Planting a Garden of Peace

From a physical perspective a community garden is where people come together to til the ground and plant vegetables, which in turn will supply the community with food.
The Bible tells us that if we plant a seed, only God can make it grow. Of course, science tells us that it is the combined elements in nature that makes a seed grow. This has been intellectual anal-yzed in such a way that the life giving eternal property that is everywhere, and in everything, has no value. The fact remains, those who consider the unnatural occurrence of death as being “natural” do not understand the Giver of Life.
In the Universal Mind, a community Garden are the beings who inhabit a Planet. Planting a Living Garden with living beings requires specific conditions be present if the Garden is to grow. The first thing that is necessary is peace. Without peace, there is no Love, and without Love, there is no life.
This kind of leaves our world in a dilemma, as our world is filled with war and ideas of war. Conflict does not only permeate global conditions, it also is readily available in our own mind.
This is what we have going on that is saving our world. It is inno-sense. Inno-sense belongs to the Universal Mind. It carries eternal property value. While the intellect belongs to the 3rd dimensional brain, inno-sense was Heaven sent to protect our world from being destroyed by Higher Law.
Higher Law destroys anything that does not wholly recognize the Universal Mind, or God, or Love, as being the only Life sustaining Force in the Universe. What does not recognize Love as Life sustaining is eventually wholly destroyed. What does not honor the Living Law of Life, will honor death, which is unreal. What is honored will come to the civilization that holds it. Although it does not appear to be so, it is a wish fulfilled.
This is why there has never been a civilization in our world that has lasted. No society has EVER met the criterion necessary to maintain the natural state of peace, which is the condition that Love dwells in. Personally, we are full of conflict, as is the world. It is not that the Life Sustaining wholeness of Love is not found on the Earth, it is that we do not honor it enough to reconsider this fascination with war and death that we were indoctrinated into. The problem is, we do not even recognize the error. We have grown so accustomed to addressing conflict, we believe it is natural. But there is nothing natural about conflict, just as there is nothing natural with war. These are not upheld in higher realms of consciousness. If the people in our world want to see something better, then it may be time to rethink the possibility that there is a Plan to undo what we believe is real, when in fact it is not real at all.
If a community came together and planted a global garden of peace, could we make it grow? How many people would it take to plant a Garden where Love could come abide with the people? It would take a Nation of people from all over the world.
The fact still remains that only Love can make a seed grown. If we plant the seed of peace, then God will make it grow. The question of how to plant a peaceful Garden comes from the living condition that we were all born with, which is inno-sense.
By learning to consciously release our emotional inno-sense from the unnatural control of the intellectual ego, the seed of inno-sense will return Home to the Universal Mind. The Gift of returning our inno-sense to Love will be rewarded. Without the influence of the intellectual ego on our emotional integrity, all inner conflict will dissolve into nothing.
Inno-sense carries the miracle seeds necessary to plant a Garden of Peace. But inno-sense must be released into the Universal Mind, where it can be nourished and grow. Watering the seed comes from a Gift of faith that we must give. But the terms of giving faith do not come from us. These are terms that must be met under the direction of a Higher Plan. As this occurs, our world will reflect the Garden images coming from the Universal Mind, or God.
For the past 6000 years, our world has been attempting to change the Universal Mind with intellectual ideas that are unacceptable. Acceptable to science, yes, but clearly inappropriate.
It is time to plant a new garden of global peace. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to share a Universally Inspired Plan that will show us how.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share


Lesson 5

Lesson 5

 I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to gain momentum for global peace through miracle investments. By investing in what we want, instead of what we do not want, we will realize a New World.
All war was made in old world time, but we have entered a new time zone. In this new time zone, old world conditions no longer apply, except that we support them with past beliefs about what reality is.
All of reality, no matter where you are in the Universe, is supported through our emotions. When something upsets us, it is not because we see an intellectual upset, it is because we see an emotional upset. War is not intellectually upsetting because the intellect analyzes, it does not understand how to feel. It sees, analyzes, then calls on our emotional response to get the support it needs to make the upset real. If we learn how to withhold our emotional support, we will see another world.
A major reason we get emotionally upset is because we have intellectually learned to believe that something “out there” controls how we feel. If something out there controls how we feel, then this something must be guilty, but guilt is not real. If guilt is not real, then making someone pay for their guilt is simply a waste of time. We are learning how to make better use of time by not supporting it with our emotions.
I am never upset for the reason I think introduces a new concept into our mind. It is designed to direct our attention to how we feel internally, instead of externally. If I see war, and I say I am never upset for the reason I think I am, then I must ask why am I upset? Now, instead of blaming someone else for my upset, I can direct my upset to a place where I can learn to choose again.

