level they are occurring, it is possible to agree to be One with this solution.
Our world is going through a transformative process that will not be completely understood until it is complete. Because of this, a lot of faith will be required during the transformation process. Faith is contrary to the intellect/ego. It believes it must assign understanding to everything. For this reason, the intellectual/ego is not invited to participate in this process. If it were, the process would never be complete. Ego/intellectual understanding is considered interference. If the intellect could have devised global peace, wouldn’t it have done so by now? The problem is, it does not understand, so its methods run contrary to the global plan for global peace. It’s methods also run contrary to what is good for the whole. The ego/intellect always wants to know; what’s in it for me?”
The Great Miracle Share Project allows the people to fund global peace without the so called global experts and nations who are not just interested in peace, but also have an ulterior ego motive, which is to gain a material advantage. By placing a material value over the emotional value of peace, it will never be obtained. This is because peace carries eternal property value, while material value does not have the integrity necessary to uphold eternal value.
We are being asked to support the means being given to accept the property value defined in eternal peace and secure it for global peace. The only way this can be done is to accept a Universal Gift. You can call this a deal if it is easier to understand.
A miracle bridge across time must be built, which allow the people in our world conscious access to the eternal property value defined as peace. This will elevate or transform global consciousness in ways that are impossible to intellectually understand or define. We live in an experiential world, which means that we must experience to understand. If we have never had access to global peace, how can we understand or define it? We must have access to it first.
In our world, our experience with value is defined by having money. Money allows us purchasing power, and also allows us to make choices. The Universe has come up with a Plan that allows us to exchange material property value for eternal property value, or a way to exchange dollar value for miracle value.
Miracles are the bridge builders across time, which is where the eternal property value of peace is located. By investing in miracles, we build a Universal bridge across time, which allows us conscious access to peace. This also teaches us a whole new way of emotionally directing our free will. Our free will can be consciously directed emotionally by a much higher degree of integrity, which is undeveloped in the intellect. This allows us to see the value in the emotional integrity within our free will, and also allows us to consciously assign a directive into a higher dimension.
Now, I understand that this information is not easy to understand, however following it to reach an outcome that will benefit the whole world is simple. Simply invest in a project to obtain global peace that is Universally Inspired and will work.
It is time for the people to take back their power through the acceptance of a Plan that cannot fail. Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work, (ACIM) because only God’s Plan understands what the problem is, and also what the solution is.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Belief, Faith, and Peace

Peace is beyond belief. In other words, peace does not need belief to be real in our mind, it needs our faith. When we plant a seed to grow a tree, we do not believe the tree will grow, for belief requires us to do something. Doing requires planting the tree, but only God can make a tree grow. Thus, it is faith that grows the tree, not belief. Once faith in place, it moves on to truth, and walla, a tree grows.
Many times in our personal lives, we give our belief in what we want instead of giving our faith. When this occurs, we do not receive what we want. Belief without faith does not have the consistency to move a mountain. Belief will often interfere with the growth of a seed by opening up the ground to see if the seed is growing. Faith requires patience, and truth requires peace.
Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share itself. Missing a required spiritual step in making a new choice in the new time zone we have entered is going to become more difficult. We would not expect to receive a PHD without a formal education, yet many people blame God for not performing according to their standards. Do we not think that the standards that the Higher Mind has for us is greater than physical requirements?
We have a greater obligation to our spirit than we do for our body. The spirit is eternal, while the body is not. For 6000 years we have learned to make conditions that provide support and comfort for the body, with little consideration for our Spirit. We have used the spirit to support the body in ways that have violated it, yet this error is not perceived. The error of comforting the separate body began 6000 years ago, thus depriving the natural ability within the spirit its direct connection to the whole, and depriving our spirit and this world of peace. So now it is time to correct this error.
We believe in peace, but the faith necessary to obtain it, we believe comes from our ability to understand what it is. We do not understand what peace is because we lost our ability to be aware of it thousands of year ago.
There is not one person who lives in this world, or any subsequent generation in past time, that understands whole peace. If whole peace came and hit us in the face, we would not call it peace because we do not understand what it is. The ability to understand whole peace was stripped from the awareness of the human mind when the error began long before any of us remember. Because of this, the true state of peace must be introduced into the awareness of the human mind in such a way that it will be recognized for what it is.
What we want in our lives we invest in. If we want a PHD, we invest our time and our money to earn a degree. We understand that it is impossible for the degree to just show up without us doing anything. The doing comes from belief, the learning comes from faith in our Self. The Self is the nature in the spirit, not the brain. The brain stores information and analysis it. The brain understands nothing. It is the spirit that puts information and understanding together to form a pattern of learning that allows us to obtain a PHD. Once it is in the awareness of the mind, it becomes part of our unconscious memory that we can call up into consciousness when needed. Connecting the memories in the brain and the unconscious is a spiritual ability, not a brain one.
We are being asked to use our belief to support faith in a higher Plan to undo the error that is afflicting our world. Our spirit has been forced to be a slave of the body/brain for a long time. Because we do not live in a peaceful world, we have taught our spirit it must serve what we individually want in the body. With no peaceful reference to the whole, our spirit is limited, and so are we.
We believe in peace, but we must exercise the faith necessary to plant the seeds of whole peace necessary to plant them in the awareness of our mind. This is our investment in time that will allow us to experience whole global peace rather than doing what we believe we must do to get it. Once faith has been applied through the investment, it will move on to truth. Look at the investment in The Great Miracle Share as being a seed that has been planted in the ground, waiting to grow. Once the seed begins to sprout, we will see the evidence of our faith. Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of a reality, though not beheld. Does this not describe a seed that has been planted?
Peace and truth come together as One to define the wholeness necessary to give us access to the understanding of Now, or the time period that we have entered into. This is where the truth of our investment becomes a global reality.
The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to understand God in our OWN mind. A global reward that benefits the whole world. Who could ask for a better peace than the one that is being offered to us?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword