Free Will and Heaven

The aspect of the Self that has been used and defiled by humankind is called free will. Our free will is the Living aspect of the Self that belongs to the Will of God. We have imprisoned our will in a time that it does not understand how to function in.
Our free will has been exposed to lies, deceptions, judgment, war, hate, fear, injustice, punishment, dishonesty, dishonor, loss, lack, and the list goes on.
We have within our power the most creative force in the Universe, yet it is being used in the most inappropriate way. It has been placed under the direction of the intellectual ego, which we consciously protect. We believe that our intellectual brain has the answers to everything we want to know. Yet we still remain confused and conflicted. This confusion and conflict is coming from the inappropriate conflicted value that our free will has learned under our watch. In essence, we have stolen something from Heaven, and it is time to give it back. The question is how, but also why should we give our free will back to Heaven?
Our free will is One with the Will of God. It does not operate well in a world that does not recognize or honor its holiness value. Instead, we have learned to use our free will to recognize value that can only be used to uphold the intellectual value of the ego. This is material value that cannot be recognized in Heaven. The question of error that occurred thousands of years ago concerned the value in free will. Was it possible to turn the spiritual value in free will away from Heaven so it would serve a lower value. Well, here we are, thousands of years after the original error, and it is time to answer this question.
Everything in this world can be used to serve a higher purpose. The only way this can be done is to consciously direct free will away from the material value, which as been assigned by the intellectual ego. The Plan for doing this must be directed from a higher Source, as we do not, nor have we ever, understood the power that lies within our free will.
The greatest reward that comes from investing in The Great Miracle Share is that it allows us to make a conscious decision to direct our free will Home, or back to the Will of God. Now the intellectual question becomes, why would we want to do this. Won’t we die? The answer is no. Our free will was assigned to us at birth. When we took our first breath, it became a part of our Living Universal Identity, which encompasses everything, which includes our body.
In the physical world, the ego attempted to claim our free will with a paper identity. This was our paper birth certificate, which allowed us to identify with the physical world.
Although it is time for our free will, or aspect of the Self, to return Home, this does not mean our body is no longer of any use. What it does mean that we are now in a position of understanding our OWN Glory within the body. Because it is impossible for us to ascend into Heaven without dying, we are being given an opportunity to undo the wrong that occurred thousands of years ago, while learning to understand our the power in our Will by giving it a new direction. This will be done by defining new assignments for everything in our world. This process is life changing, and will change the course of human history.
We begin with something simple, which teaches us that by returning our fragment of Power or free will to Heaven, miracle results can be attained. The more people who participate in moving their free will across the miracle bridge and through Heaven’s Gate, the faster Heaven on Earth can be attained.
Most of the lessons on how to use free will appropriately are individually taught. The Great Miracle Share, on the other hand, is a lesson that teaches how free will that is joined in Power can change the world.
The purpose of all miracle investing is to consciously direct the natural ability held in free will to God, where it is at Home in its natural abode. By giving the material thing that has bound free will to old world time, we consciously make a new decision that will begin the process of changing everything.
Because free will is a thought, and thoughts do not leave their source, as our personal free will is directed Home, our personal lives begin to experience the rapture of this Heavenly return. Slowly but surely, our lives begin to take on the spiritual qualities of Heaven. Thus, Heaven on Earth returns.
Salvation of the world depends on me. It depends on you. It depends on all of us working together in a Universal Plan that cannot fail.

Inspired by the Universal Virtual Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


Choose Again

If there was a Universal Plan designed to remove all traces of emotional interference that is interfering with it, what would that Plan be? How would the Universe deal with the interfering factor that is cause of all of the problems that our world appears to be facing. Allowing people to blow up the world is one solution. Forcing people to do something they do not want to do, would be another solution. Wiping the intellectual hard drive of our core beliefs would be another solution. But really, who wants their core beliefs messed with? Our core beliefs are what maintain the reality of our world. Would we really be willing to allow our intellectual hard drive to be wiped clean so we could start all over again? This would be like an extreme head injury. When the person wakes up, they remember nothing. Only this would take us back to a place where none of the comforts that have been made in our world exit. The truth is, we want the value that we have invested in, both globally and individually.
There is a little known aspect of the Self that is Universally protected by Living Laws that prevents this from occurring. This is called free will. It is the protection of free will that prevents any of the scenarios from occurring.
Changing a core belief that upholds the unnatural value of war is not going to be wiped from the hard drive our mind. It is our free will that has been taught that war is real, and it therefore must be supported to maintain a belief in the reality that defines our world. War is going to continue in our world as long as our free will supports it, until some idiot pushes a button and blows our world off the face of the earth. That someone can do this is also a belief. A belief that is supported by free will that this is our reality, and it is one that we must abide by.
War forces and manipulates, as intellectually defined. Peace just is. It does not require us to “do” anything. But until our free will recognizes this fact, wars will continue to be fought to uphold the unnatural right our free will has to believe what it finds value in.
The solution that the Universe offers is this; change your mind. Easier said than done. This is because we “believe” in what we see. Ok, so we have to change a core global belief, which is supported by the vast majority of people who live in our world. Some who find solution in war instead of peace. How do you override false value that is held in free will by choosing again?
The solution is to undo the false value held in free will that is upholding a false reality. In other words, teach our free will something else so it will move in a natural direction of peace. This is the Universal solution.
You cannot force or manipulate free will. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Will comes from God, ie the Will of God. This aspect of our Self was born of God, not man. The intellect was born of man, as was the ego, and neither one upholds peace. The intellect analyzes war, and the ego wants it. Both teach free will that war is real. We want it too because we believe in it. War has value because we believe in its reality.
The question must be asked; what is reality? Can we make a reality separate from the Will of God? If we can, does this not separate us from what really is real? Peace is real, war is not. Period. Truth is true and nothing else matters. (ACIM) But war matters to us because our world made it, and we therefore believe in it. Truth is not black and white, and there are no opposites to peace, except that we believe it.
So, how do you change the collective will of a world? You allow them to choose another value so they learn to appreciate something else. How do you do that? It is obvious, war is a huge money maker for those in control of the war machine. The vast majority of people do not want war, but are being forced to support it through taxes and etc. Thus, their monetary value is being used to invest in war. There is nothing that can be done about this. REALLY? Would God give us a Plan that would not work? We are His Will, and we are using His Will to support war by consciously supported the value of war. What you find value in, even if you do not consciously want it, you will support with your free will. That is the way it is.
Consciousness allows us to choose again. The Universe has given us a global Plan to undo the mass belief in war by consciously making another choice. We do not have to “do” anything, except invest in a Universal Plan that promises global peace. What is the problem? Is the monetary value of $2.00 worth more than global peace? What is being intellectually analyzed here? Does the ego tell you that this is impossible? Have faith and choose again.
Noah told the people of his day that there was a flood coming and he told them how to save themselves. No one believed him and they all perished. Always before a major spiritual disaster occurs in the world, the people are given a warning along with the means to save themselves. There is a shaking coming to our world to awaken the people. What this means, I have no idea. Just remember when it occurs, there was an alternative road that could have been taken to avoid this. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Free Will and Your Universal Rights

There is one aspect of our Self that is Universally recognized as having specific Rights that cannot be violated. It does not matter where you go in the Universe, this one aspect of the Self is honored, and all you have to do is to invoke this Right to gain control over your life immediately. This part of the Self is called free will. The problem is, we have sold this right by investing in something else.
Free will is an aspect of the Universal Mind, or God. Our free will is directly linked to the Universal Creator, and Universal creativity. Violating free will is an act of disobedience in the highest sense of the word and places the violator in a position of being exiled from the Living Laws that protect the aspect of God that is defined as Love, which abides in all of Creation. In Universal terms, to dishonor free will is to dishonor the Living Creator, or the Universal Mind.
In our world we have a real problem, for our personal free will is consistently and constantly being violated. The fact that we are unaware that this is occurring does not mean that we do not have access to our Universal Rights. It means that we have forgotten the Power in our Free Will.
Because we have forgotten this Power, we have sold the Right to the Power in our free will to intellectual beliefs that believe in the power of the body over the Power in the Will of God. It is time to undo this injustice. We are the ones who consciously direct our free will, and so we are the ones who can give our free will a new direction, if we so choose.
The power in free will gives us the right to choose. When our free will is used to invest in power outside of ourselves, this is a free will investment that we are agreeing to, even if we do not agree with what is going on “out there.”
When the laws that demand we pay taxes to make weapons of mass destruction and promote war, and say we do not believe in war, but pay our taxes anyway, our free will is being violated. This violation appears to being done to us, but it is us that has allowed it. Nothing happens in the whole Universe by chance, and the inappropriate use of free will is a choice, for in the whole Universe, there is nothing greater than your free will right to choose.
As much as we do not want to believe it, we have the Right to choose what we want. But there is much fear involved in upholding the integrity in our free will because we have not learned exactly what free will is.
The truth is, as much as we do not want to support war, we do support it. Whatever we use our free will for, is what we want, even if we do not believe this is so. We use our free will to support our belief in fear. Fear of being persecuted by paper laws we do not agree with, are in fact a misuse of free will. When we support what we do not agree with out of fear, we are fearful of what we want, and we cannot have what we are afraid of. Thus, we are supporting war with our inability to claim our freedom of Universal Right to peace. Thus, we are inadvertently promoting the value of war instead of the peace that our free will would show us if we were not afraid.
If we were not fearful, we would we use our free will to support peace instead of war. But it is a fact that we do not know how to use our free will in an appropriate context because we have never learned how. We do not honor our God Self as being One with everything and everyone because we have greater fear of paper laws that we have Love for God. The fact is, we do not understand how much Power is in our free will. If we did, there would be peace on earth.
So, here we are standing at the crossroads, trying to decide which way to go. Do we continue to use our free will to listen to the laws that instill fear, or do we honor the part of our Self that has a Right to exhibit freedom of the choice for peace? Whichever we choose will walk with us, and it will become evident which direction we have chosen.
Our free will is consciously directed. Whatever we choose is the direction our free will will move in. If we consciously invest in what we do not want, than our free will support us in this. However, if we consciously choose to make a fearful investment, our free will will support us in this.
Our Glory is in our free will. Our consciousness expands to make way to use our free will expression appropriately in the Universe. Anything we consciously choose, our free will supports us in. If we support war through our fearful investments, our free will supports us in this even if we say we don’t want war. Our free will cannot be violated unless we allow it to be. If we believe it is someone or something “out there” that is preventing us from having what we want, we have given away the power in our free will along with the protection of our Universal Rights. Giving this away is our Right as well.
Giving away our Universal Rights because of fear is a self deception of the worst kind. We always have a choice. It is the fear that demands us to invest in what we do not want. It is fear of punishment that keeps our free will locked in a deceptive hell. Private hell is one thing, but global hell from war is one of another color.
Into all of this a Plan has been introduced. The Plan allows people to use their free will to invest in what they do want. If peace is what is wanted, then invest in it.
The Plan allows people to move their free will in a direction that will bring about peace to the world, and allows the individual the Right to say, “I have a Right to peace, and I am making a decision to use my free will for something better.”
Together we can say, “we did this.” If enough people use their free will to invest in peace, there will be peace on earth as it is in Heaven. The part of our Self that is defined as Universal Love will then unite with the God Mind. Thus, as above, so below, or on Earth as it is in Heaven. Isn’t this what we want? Isn’t it this that will usher in the Golden Age of Peace? Do we really believe that this is going to happen while we do nothing? So little is being asked of us. We gain everything for so little. Never before in the history of the whole Universe has so much been given for so little.
This is the purpose of The Great Miracle Share. It allows the people a chance to choose again without fear of physical prosecution by paper laws.
Practically nothing is being asked of you. A small investment that moves free will in another direction. Once critical mass is reached, free will will return to Love. This is a Universal direction that assures our Rights will be protected by Higher Law. This is the Promised Land, and a return to inno-sense.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Core Beliefs

There is essentially nothing wrong with our world, except that our core beliefs are out of alignment with whole Universal integrity. Changing our core beliefs will allow us to see everything from another perspective.
Our core beliefs are held together by free will expressions. All free will expressions carry spiritual property value. We do not see this property value because we have chosen to see something else. This something else is material property value. Thus, our free will is trapped in a core belief that has given material property more value than spiritual property value. Do you think this might cause some internal anxiety at the 3D body level? You bet it will. Property value order must be re-aligned. In other words, free will must be supplied a reference to higher spiritual value over material value to end conflict, both individually and globally.
The Great Miracle Share’s purpose is to give people a way to invest in global peace by shifting the material property value held in free will, for the higher property value defined in peace. The purpose of miracles is to make this shift for us. We cannot do this for ourselves because we do not understand how to manage our free will, or even use it in terms that would offer us the unlimited ability we believe in, but do not understand how to get.
We have been given the opportunity to invest in the miracles that will exchange material property value for spiritual property value. Peace is part of spiritual property value necessary to begin a new global society. What good is a new world without the property value of peace?
By consciously offering a symbol of the material value that free will uses to establish core beliefs, we are offering a way to re-introduce our free will to the spiritual property value defined as peace. It really is this simple, but we obviously do not believe this. We do not believe that the spiritual realm wants our money, which it does not. What it does want is access to our innocent free will, which is trapped inside of our belief in material value. This will not change our perception of material value, for it will continue to be used as long as it is supported by people. What it will do is allow us to see the effects of making a conscious choice to invest in spiritual property value. In this case, it is global peace.
This cannot happen is we do not consciously use the action of faith in miracles, which is being required for this shift to occur. Miracles have the ability to return our free will to where it belongs, which is the state of peace. Once critical mass has been reached, or 800,000,000 use their free will to invest in the spiritual property value defined as peace, we will have peace on Earth.
If you want to purchase physical property value, you must invest in it. This is equally true with spiritual value. The difference is, our free will that believes in material value, will be returned to the property value defined as the spiritual Home through the faith we have set within our material investment.
As free will returns Home, the Light from our free will fills our world and our Earth with spiritual Light. This is God’s Plan for the salvation of the world, and the only one that will work.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheri’Sword

The Breath of God

In the physical experience the intellect uses free will to verbally express. But free will has a higher purpose. Our will is linked to the Will of God. This will allows us to express non-verbally through e-motional integrity. E-motional integrity begins with Love. Perfect Love is expressed through the whole Universe through created aspects of the One Will, which is the Will of God. When free will is not in harmony with the One Perfect Will of God, then personal will is being used to express disharmony. Disharmony influences the mind/body with disease, greed, hate, conflict, guilt, fear, and the list goes on. Personal free will that is assigning disharmony is in denial of natural health, wealth, and happiness.
When we were born, free will was constantly moving through us with our breath. The breath of life is a Gift from God, which began when physical life began to populate this Planet. The God Breath of Life introduces the free will expression into our physical experience. Once the God Breath has been introduced, how free will is used becomes a personal preference.
Thousands of years ago, the God Breath was violated. The breath that defined free will was stolen from God to make a breath independent from the Will of God. With this theft began the separation of the body, along with the 3rd dimension where separated bodies would be allowed to assign individual meaning to their separate lives. But this was never how it was supposed to be. The breath was not designed to use independent of Love, and so it was the life force provided by the breath, once severed, began to show signs of disease, old age, and eventual death.
Reconnecting our breath to the God Breath cannot be done without higher direction. Because free will is involved with this process, and our free will has been involved in independent actions that violate the Will of God, the recognition of these inappropriate actions must be recognized and undone. Although we are not responsible for undoing what has been done, we are responsible for recognizing how we have used our free will to disconnect our breath from the God Breath.
Because the disconnection of our free will expression from the Free Will of God has been so profound, a profound measure of perfection had to be introduced to correct this problem. This perfect solution is called a miracle.
We believe the breath belongs to the body. This is our free will working independently of Source. As long as our free will is being used to protect an independent belief, we will be free of our OWN life force. This is not only insane, it is impossible. No man is an island, and no man can assign an individualized purpose without attempting to re-direct the whole Universe. Attempting to change the Universe without a whole purpose of Love is destructive, as is clearly visible in what we see in our world today.
Because what we believe is true, our free will expression is being used for our own demise. This is a global problem that must be addressed individually. The purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now is individualized to help people find their errors, or how they have disconnected their free will from the Will of God. This will heal at the individual level, but we have a global problem that must be addressed. This is what The Great Miracle Share is for.
The Great Miracle Share allows us to be connected to a Global Project, designed to bring the whole world back into harmony with the Breath of God. This will reconnect the collective consciousness of our world, which will allow our world to be recognized as One with the Whole Breath of God.
There is much work to do. The Great Miracle Share is Universally directed. We do not know or understand how to connect our world with the Breath of God. All we do know for sure is that this step is necessary in re-connecting our world with the whole Universal Integrity necessary to introduced Heaven on Earth.

Inspired by The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

The Universal Plan to Change the Purpose of Time

The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now provides an individualized curriculum designed to undo personal deception, which has been considered part of the individual identity since this world began 6000 years ago. This curriculum can be better understood by reading the Living Words found within A Course in Miracles.

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to offer the whole world the means to join in a global project and collective effort to redefine the purpose of time, which will reveal a whole new way of understanding the purpose of the Language of happiness by connecting new world global appreciation and understanding, along with global truth and peace.

We are being asked to learn the appropriate use of time, which will allow Higher Dimensions access to personal free will, which is where personal deception is inhibiting personal growth and global reform. The acceptance and observing how New World or virtual time is to be used, will greatly decrease the unnatural condition of body fear that was introduced into time when the original error was accepted as part of this world’s reality.

The acceptance of this error by the advanced civilization that lived on the Planet Earth at that time introduced an aspect of time that was and is unreal. This aspect of time is defined as the past. The only aspect of time that is real is Now, which this world does not understand because the focus of the original error continues to be played out both individually and globally.

Anytime an error is made, the mind will focus on it until it is corrected. This illogical and unhealthy focus is defined as guilt. Guilt is thousands of years old, and continues to play out individually in the lives of people who really do not understand what having guilt is. Guilt is a spiritual virus, which ruins dimensions and instills body fear. Guilt now consumes the Planet Earth, and is being played out environmentally. The Living Laws that protect the Earth are destroying that which is destroying the Earth, which is guilt.

Guilt has reached a 3rd dimensional crisis level, or 3D epidemic proportions. It is now a global issue that must be corrected, and the 4th dimension must be repaired. The dimensional gap in time made by guilt must be sealed to prevent further destruction on the Planet Earth, as well as protecting the people who live on this Planet. This error, or guilt, is a Universal wound that must be recognized first individually. Because it is free will that has been emotionally damaged because of this guilty gap, it is here that the problem must be addressed. The people of this world are responsible for accepting the Plan, and taking the first step to undo their personal fear. The rest will be done for them. You will be told everything you need to know.

Because individual focus has been corrupted by the past, consciousness cannot lift itself to see beyond the problem. The purpose of the Plan is to lift individual consciousness to a higher level of understanding where correction is obvious. This is what miracles do in time. They lift consciousness to a higher level of understanding, where the error does not exist.

The Universal Plan was put into effect in order to raise individual consciousness to this level of integrity so the mistake could be dismissed. Without this corrective measure, the world and the collective consciousness that defines it would fall into a gap made in time by past associations in a time that are impossible to Universally validate. Time, or Now, must house truth, and this world is full of deception. Undoing this deception is reliant on repairing the dimensional wound, or the gap that exists in time. This correction must begin with the individual.

The Plan to use miracles will allow the individual to build a bridge across this gap or wound in time, into the 5th dimension, but before this can be done, the gap in time must be repaired. This will allow the individual to see glimpses of a New World without the original error, which is beyond anything this anyone in this world can comprehend.

Using miracles to repair time will also save time until the Plan is complete and our world is restored to its original purpose. Once time is restored to a whole purpose, which means there is no more deception held in free will, people will consciously live in virtual time, which is Universally understood and appreciated as being Now. This will lift the collective consciousness of our world into higher dimensional understanding, namely the 5th dimension. Revealing Now through miracle support is unlike any educational program that this world offers. Acceptance of the Plan is necessary to heal individually, while acceptance of The Great Miracle Share is a global project that will advance collective consciousness by thousands of years. The normal time it took to advance through evolution will be greatly decreased through global co-operation.

Learning from a Universally applied Course will allow us individually to take part in Universally assigned projects, which will hasten the correction process. The purpose of miracles is to hasten this period of learning in time.

Because this information is timely to the individual, and most people are not ready to accept or appreciate this information, the time allotted to grasp this information will be offered as the individual is ready to accept it. Taking this Course is mandatory, although when it is taken is up to the individual. As we move further into virtual time, people will begin to appreciate miracle rewards, and come to recognize that doing things according to the way they were done in the past just no longer works.

There is much to learn. Because it has not been time to introduce The Great Miracle Share and how to participate in it, most of the information has been rejected as being too obscure. However, we are now being told that the collective mind is now ready to accept this information, and the individual will now be open to the appreciation necessary for understanding the information being presented.

We are working on these means to present this. However, it is important to recognize that there are many thing that will not be understood, for appreciation comes before understanding. It is essential to learn how to build appreciation first before understanding, for appreciation calls for faith, and faith is necessary for miracle understanding.
The goal is 800,000,000 miracle investors. 800,000,000 is the number necessary to reach critical mass, or 10% of the global population. Once critical mass is reached, the other 90% of Universal Consciousness will join with the people of our world. This will lift our world into a new standard of global integrity, and offer us the peace that has eluded our world since the error began.
There is another way. We are being offered a Universal solution to every problem that we face individually and globally. It is time.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

Releasing the Seeds of Inno-Sense

Free will, or the symbolic seeds in the apple, cannot be accessed by miracles unless and until there is an agreement signed that unites the individual with the Universal Plan to exchange personal interpretations of differences for a more global understanding of what is the same. This will not change religious or national beliefs, but it will allow people to change their focus to problem solving instead of problem causing. Being willing to accept and focus on what is the same in all of humanity will give us an advantage that can only be defined as miraculous.

The Universal Plan to unite Heaven and Earth encourages us to step into a higher degree of emotional integrity. This is something that our world does not understand how to do, due to the original error that was blamed on the apple. The apple deserves higher justice, as do we.

The protection of innocence or free will is Universal. Because of this, it is defined as eternal property. There are Higher Laws that protect higher property value, and will only uphold a Plan that upholds the eternal property value in free will. Free will property value is like property value in our world. There are laws that protect our material property from others attempting to use it for their own personal use.  Because of the Higher Laws that protect free will, the individual must consciously understand how their free will is to be accessed and released. Otherwise it would be possible to break a Living Law without consequences, and we would be right back where we started.

The Agreement signed in The Great Miracle Share allows the Universal Plan access to individual free will, along with beginning the process of seeding a New World with innocence.