Planting a Garden of Peace

From a physical perspective a community garden is where people come together to til the ground and plant vegetables, which in turn will supply the community with food.
The Bible tells us that if we plant a seed, only God can make it grow. Of course, science tells us that it is the combined elements in nature that makes a seed grow. This has been intellectual anal-yzed in such a way that the life giving eternal property that is everywhere, and in everything, has no value. The fact remains, those who consider the unnatural occurrence of death as being “natural” do not understand the Giver of Life.
In the Universal Mind, a community Garden are the beings who inhabit a Planet. Planting a Living Garden with living beings requires specific conditions be present if the Garden is to grow. The first thing that is necessary is peace. Without peace, there is no Love, and without Love, there is no life.
This kind of leaves our world in a dilemma, as our world is filled with war and ideas of war. Conflict does not only permeate global conditions, it also is readily available in our own mind.
This is what we have going on that is saving our world. It is inno-sense. Inno-sense belongs to the Universal Mind. It carries eternal property value. While the intellect belongs to the 3rd dimensional brain, inno-sense was Heaven sent to protect our world from being destroyed by Higher Law.
Higher Law destroys anything that does not wholly recognize the Universal Mind, or God, or Love, as being the only Life sustaining Force in the Universe. What does not recognize Love as Life sustaining is eventually wholly destroyed. What does not honor the Living Law of Life, will honor death, which is unreal. What is honored will come to the civilization that holds it. Although it does not appear to be so, it is a wish fulfilled.
This is why there has never been a civilization in our world that has lasted. No society has EVER met the criterion necessary to maintain the natural state of peace, which is the condition that Love dwells in. Personally, we are full of conflict, as is the world. It is not that the Life Sustaining wholeness of Love is not found on the Earth, it is that we do not honor it enough to reconsider this fascination with war and death that we were indoctrinated into. The problem is, we do not even recognize the error. We have grown so accustomed to addressing conflict, we believe it is natural. But there is nothing natural about conflict, just as there is nothing natural with war. These are not upheld in higher realms of consciousness. If the people in our world want to see something better, then it may be time to rethink the possibility that there is a Plan to undo what we believe is real, when in fact it is not real at all.
If a community came together and planted a global garden of peace, could we make it grow? How many people would it take to plant a Garden where Love could come abide with the people? It would take a Nation of people from all over the world.
The fact still remains that only Love can make a seed grown. If we plant the seed of peace, then God will make it grow. The question of how to plant a peaceful Garden comes from the living condition that we were all born with, which is inno-sense.
By learning to consciously release our emotional inno-sense from the unnatural control of the intellectual ego, the seed of inno-sense will return Home to the Universal Mind. The Gift of returning our inno-sense to Love will be rewarded. Without the influence of the intellectual ego on our emotional integrity, all inner conflict will dissolve into nothing.
Inno-sense carries the miracle seeds necessary to plant a Garden of Peace. But inno-sense must be released into the Universal Mind, where it can be nourished and grow. Watering the seed comes from a Gift of faith that we must give. But the terms of giving faith do not come from us. These are terms that must be met under the direction of a Higher Plan. As this occurs, our world will reflect the Garden images coming from the Universal Mind, or God.
For the past 6000 years, our world has been attempting to change the Universal Mind with intellectual ideas that are unacceptable. Acceptable to science, yes, but clearly inappropriate.
It is time to plant a new garden of global peace. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to share a Universally Inspired Plan that will show us how.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share


Inconsistent Peace

“Peace is the state where Love abides and seeks to share Itself.” So says A Course in Miracles. If this statement is looked at as being real, then our world has a problem. It is not that we do not experience love individually, it is that we do not experience Love globally. But even at this, individual love is sporadic because we are not always peaceful.
Higher Laws protect those who maintain healthy living memories. When we are sick, depressed, in pain, or lacking in abundance, it is because we are not in alignment with higher healthy living memories. Health is not something we have to get, it is already here. A false memory is one that violates the conditions of peace, and it is a false memory that fragments health that makes us sick. Our core beliefs are riddled with memories that are counterproductive to our own well being and happiness. These are deceptive memories we have been exposed to, or have taught ourselves. Whole Love does not offer love conditionally, but fragmented love does. I love you, but you really make me mad when you do this certain thing, is a deceptive memory attached to love. Real Love dismisses what interferes with its purpose. It does not look at the irritation, and then seek to find a way around it. What is not Love is not real.
A world that does not follow the conditions  necessary for whole love is not real. We believe we are real, but when what we think, do, and say are not in alignment, we are playing a make believe game of life. This is a game that we made up in an attempt to destroy reality. This is a game that always ends in death. Death opposes the memory of eternal life, and this is sin.
Every real memory requires access to the state of peace. Time supports these memories. Nature is full of these memories, but our world is not. The way our world has learned to use time is fragmented and without any reference to the conditions necessary to create a state of peace.In order to correct this global problem, whole peace must be introduced into the collective memories that defines our world by using time to establish its reality, but we are playing a game of make believe. This has so consumed our lives, we have overlooked what is real for what isn’t. By attempting to make real what has no reality, we have forgotten how to establish what is real. We must maintain a state of peace to establish a foundation of reality for our world. If this does not happen, our world will cease to exist. This is what the Bible refers to as Armageddon, or the destruction of our world, but we do have another choice.

We cannot establish peace individually because we are not powerful enough. However, we can do it globally. Even an effort at establishing a whole state of peace is worthy of Universal consideration. Higher Consciousness wants us to succeed. Remember 911 when global war was supposed to break out, but instead whole Love did? There were those who wanted war, but critical mass was reached when enough people chose peace instead. No one did anything, because doing is not necessary to establish a state of peace.
The advantages of establishing a whole global network of peace is that it compensates for those who are not peaceful. In other words, instead of offering fragments of individual peace, a whole consideration of peace is powerful enough to overlook what is not. This requires a little willingness on the part of the people in our world to join in a whole project that has met the terms necessary to meet the conditions of whole global peace. These terms are not set by personal understanding, for the terms of peace have already been met for us. We just have to catch on to what they are.
The Great Miracle Share has met the conditions necessary to establish global peace, but it must have the support of critical mass, which is defined by the people. Once critical mass is met, there will be peace on Earth as it is Heaven. Each person who agrees to invest in The Great Miracle Share, invests in his brother, and this is an action of unconditional Love.
We are the world, and we are the children. We can wait for things to get better with national efforts to establish peace that will never work, or we can take choose to take miracle action and allow peace to unfold of its OWN. Peace comes from allowing, not doing. When we invest in what we want, once it is invested in, we allow. We do not do, for everything that must be done is already done with our investment choice. The rest is out of our hands. This is how The Great Miracle Share works. We take the first step, and the rest will be done for us.
Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work because there are many variables occurring in time and in our world that we are not privy to. I place my future in the Hands of God, means that we are willing to move beyond our own understanding to use a Plan that takes all variables into consideration, and therefore cannot fail.
The Great Miracle Share does not need your belief, but investing in it does require an act of faith. The investment is the offering of faith. The rest will be done for us.

Inspired by The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

The Breath of God

In the physical experience the intellect uses free will to verbally express. But free will has a higher purpose. Our will is linked to the Will of God. This will allows us to express non-verbally through e-motional integrity. E-motional integrity begins with Love. Perfect Love is expressed through the whole Universe through created aspects of the One Will, which is the Will of God. When free will is not in harmony with the One Perfect Will of God, then personal will is being used to express disharmony. Disharmony influences the mind/body with disease, greed, hate, conflict, guilt, fear, and the list goes on. Personal free will that is assigning disharmony is in denial of natural health, wealth, and happiness.
When we were born, free will was constantly moving through us with our breath. The breath of life is a Gift from God, which began when physical life began to populate this Planet. The God Breath of Life introduces the free will expression into our physical experience. Once the God Breath has been introduced, how free will is used becomes a personal preference.
Thousands of years ago, the God Breath was violated. The breath that defined free will was stolen from God to make a breath independent from the Will of God. With this theft began the separation of the body, along with the 3rd dimension where separated bodies would be allowed to assign individual meaning to their separate lives. But this was never how it was supposed to be. The breath was not designed to use independent of Love, and so it was the life force provided by the breath, once severed, began to show signs of disease, old age, and eventual death.
Reconnecting our breath to the God Breath cannot be done without higher direction. Because free will is involved with this process, and our free will has been involved in independent actions that violate the Will of God, the recognition of these inappropriate actions must be recognized and undone. Although we are not responsible for undoing what has been done, we are responsible for recognizing how we have used our free will to disconnect our breath from the God Breath.
Because the disconnection of our free will expression from the Free Will of God has been so profound, a profound measure of perfection had to be introduced to correct this problem. This perfect solution is called a miracle.
We believe the breath belongs to the body. This is our free will working independently of Source. As long as our free will is being used to protect an independent belief, we will be free of our OWN life force. This is not only insane, it is impossible. No man is an island, and no man can assign an individualized purpose without attempting to re-direct the whole Universe. Attempting to change the Universe without a whole purpose of Love is destructive, as is clearly visible in what we see in our world today.
Because what we believe is true, our free will expression is being used for our own demise. This is a global problem that must be addressed individually. The purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now is individualized to help people find their errors, or how they have disconnected their free will from the Will of God. This will heal at the individual level, but we have a global problem that must be addressed. This is what The Great Miracle Share is for.
The Great Miracle Share allows us to be connected to a Global Project, designed to bring the whole world back into harmony with the Breath of God. This will reconnect the collective consciousness of our world, which will allow our world to be recognized as One with the Whole Breath of God.
There is much work to do. The Great Miracle Share is Universally directed. We do not know or understand how to connect our world with the Breath of God. All we do know for sure is that this step is necessary in re-connecting our world with the whole Universal Integrity necessary to introduced Heaven on Earth.

Inspired by The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword