Peace and Frequency

Peace carries a frequency that is heard throughout the whole Universe. Our world does not make this peaceful Sound because it does not know how. It never learned.
Making the Sound of global peace must be something that people consider as having value. Value is something we will spend our time and money on. Miracles will give us the time, but we are responsible for the investment. Without an investment token, the energy necessary to move in a collective direction of global peace will never wholly be accepted.
We believe money makes the world go round. We support this idea because everything we support involves a monetary investment. The Universe cannot introduce a belief into the collective mind, as it would violate Higher Law. Not only that, we would overlook the belief in favor of what we already understand. We are being Helped by being offered something we do understand, which is investing, to introduce global peace through our willingness to invest in what we want.
Just like we invest in what we want in the material world, we are being offered an opportunity to invest in a global phenomenon of Universal Peace by using the same methods that we understand now.
The truth is, just because we do not understand how this works, it does not mean that it won’t. All truth we invest in requires an act of faith. Faith is evidence of a reality not yet beheld. Would God ignore our act of faith? Religion has been around for thousands of years because of this simple principle. The difference is, this time it is a Self Investment. There is no religion offering its interpretation on the meaning of global peace. This is being offered directly to the people, so they can offer it. It is in our hands.
“Put your money where your mouth is.” Why do we say that? Isn’t it because we believe we must back up what we say with our money? This is a global belief, and isn’t war a global problem? Our investment in global peace will move mountains because we have faith in what we believe.
We are being asked to use our belief in a new way. We are being asked to believe in what we do not understand. Is this not faith? Faith in our money can be re-directed for a much higher purpose. This is something we must learn. Everything we consider having value in our world can be used for a higher purpose. We cannot teach this lesson to ourselves because we do not know how. It must be learned. We have been offered a global project to understand how to invest in global peace. Is this not worthy of a monetary investment? The one thing that is important to remember when using Higher Integrity to solve old world problems; good intentions are not enough. Miracles are necessary.
ACIM tells us that we do not understand miracles. If we did, we would not need them. We need global peace. It is within our hands to offer it, but it will take some time to understand.


Emotional Sound and the Collective Debt

The world we reside in has an emotional collective historical storyteller. Physical history does not tell this story because the emotions that define history do not belong to physical history. Instead, they belong to the whole world. The emotional history of our world is full of physical historical value that relates to the atrocities of conflict and war. Healing thousands of years of the emotional trauma that war has inflicted on our world cannot be done with a peace treaty or signing a petition for peace.
All of the wars that have been fought in our world has left our world with deep shadows of fear. The global unconscious storyteller that remembers everything that has ever taken place on the Planet Earth, constantly relates collective memories of fearful war, which intrude on the good intentions that have been attempted to attain global peace. We cannot change these dimensional memories without dimensional Help.
The haunting sounds coming from the graves of those who have died due to the injustice of war will not be silenced with good intentions, an international proposal of peace, or meditating on peace. The problem that defines these unjust emotional fearful haunting sounds are 6000 years old. They are found in every culture, nature, and civilization that has ever inhabited this Planet. These hauntings sounds of emotional injustice are the reason why only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work. We do not understand how to fix what we cannot see.
How much would you be willing to invest to end the emotional torture of the injustice of all of the wars that has plagued our world since it began? If correction does not begin, this is the emotional sound we will leave for the children of tomorrow. This is our debt. It does not belong to the children of the future. I have 2 grandchildren, and I will do anything so they will not have to pay for what they did not do. Do we really want to leave this debt for our children to figure out. The debt we owe is a spiritual debt, not a physical one. We cannot buy our way out of this debt, but our governments continue to look to money for the solution.
The sound of the war machine has become too loud. In order to block it out, our children are listening to very unhealthy music. This only intensifies the unhealthy sound. It is a sound that is making our children do things that are not normal.
Our world is filled with an evil sound. The dimensional hole that allows this sound must be repaired. Specific instructions have been given and received that will allow the people to pay this debt off. Because we believe this debt is a material one, we are being given the opportunity to pay this debt in a way that we understand. The rest will be done for us.
The price of a Great Miracle Share investment is $2.00. Is this not a price that is worth paying to have the hole repaired in time where the haunting sound of war is coming out of Miracles work in time. They carry a frequency that will repair the sound of emotional trauma left behind by war and held in the collective consciousness that defines our world.
We do not understand how a historical sound of war continues to interfere with the Sound of Peace. Peace comes of itself once the sound of war no longer exists in our mind. The investment is not only a Sound investment in peace, it is also an investment in our OWN peace of mind.