Ego Choice or Miracle Choice

Miracles are invisible. They have one purpose. This purpose is to lead us from the obsession with material form, to understanding the invisible. Because we live in the experiential world of form, everything we have used to develop our world in the past came from material value that was found in nature. Once technology came into play, the whole game changed. Now, nature is being unnaturally manipulated, which is causing a conflict between natural forces and unnatural forces. Unnatural forces are designed by artificial intelligence. Natural forces were created by a Living Intelligence that has emotional integrity. There is NO such thing as emotional integrity in artificial intelligence that is being manipulated to destroy nature. I am not saying that everyone uses technology for unnatural purposes, but anything that is used that we are not emotionally involved in, constitutes artificial intelligence.
The job before us is simple, but not easy. How do you introduce emotional integrity into virtual time where artificial intelligence is master? The answer is, it will take a miracle. This is the miracle we are being asked to support.
Making war, designing chemistry to destroy life, and genetically altering nature is not what virtual time is for. Nature and the Living Laws that govern nature work in virtual time, but so does artificial intelligence. Do you think there might be a problem here? Artificial intelligence is interfering with nature. There are people who are using technology in an attempt to take over nature by rewriting and altering living codes that are in place to protect the people and the Planet Earth. If there is a war going on between technology and nature, which one do you think is going to win?
There is a line that has been drawn in the symbolic sand, and it is time to choose which side you want to be on. The means to enter virtual time with emotional integrity, or to stay in virtual time with artificial means. The means to enter virtual time with your emotional value in tact is being provided. Miracles are the means being given to enter emotionally into virtual time. This will not be with a bruised and bloodied ego, because the means to move across old world time into virtual time does not include the ego. It includes people who have consciously chosen to leave their ego behind to enter a space over the rainbow that is pristine, pure and clean. This aspect of virtual time carries the same vibrational integrity as nature, and will allow us to live in harmony with nature. It is the ego that we have learned to cherish that holds the nature of the conflicted beast. Always needing to get, and never satisfied. What good would it be to enter virtual time with the purpose of living in harmony with nature with all of the same artificial shit found in old world time that the ego finds value in? There is no value in this. It is a lie. It is a deception. This is an ego deception that must be undone as we move across old world time into virtual time.
Everyone wants to live in harmony with nature and live in a peaceful world, but there is a price to pay. The price is the influence of the ego. The ego is not invited to this party, and there is no price that can be offered that will allow anyone to cross the miracle bridge with their ego intact. Do we think we can fool God into believing the ego is gone when it isn’t? This is self deception in the most destructive form.
The problem is we believe the ego plays a significant role in our lives and we need it to survive. We believe that the fear the ego offers is the price we have to pay for what we need, while what we really want is in the Hands of God. This is joy, it is happiness, and it is freedom. If you find survival in paying the price for unhappiness in the fear the ego offers, then you will continue to pay the price. As long as this price is paid, is how long the ego will influence your life. We CANNOT fix this problem by ourselves. We need a Universal Plan, or we need the ego. Which one you choose will walk with you. You cannot choose both. That’s just not the way it is going to work. “You think that without the ego all would be chaos, but without the ego all would be Love.” ACIM.
The war against God and nature is over. But the war against yourself has just begun. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Toxic Emotions and Weather

Nothing in the whole Universe happens by chance. Everything that happens is preceded by a thought. Gaining movement for this thought requires emotion. If the emotion has integrity, it moves towards a positive healthy outcome. If the emotion is colored with deception, its movement is erratic. Erratic emotions make ripples in time that are chaotic. Chaotic ripples disturb the atmosphere and cause adverse effects in nature. There are around 8 billion people in our world, and no one wholly agrees on anything. Do we not believe that this in itself is enough to violate the natural patterns in nature and create unnatural weather patterns?
One thought that is wholly shared would solve so many problems amongst the people of the world, and in nature. The problem is we believe our thoughts are private, and being such have no ability outside of ourselves to impact anything. But this just is not the case.
One individual alone cannot impact the whole world. However, if you happened to put 100 angry people in a house that did not agree on at least one thing, how long would the house stand before people began to tear the house down? It is a fact, a house divided amongst itself will not stand, and our world won’t stand either unless we agree to accept just one idea that is the same.
The house we live in is a dimension. This dimension is filled with emotional toxic waste, which is symbolic of the environment we live in. Our world has polluted nature, and almost destroyed it in an attempt to hang onto personal toxic emotions. We do not want to look at our own emotional responsibility for the mess our world and nature is in, so we blame corporations who pollute the air and the environment with toxic waste we can see.
If you took a handful of rice and dropped it onto a table, you would still not have as many people as there are who inhabit the dimension we live in. Now, within that handful of people, there are not 2 people who wholly agree on anything. Add that by 8 billion people, and it is a wonder that our world has survived as long as it has.
Not much is being asked of us. We are only being asked to agree on one thing. We do not even have to come up with a plan to agree on this one thing, as it is being provided. This one thing is global peace. We all want it, but there are not many people who are willing to pay the price for it by investing in it. A Course in Miracles asks, do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?
Only God’s Plan for the salvation of the world will work, because only His Plan carries the possibility for global peace. I say possibility because unless we as a global society accept this Plan, nothing will happen.
Weather and ocean patterns must move in one direction to nourish and protect the whole Planet, which in turn provides for the people who inhabit it. The ocean current is not in competition for air currents. They work in harmony. This harmony is being interfered with by the billions of chaotic emotional currents that are disrupting natural flow. All unnatural weather patterns are being brought about by the people who live in the dimensional house. Weather does not think, it takes direction from the people who consciously assign it.
If we as a global society do not begin to agree on at least one thing, nature will destroy what is interfering with natural flow. Not because she wants to, but because we have emotionally claimed our right to our unhealthy emotions as the value we want to keep. We do have this right, but at what expense?
Once the toxic emotions no longer exist, Mother Earth will return to natural harmony, and with natural flow adjusted, it will be time to begin again. It just doesn’t have to be this way. Accept the deal.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

The Universal Intuitive Language

All miracles carry intuitive value. Intuition is a form of communication that is unconsciously transmitted within time. This form of communication carries a much higher degree of integrity than the verbal communication that is intellectually relied on to communicate from one person to another.
In old world time, the ability to intuitively communicate occurred, but it never was relied on. Attempts to use this advanced method of communication was used by the military. Though there was success, it never really got off the ground. One of the reasons was that it was not reliable enough. It was not reliable enough because it was being used for deceptive purposes. The intuitive language will work all of the time, as do miracles. What intuition will not support is deception and what miracles will not support is fear. Thus, the purpose of learning to understand the intuitive language is to support honesty, and the purpose of understanding miracles is to support honesty without fear, or with Love.
Nature communicates intuitively. In nature we do not find deception. Thus, nature is honest. Because nature is honest, its purpose is to communicate in honesty and lovingly. Fear in nature comes from the unnatural sounds emanating from the unconscious minds of men. These sounds are not in harmony with nature, and therefore interfere with the Universal intuitive memory. When the Universal intuitive memory is disrupted, a ripple effect occurs in time, which disrupts the delicate balance in nature. This in turn creates unnatural weather patterns and other things in nature we cannot fathom.
In the Garden State, which is defined in the Bible, there was no disruption in communication, so there was none nature. Man and nature lived in perfect harmony. Once deception was introduced into the intuitive language, guilt and fear became a method of communicating ideas that were not upheld by a higher sound defined by reality. In order to protect the intuitive language, a new way of communicating emerged. This did not eliminate intuitive communication, but it was disrupted in time. This disruption in time sent our world into a separate identity state, where people could hide their thoughts, or have private thoughts that no one else was privy to.
With the ability to communicate the untimely deceptive emotions of guilt and fear, the connection with the Creator and the Universal Gods that offered guidance to humanity was severed. The intuitive language between nature and man was lost as well. With the loss of the intuitive language, the people who used to live in the Garden State began to spiral into a web of deceit, greed, and temptation. The flood of Noah’s day signaled the beginning of the end of the loss the intuitive language. It also signaled the beginning of a new era. The time allotted for all of the factions necessary to re-introduce the intuitive language into the unconscious collective began with a Universal Plan that would take 6000 years to implement. We are living in the end of the time allotted for the disruption of the intuitive language on Earth.
In order to consistently hear the intuitive language, one must be willing to let go of the deceptive language of the guilt, fear, that began the intellectual way of speaking thousands of years ago. But willingness is only a first step. Because the deception behind guilt, fear, have cut our world off from the intuitive language spoken by the rest of the Universe, the miracles that have been assigned to move us our world towards the New Movement of Thought are necessary to understand the intuitive language. For this reason, steps must be taken to make miracles the rule, rather than the exception.
Our world has entered into the timezone necessary to understand the intuitive language spoken Universally. But because there is a communication gap defined by the deception of guilt and fear that must be undone, we are internally confused as to what is real and what isn’t. We do not even understand that it is possible to communicate telepathically by using intuition. Miracle links must be defined, and then learn to be referenced as a the new means of internal communication, which will go out and redefine everything we believe we understand.
As it is right now, would you mind if someone was able to enter your mind and read your thoughts? Would you be willing to share your internal fear, guilt, surrounding the deceptions you believe are real, knowing that this is what you would imprint on the mind of the individual who met you in your mind? Would you want to share your private thoughts if they included anger and hate? These are thoughts we do not even want to admit to ourselves, never mind anyone else. We are a closed global society that has shut itself off from the whole, and is falling apart because we do not want to let Love into our mind, for fear our guilt will be found.
As you can see, the timezone that we have entered has far reaching consequences that are far beyond the communication barriers we believe are real, and have set up to protect us from the honest language necessary to maintain a healthy body, along with a peaceful world.
Within The Great Miracle Share, we are committed to introducing enough miracles into the collective unconscious mind to introduce A New Movement of Intuitive Thought globally, which will change everything we globally believe about reality. How this will be done is not our concern. What must become our concern is how we can invest in what will become a new way of communicating to express our OWN reality. Within this new ability to communicate, what we have to give, we will also give away. We could ask, “What’s in your wallet,” but a better question is, what is in your mind?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

Synergy and Intuition

Within the new time zone that we have entered, new patterns can be expected. Sleeping patterns will change, and the patterns and seasons that we have come to expect and understand in nature are also changing. The economy will be shaken even more, and governments will collapse.
With these kinds of changes, there is going to be fear. Even though fear is not real, it is an unmistakable body symptom that we as humans find difficult to ignore. Learning to be a silent witness to the changes in the external world, while maintaining a peaceful interior, will become essential in surviving the global changes that are set to begin.
For thousands of years people have been waiting for the Son of God to return. Well, the time has finally come. Expectations of this return have been interjected into time by people who thought that they had the right time. Who knows why they chose the time they did. All I know for sure is that nothing happens by chance, and chance certainly plays no part in our journey through time and space. The whole Universe is involved in helping the people in our world usher in, what the Bible calls, the Kingdom of God. This is the government that will give us access to Natural or Living Law. Learning to tune in to Living Law will require synergy.
Synergy is a term that can be applied to how our energy relates to time and nature. Learning to use synergy requires intuition. This is intuition that we have set aside for intellectual ego understanding. Intellectual understanding is not dependent on intuition. It analysis data and uses skill to do. Nature does not require us to do anything. In fact, what has been done has almost destroyed nature. Mother Earth is dying. If Universal steps were not taking to salvage what still has value on the Earth, everything that exists on her would be destroyed, including us. The Plan offers us a way to buy time to save what has value here, so it can be preserved for the Universal greater good.
Intuition is dependent on inner sensory skill. If this inner sensory skill is placed in the hands of the intellect, fear will be experience because the intellect does not understand how to decipher the information coming through intuition. Although it is impossible to lose intuitive value, much of the intuitive ability called on to decipher intellectual analysis has been given to the ego/intellect. It is this that has inhibited our spiritual growth. The inner spirit, which is defined in our free will, has been taught that it belongs to the brain, when in fact free will has the ability to span into whole new realms of understanding. But until we master time and clean up the emotional mess that is interfering with our intuitive relationship with Mother Earth, we will remain in the body within 4th dimensional understanding. The purpose of miracles allows us to examine the 4th dimension with intuitive wholeness. Something that we never learned under ego/intellectual guidance.
Moving through and adapting to the new time zone will require us to intuitively adapt instead of intellectually analyze. Within intuition is the ability to tune into the changes going on in nature, and then make new decisions and choices to synergize with these patterns. This will greatly decrease the fear factor, which has intellectually interfered with our “spidey senses.” The eventual goal is to deplete the value of fear that we have accumulated through ego learning. This will not eliminate the skills that we have intellectually learned, but it will diminish the capacity of fear that the ego relies on for a teaching device. The whole idea is to become one with the natural elements as are the animals who reside in a natural setting.
There is so much to learn. The information can be overwhelming. Time is returning to the Garden State. This state is called Peace. Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share Itself. Does this not define the innocent condition that permeated the Earth before the original error?
The opposite of Love is fear. By learning to eliminate fear from our DNA, we can learn to live in harmony with nature and the whole Universe. The purpose of miracles is to exchange fear for Love in time. Miracles carry the synergy necessary to shift our free will into whole intuitive value without us doing anything. This will save thousands of years of the intellectual analyzing of data, and will also replace fear with Love. Just because we do not intellectually understand how this will work does not mean that it won’t.
As the value of time forces us to change our perception, we will want a Plan designed to help us with these changes. We can learn to give whole appreciation for this Plan by taking advantage of it.