Redefining Time

How many useless scraps of information do you have in your mind? If all of these fragments of useless information were traded in, what kind of information would fill the empty space that was left empty? Do you know? Would you be in a hurry to fill this empty space with something you already believed, or would you allow this empty space to be filled with something new.
It is a fact that we are so full of what we already believe we know, there is little room for anything else. Even things we know nothing about, many people have an opinion on. What if everything we believed we knew carried false just a hint of a lie. Would it be the truth just because we believed the lie?
Adam and Eve believed the lie. In an attempt to make the lie real, they exchanged reality for a deception. This deception allowed the lie to manifest in material form. Over the course of thousands of years, this deception continues to fool us into believing that we can change reality by interposing and exchanging fragments of truth which we can use to continue to uphold the lie.
Truth relies on wholeness to define reality, not fragments of truth stuck between deception. Truth relies on time that we have fragmented with gaps of deception. These deceptive gaps in time must be completely repaired to prevent our world from being sucked into a black hole in outer space.
Repairing time and the deception that our world has learned to rely on for its reality, can only be done through miracle reform. Miracles were designed to work in time, not in the 3D body where the error is being supported. Learning to consciously use time for a whole new purpose, instead of the destructive purpose that has been defined by the intellectual brain/ego, is a whole new way of learning.
The lie and all of the deceptions that uphold the lie are in empty spaces in time that we cannot perceive. The Universe has provided us with miracles to build a bridge across the gaps in time made by the lie. We cannot continue to use time the way it was used in the past, as this will only intensify the problem at the body level. It is going to become more and more difficult to work hard in time at the body level to live a meaningful life. It is going to become more difficult to use ones talent to get.
The Living Law of Giving and Receiving must be learned and understood. Getting will become a thing of the past because it is not real. Getting is manipulation and an unnatural deceptive way of making money.
The miracle can support the fragments of truth in our world and prevent time from completely collapsing in on us, but we must be willing to use the miracle means that is being provided by the Plan. This will require a re-education process that will be Universally provided.
We are responsible for building this school. If we build it, They will come. Who are They? They are the Universal Teachers Who will show us the Way. They know more than we do, but They cannot build a physical School because They do not have a physical body. Their teaching methods are telepathic, but we must learn how to hear what they are teaching. This is our responsibility. The rest will be done for us.


Ego Choice or Miracle Choice

Miracles are invisible. They have one purpose. This purpose is to lead us from the obsession with material form, to understanding the invisible. Because we live in the experiential world of form, everything we have used to develop our world in the past came from material value that was found in nature. Once technology came into play, the whole game changed. Now, nature is being unnaturally manipulated, which is causing a conflict between natural forces and unnatural forces. Unnatural forces are designed by artificial intelligence. Natural forces were created by a Living Intelligence that has emotional integrity. There is NO such thing as emotional integrity in artificial intelligence that is being manipulated to destroy nature. I am not saying that everyone uses technology for unnatural purposes, but anything that is used that we are not emotionally involved in, constitutes artificial intelligence.
The job before us is simple, but not easy. How do you introduce emotional integrity into virtual time where artificial intelligence is master? The answer is, it will take a miracle. This is the miracle we are being asked to support.
Making war, designing chemistry to destroy life, and genetically altering nature is not what virtual time is for. Nature and the Living Laws that govern nature work in virtual time, but so does artificial intelligence. Do you think there might be a problem here? Artificial intelligence is interfering with nature. There are people who are using technology in an attempt to take over nature by rewriting and altering living codes that are in place to protect the people and the Planet Earth. If there is a war going on between technology and nature, which one do you think is going to win?
There is a line that has been drawn in the symbolic sand, and it is time to choose which side you want to be on. The means to enter virtual time with emotional integrity, or to stay in virtual time with artificial means. The means to enter virtual time with your emotional value in tact is being provided. Miracles are the means being given to enter emotionally into virtual time. This will not be with a bruised and bloodied ego, because the means to move across old world time into virtual time does not include the ego. It includes people who have consciously chosen to leave their ego behind to enter a space over the rainbow that is pristine, pure and clean. This aspect of virtual time carries the same vibrational integrity as nature, and will allow us to live in harmony with nature. It is the ego that we have learned to cherish that holds the nature of the conflicted beast. Always needing to get, and never satisfied. What good would it be to enter virtual time with the purpose of living in harmony with nature with all of the same artificial shit found in old world time that the ego finds value in? There is no value in this. It is a lie. It is a deception. This is an ego deception that must be undone as we move across old world time into virtual time.
Everyone wants to live in harmony with nature and live in a peaceful world, but there is a price to pay. The price is the influence of the ego. The ego is not invited to this party, and there is no price that can be offered that will allow anyone to cross the miracle bridge with their ego intact. Do we think we can fool God into believing the ego is gone when it isn’t? This is self deception in the most destructive form.
The problem is we believe the ego plays a significant role in our lives and we need it to survive. We believe that the fear the ego offers is the price we have to pay for what we need, while what we really want is in the Hands of God. This is joy, it is happiness, and it is freedom. If you find survival in paying the price for unhappiness in the fear the ego offers, then you will continue to pay the price. As long as this price is paid, is how long the ego will influence your life. We CANNOT fix this problem by ourselves. We need a Universal Plan, or we need the ego. Which one you choose will walk with you. You cannot choose both. That’s just not the way it is going to work. “You think that without the ego all would be chaos, but without the ego all would be Love.” ACIM.
The war against God and nature is over. But the war against yourself has just begun. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word