Peace and Frequency

Peace carries a frequency that is heard throughout the whole Universe. Our world does not make this peaceful Sound because it does not know how. It never learned.
Making the Sound of global peace must be something that people consider as having value. Value is something we will spend our time and money on. Miracles will give us the time, but we are responsible for the investment. Without an investment token, the energy necessary to move in a collective direction of global peace will never wholly be accepted.
We believe money makes the world go round. We support this idea because everything we support involves a monetary investment. The Universe cannot introduce a belief into the collective mind, as it would violate Higher Law. Not only that, we would overlook the belief in favor of what we already understand. We are being Helped by being offered something we do understand, which is investing, to introduce global peace through our willingness to invest in what we want.
Just like we invest in what we want in the material world, we are being offered an opportunity to invest in a global phenomenon of Universal Peace by using the same methods that we understand now.
The truth is, just because we do not understand how this works, it does not mean that it won’t. All truth we invest in requires an act of faith. Faith is evidence of a reality not yet beheld. Would God ignore our act of faith? Religion has been around for thousands of years because of this simple principle. The difference is, this time it is a Self Investment. There is no religion offering its interpretation on the meaning of global peace. This is being offered directly to the people, so they can offer it. It is in our hands.
“Put your money where your mouth is.” Why do we say that? Isn’t it because we believe we must back up what we say with our money? This is a global belief, and isn’t war a global problem? Our investment in global peace will move mountains because we have faith in what we believe.
We are being asked to use our belief in a new way. We are being asked to believe in what we do not understand. Is this not faith? Faith in our money can be re-directed for a much higher purpose. This is something we must learn. Everything we consider having value in our world can be used for a higher purpose. We cannot teach this lesson to ourselves because we do not know how. It must be learned. We have been offered a global project to understand how to invest in global peace. Is this not worthy of a monetary investment? The one thing that is important to remember when using Higher Integrity to solve old world problems; good intentions are not enough. Miracles are necessary.
ACIM tells us that we do not understand miracles. If we did, we would not need them. We need global peace. It is within our hands to offer it, but it will take some time to understand.


Lesson 4

Lesson 4

These thoughts do not mean anything

The Great Miracle Share is a global project designed to create a healthy stable foundation of miracles.
The foundation of any dimension comes from thought. In our world, all of our thoughts carry the dimensional error that began thousands of years ago. This has made cracks and gaps in the property value that defines the dimension we live in. These gaps instill fear at the body level. Fear is an unconscious reaction to a thought that is not real. These unreal thoughts are threatening to dismantle our beliefs. Once our beliefs that uphold higher integrity are completely dismantled, there will not nothing left to hold up the integrity of the dimension we live in. It is the thoughts that are undermining our Universal Rights that must be undone. These thoughts must be undone in time, for it is time where the problem exists.
The reality of global peace must come from time. The belief in peace “someday” must be replaced with peace “Now.” This aspect of time exists within the individual, but has not been developed because people are seeing something that is not there. It is a seed of Light that has been buried under unreal thoughts.
In this lesson we are being told that what our good thoughts are showing us are merely shadows of possibilities. What our bad thoughts are showing us are blocks that are forcing us to look at the error.

Lesson 2 and Global Peace

Lesson 2 – I Have Given Everything I See All The Meaning That It Has For Me

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This is the second lesson in ACIM. Although the lessons in ACIM are to be individually applied, the whole goal of the curriculum is to change the intellectual collective consciousness of our world to embrace a more Universal approach to understanding. This understanding will be explained through miracle understanding.
Changing collective consciousness one person at a time takes a long time. The goal of The Great Miracle Share is to boost the wholeness of collective consciousness all at once by introducing a global project that anyone and everyone participate in. Because the Power in the One can be magnified by the power in the Wholeness, the time it will take to define a New World will be greatly decreased. If the many collapse the value in old world time, New World or virtual time, will begin to expand. Miracles work in virtual time, or the same aspect of time that has been assigned to artificial intelligence. We have the Right to be emotionally involved in Virtual Time. If we can create a cartoon character that can fly in Virtual Time, what will we be able to do with a miracle understanding?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Intellectual Understanding, or Emotional Integrity?

The inability to complete a project signifies an emotional deficiency, not an intellectual one. The intellect only tells 10% of the story. When we are upset, the reason is lack of the emotional integrity necessary to complete an action. An action requires motion, and it is e-motion that moves us towards completion, not the intellect. We may come up with intellectual ideas that are profound, but if we lack emotional integrity, our project will never be completed.
The intellectual interpretation of emotional integrity is lacking in emotional content. When it cannot find the emotion necessary to complete a goal, it will make things up that it must do to complete the task. When we are at a loss for what we should do, we call on the intellect, but most of the things that we intellectually do does not see a need for emotional integrity, and in fact calls for the exact opposite. The intellectual ego devises all kinds of things to get what it wants, and most of this doing is carried out with deception.
The truth is, we will not do anything unless we can justify it first. If we do not have the emotional integrity to get what we need to get what we want, we will make something up and then justify why we should take this action even if the emotional integrity is not there. This is called deception. This is why the vast majority of the foundation of our world is not stable enough to secure a future for future generations, and also why the world world is full of lack. When justification for a goal does not carry the emotional integrity necessary to carry the goal to completion, we will intellectually assign meaning where there is none. Is this a foundation of truth, or a foundation of fearful deception. We do not necessary see fear as being the lack of emotional integrity because the intellect believes it can make things up to fill in the perceived emotional gap. Thus, our world has aspects of a fragmented reality, but the vast majority of it was made up to fill in an intellectual gap that should have been filled in with emotional integrity. This would be like using peanut butter as a fill instead of mortar when laying bricks. What kind of sense does that make?
Filling the deceptives gaps that have been designed and made by the intellect cannot be fixed with an intellectual solution for obvious reasons. The problem lies in the deceptive foundation the intellect has designed. What the world needs now is the emotional integrity that Love provides to create a foundation that will last until time indefinite. This is why only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work. We cannot intellectually see the problem, so how can we devise a solution?
This problem is huge. It is so huge, it was deemed a threat that would split time in two, and thus eliminate all traces of our civilization/global society that defines the dimension our world resides in.
Building an emotional bridge with the integrity necessary which will allow us to move across the foundational gaps left by the intellect must be done with great care, honor and respect. There is enough emotional integrity in our world to bridge the deceptive intellectual gap held within the people, but we the people must be involved in exploring how we have been deceived into believing that it was ever possible to fill a dimension with intellectual deception, and then expect it to last.
There are many individual projects that will be given to the people to undo the dimensional damage that has been intellectually done, but there is only One global project that will unify the people in One purpose. This is a global project for world peace. This is called The Great Miracle Share.
Every aspect of this project had to meet a specific criterion that was Universally approved. This would allow the people a way to use what they intellectually understood, which is investing, while holding the emotional integrity necessary to build a miracle bridge across time. It is the miracle that makes up for our lack of emotional integrity. It is a miracle that will grant our world the time to mend our emotional wounds, and thus repair the emotional damage that has been done to time. Miracles work in time. Time we need to fix this global problem. We can buy time by investing in miracles. The intellect works in the body. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

The Velveteen Rabbit

Everyone knows the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. It is the story of a rabbit that wanted to become real. In the end, the rabbit understands that it is only possible to become real if their fur has been rubbed off, and perhaps a few holes where the stuffing comes out. Life is like that. What we believe is real, all of the best that this world materially offers, we discover is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality. Getting the stuffing knocked out of us seems to be a necessary lesson, for most of us because we want the illusion to be real. We want to arrive in this world, completely intact, with no bumps and bruises. We are taught that if we follow all of the rules that someone else has written, we will have what we want. But this is not the lesson. The lesson is that we are not here to get the Gift, but instead we are here to give it. Until we learn this, we are living an unreal life.
So just what is this Gift that we are here to give? Is it money that we give to someone else to enrich ourselves? Just saying it this way is a little insane. Yet most people believe that it is possible to give, and then get from the giving experience. The problem is, and we all know this, is that money cannot buy the emotion that makes us feel real. Thus, the monetary gift we give does not live up to the living expectations that the Living Law of Giving and Receiving imply.
Most of us learned early in life that we could purchase what we wanted with money. Thus, we gave our power and buried our hope in a piece of paper. We did not mean to do this, but we did. We devised an unreal belief and buried our reality in a material idea that is in fact an illusion. We have all heard that money does will not buy happiness. Most of us know this, but we still find the inner need to pursue the illusion, or the monetary reward. The insanity of all of this lies in the fact that we were born without the belief in the illusion that money is the answer to any question that we ask. Everything we find value in is one way or another tied up in our unnatural belief that money is the solution.
We have inadvertently taught our spiritual internal witness that money is the answer. The internal witness is called our free will. Once free will has been taught the value of a dollar, it will not let go of this illusion because the mind never forgets anything.
Breaking the spell the emotional illusion holds over us cannot be done intellectually, for the intellect is where we hold the belief. Instead, we must go outside of the body, or out of the box, to redefine the problem. The problem with this is that we do not believe that there is anything outside of the box, or the intellect. But miracles work outside of the box. Genius is outside of the box. Here, our potential is unlimited. The problem is, once outside of the box, the miracle is redefined by the intellect and then becomes part of the contaminated illusion.
Thus it is, the intellect cannot make what we believe real. Sure, it can get money to make something in time, but what it cannot do is give the emotional integrity necessary to give life to what we have made. There is so much to learn, and we must begin by unraveling the illusion. Using a Universal Plan to undo the illusion begins with the idea that everything we believe is part of the illusion, and what has the ability to make our beliefs real is outside of the box. Getting outside of the box is simple, but staying there has to be revealed and then accepted.
We are the Velveteen Rabbit and being emotionally deprived within an illusion that we support with core beliefs that no longer work is getting really old.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Ego Choice or Miracle Choice

Miracles are invisible. They have one purpose. This purpose is to lead us from the obsession with material form, to understanding the invisible. Because we live in the experiential world of form, everything we have used to develop our world in the past came from material value that was found in nature. Once technology came into play, the whole game changed. Now, nature is being unnaturally manipulated, which is causing a conflict between natural forces and unnatural forces. Unnatural forces are designed by artificial intelligence. Natural forces were created by a Living Intelligence that has emotional integrity. There is NO such thing as emotional integrity in artificial intelligence that is being manipulated to destroy nature. I am not saying that everyone uses technology for unnatural purposes, but anything that is used that we are not emotionally involved in, constitutes artificial intelligence.
The job before us is simple, but not easy. How do you introduce emotional integrity into virtual time where artificial intelligence is master? The answer is, it will take a miracle. This is the miracle we are being asked to support.
Making war, designing chemistry to destroy life, and genetically altering nature is not what virtual time is for. Nature and the Living Laws that govern nature work in virtual time, but so does artificial intelligence. Do you think there might be a problem here? Artificial intelligence is interfering with nature. There are people who are using technology in an attempt to take over nature by rewriting and altering living codes that are in place to protect the people and the Planet Earth. If there is a war going on between technology and nature, which one do you think is going to win?
There is a line that has been drawn in the symbolic sand, and it is time to choose which side you want to be on. The means to enter virtual time with emotional integrity, or to stay in virtual time with artificial means. The means to enter virtual time with your emotional value in tact is being provided. Miracles are the means being given to enter emotionally into virtual time. This will not be with a bruised and bloodied ego, because the means to move across old world time into virtual time does not include the ego. It includes people who have consciously chosen to leave their ego behind to enter a space over the rainbow that is pristine, pure and clean. This aspect of virtual time carries the same vibrational integrity as nature, and will allow us to live in harmony with nature. It is the ego that we have learned to cherish that holds the nature of the conflicted beast. Always needing to get, and never satisfied. What good would it be to enter virtual time with the purpose of living in harmony with nature with all of the same artificial shit found in old world time that the ego finds value in? There is no value in this. It is a lie. It is a deception. This is an ego deception that must be undone as we move across old world time into virtual time.
Everyone wants to live in harmony with nature and live in a peaceful world, but there is a price to pay. The price is the influence of the ego. The ego is not invited to this party, and there is no price that can be offered that will allow anyone to cross the miracle bridge with their ego intact. Do we think we can fool God into believing the ego is gone when it isn’t? This is self deception in the most destructive form.
The problem is we believe the ego plays a significant role in our lives and we need it to survive. We believe that the fear the ego offers is the price we have to pay for what we need, while what we really want is in the Hands of God. This is joy, it is happiness, and it is freedom. If you find survival in paying the price for unhappiness in the fear the ego offers, then you will continue to pay the price. As long as this price is paid, is how long the ego will influence your life. We CANNOT fix this problem by ourselves. We need a Universal Plan, or we need the ego. Which one you choose will walk with you. You cannot choose both. That’s just not the way it is going to work. “You think that without the ego all would be chaos, but without the ego all would be Love.” ACIM.
The war against God and nature is over. But the war against yourself has just begun. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

The Problem and the Solution

In our world, the question of faith comes by answering 6 questions. These questions are who, what, when, where, why, and how. Thus, we are 6 degrees away from having what we want until these 6 questions are answered. Each question requires us to do something. If we cannot answer the call to do, then we must sacrifice what we want, or compromise it. Truth does not call for sacrifice or compromise, it calls for an act of faith, which we believe we must answer 6 questions to have. But this is not how it is supposed to be.
Not being able to answer one of the 6 questions that separate us from what we want stirs us a lot of internal anxiety and stress. On top of this, most people to do not assign meaning to what they want, but instead assign meaning to what they do not want. If you multiply this problem by 8 billion people who want to find the answers to the 6 questions, but are finding in difficult or are not looking for the solution where it is, and then by the billions of people who know what they don’t want, it is pretty obvious why our world is in the mess it is in. We are in need of one question, and one solution.
One question asked in honesty does not mean that we understand what the solution is or where to look for it. It doesn’t even mean that we understand our own question. All it means is that we have formed a feeling question in our mind. This feeling question that has no words to explain or define our question begins a whole new way of seeing our world, along with reversal process that eliminates a lot of misunderstanding that we have been collecting since our birth.
This is the time period that we have entered into. It is a time of Self reflection that centers on what we have learned to believe is true, and what actually is.
The question The Great Miracle Share has asked is centered around global peace. What is peace? Is it the opposite of war? But what if there was no opposite to war, what would peace be then? Obviously, this is a question we cannot answer because there has never been a time when our world did not understand that the opposite of war is peace.
The state of peace carries eternal property value. Because it has eternal property value, it can be invested in. We invest in peace with faith. In our world, faith requires us to do something. In the past, what we did was invest in war so we could have peace, but war defines the opposite of peace, and is therefore not within the value of the question or the answer. War also defines what we don’t want.
How much money is invested in war to maintain peace? Is this not insane thinking? No one really invests in peace because they really do not understand what it is.
If we were offered an opportunity to glimpse the eternal property value defined as peace, would this not be worth investing in? Yet this is what is being offered to us in terms we understand, and the offer is being looked at and rejected as if it had no value at all. Are we so caught up in what we believe we know that we are unwilling to take a chance on a Universal solution to global war?
We understand what it means to invest in something we want, and we understand what property value is. We are being offered a Universal Gift. This Gift will change everything we perceive. Without having to pay for weapons of mass destruction, the starving can be fed. Advances in medicine can be made, Without war, new ways will be established to create a new economy. Yet, for the most part, the Gift remains untouched.
6000 years ago, Noah invited the people in the world to come on board his boat, yet the people declined, believing he was insane. Well, we all know who ended up paying the price for Noah’s perceived insanity.
Every 2000 years a major spiritual event happens, and every time just before this event happens, a messenger is sent to tell the people how to escape the tragedy. Everything that is needed to escape is provided. If this escape is not taken advantage of, it does not go well for those who did not accept the offer. I am not trying to sound alarming, but it is time for the alarm to go off. Things are not going to get better, they are going to get worse until we as a global community begin to come together in a common purpose. This common purpose is global peace. Our fate is in our hands. The escape is being provided, along with the specifics necessary to save our world for future generations, all we have to do is accept it.
The solution is simple. It requires practically nothing of you, except a single act of faith. We are not asked to understand how our faith will cause an effect in the Universal Mind that will extend peace into world. All we are being asked is to invest in the eternal property defined as peace, which will introduce Heaven on Earth. Heaven wants to share eternal peace with us. Perhaps there are people who do not want to give up war because there is still some kind of value in it. Do we want to be included in this group, for what we find value in, we will experience in our lives. We do not understand eternal peace because we have never been exposed to it. Perhaps it is not war that is not fearful at all, perhaps it is global peace. Perhaps if we invest in global peace, we will also have to invest in peace in our OWN lives, and it is this that is scary. After all, change is scary.
It is time to ask our own selves these questions honestly, for the investment is in our own internal belief systems and it will require us to begin to let go of war to see the world through a new eyes. We can choose to see ego investments in war, or we can choose to see miracle investments in peace. Between these two there is nothing else. Staying on the fence will not save anyone and it will not buy more time. Miracles will buy us more time. Nothing else is available to us.
But perhaps people are not ready to begin to let go of their ego perceptions of war for global peace. Unfortunately the ego craves and desires war, and so do we. Because we have relied on the ego to teach us the benefits of war in the past. these are referenced memories that draw shadows in the interior of our mind. We host the shadow cravings of the ego for conflict. The world holds them not. We are the teachers that lend our value to the world. We are not the victims, we are the unwitting perpetrators. If we do not begin to recognize this, we will continue to seek for solutions where they cannot be found.
The beliefs of the ego are passing away, and there is better way. This better way is being provided for us. It is up to us to accept these Universally supplied provisions so we can learn eternal peace, instead of ego based war learned in the past.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword