Peace and Frequency

Peace carries a frequency that is heard throughout the whole Universe. Our world does not make this peaceful Sound because it does not know how. It never learned.
Making the Sound of global peace must be something that people consider as having value. Value is something we will spend our time and money on. Miracles will give us the time, but we are responsible for the investment. Without an investment token, the energy necessary to move in a collective direction of global peace will never wholly be accepted.
We believe money makes the world go round. We support this idea because everything we support involves a monetary investment. The Universe cannot introduce a belief into the collective mind, as it would violate Higher Law. Not only that, we would overlook the belief in favor of what we already understand. We are being Helped by being offered something we do understand, which is investing, to introduce global peace through our willingness to invest in what we want.
Just like we invest in what we want in the material world, we are being offered an opportunity to invest in a global phenomenon of Universal Peace by using the same methods that we understand now.
The truth is, just because we do not understand how this works, it does not mean that it won’t. All truth we invest in requires an act of faith. Faith is evidence of a reality not yet beheld. Would God ignore our act of faith? Religion has been around for thousands of years because of this simple principle. The difference is, this time it is a Self Investment. There is no religion offering its interpretation on the meaning of global peace. This is being offered directly to the people, so they can offer it. It is in our hands.
“Put your money where your mouth is.” Why do we say that? Isn’t it because we believe we must back up what we say with our money? This is a global belief, and isn’t war a global problem? Our investment in global peace will move mountains because we have faith in what we believe.
We are being asked to use our belief in a new way. We are being asked to believe in what we do not understand. Is this not faith? Faith in our money can be re-directed for a much higher purpose. This is something we must learn. Everything we consider having value in our world can be used for a higher purpose. We cannot teach this lesson to ourselves because we do not know how. It must be learned. We have been offered a global project to understand how to invest in global peace. Is this not worthy of a monetary investment? The one thing that is important to remember when using Higher Integrity to solve old world problems; good intentions are not enough. Miracles are necessary.
ACIM tells us that we do not understand miracles. If we did, we would not need them. We need global peace. It is within our hands to offer it, but it will take some time to understand.


Lesson 7

Lesson 7 – I See Only The Past.

Teaching to only see peace in time can only be done through a joint effort. Lesson 7 teaches us that we only see the past. We believe what we see, but what we do not understand is how what we see is actually a stored memory in time. All of the pictures of war and memories that we store in time are simple to find. Museums and history books are full of the memories of war, lest we forget. We believe that if we keep these memories alive, we will not make the same mistake again. But over and over again, this misleading perception has been proven wrong. The emotional trauma set into motion by these toxic memories only increase in value in time.
Changing our mind about what we have learned to see in time will take a miracle. The impact of war on our world is a global tragedy that has lasted for 6000 years. We cannot eliminate war in time with good intentions. They are not enough.
Time carries every memory that any individual has ever thought up. With war, there are billions of memories that support war in time. Undoing this mess will take a collective miracle that is globally supported.
Investing in the miracles in time allows us to share global peace. This is not going to be anything people understand from the get go because people do not understand the impact that their personal memories have in time.
Only God’s Plan for the Salvation of the world will work, because only God’s Plan understands how our memories have distorted time.

Choose Again

If there was a Universal Plan designed to remove all traces of emotional interference that is interfering with it, what would that Plan be? How would the Universe deal with the interfering factor that is cause of all of the problems that our world appears to be facing. Allowing people to blow up the world is one solution. Forcing people to do something they do not want to do, would be another solution. Wiping the intellectual hard drive of our core beliefs would be another solution. But really, who wants their core beliefs messed with? Our core beliefs are what maintain the reality of our world. Would we really be willing to allow our intellectual hard drive to be wiped clean so we could start all over again? This would be like an extreme head injury. When the person wakes up, they remember nothing. Only this would take us back to a place where none of the comforts that have been made in our world exit. The truth is, we want the value that we have invested in, both globally and individually.
There is a little known aspect of the Self that is Universally protected by Living Laws that prevents this from occurring. This is called free will. It is the protection of free will that prevents any of the scenarios from occurring.
Changing a core belief that upholds the unnatural value of war is not going to be wiped from the hard drive our mind. It is our free will that has been taught that war is real, and it therefore must be supported to maintain a belief in the reality that defines our world. War is going to continue in our world as long as our free will supports it, until some idiot pushes a button and blows our world off the face of the earth. That someone can do this is also a belief. A belief that is supported by free will that this is our reality, and it is one that we must abide by.
War forces and manipulates, as intellectually defined. Peace just is. It does not require us to “do” anything. But until our free will recognizes this fact, wars will continue to be fought to uphold the unnatural right our free will has to believe what it finds value in.
The solution that the Universe offers is this; change your mind. Easier said than done. This is because we “believe” in what we see. Ok, so we have to change a core global belief, which is supported by the vast majority of people who live in our world. Some who find solution in war instead of peace. How do you override false value that is held in free will by choosing again?
The solution is to undo the false value held in free will that is upholding a false reality. In other words, teach our free will something else so it will move in a natural direction of peace. This is the Universal solution.
You cannot force or manipulate free will. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Will comes from God, ie the Will of God. This aspect of our Self was born of God, not man. The intellect was born of man, as was the ego, and neither one upholds peace. The intellect analyzes war, and the ego wants it. Both teach free will that war is real. We want it too because we believe in it. War has value because we believe in its reality.
The question must be asked; what is reality? Can we make a reality separate from the Will of God? If we can, does this not separate us from what really is real? Peace is real, war is not. Period. Truth is true and nothing else matters. (ACIM) But war matters to us because our world made it, and we therefore believe in it. Truth is not black and white, and there are no opposites to peace, except that we believe it.
So, how do you change the collective will of a world? You allow them to choose another value so they learn to appreciate something else. How do you do that? It is obvious, war is a huge money maker for those in control of the war machine. The vast majority of people do not want war, but are being forced to support it through taxes and etc. Thus, their monetary value is being used to invest in war. There is nothing that can be done about this. REALLY? Would God give us a Plan that would not work? We are His Will, and we are using His Will to support war by consciously supported the value of war. What you find value in, even if you do not consciously want it, you will support with your free will. That is the way it is.
Consciousness allows us to choose again. The Universe has given us a global Plan to undo the mass belief in war by consciously making another choice. We do not have to “do” anything, except invest in a Universal Plan that promises global peace. What is the problem? Is the monetary value of $2.00 worth more than global peace? What is being intellectually analyzed here? Does the ego tell you that this is impossible? Have faith and choose again.
Noah told the people of his day that there was a flood coming and he told them how to save themselves. No one believed him and they all perished. Always before a major spiritual disaster occurs in the world, the people are given a warning along with the means to save themselves. There is a shaking coming to our world to awaken the people. What this means, I have no idea. Just remember when it occurs, there was an alternative road that could have been taken to avoid this. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

We are Running Out of Time

The Matrix that held our world together is falling apart. It will not be long before it does not exist at all. The salvation of our world depends on creating another matrix that will hold the things that we consider still has value. What these things are is up to the individual to decide. It is obvious we cannot create a new matrix to create a New World because we do not know how. All we know about time is defined by a clock, and all we know about space is that it is empty, but there is much more. These are details that our parents and science do not understand, so they could not teach us this. But we have entered into a new time zone, and it will become more obvious that we must engage with time and space in a whole new way if we want to save our prized possessions.
A defined Matrix uses time and space to create in. But just like a house, a Matrix must have a firm foundation if it is to last. A tiny crack at the foundation level will eventually make a fisher, and eventually the fisher will corrupt the whole foundation and everything inside will be lost. This is where the old world can be found. The original deception that the foundation of our world was built on, is about to collapse and everything in our world is about to be lost, safe for the things we make provisions for. We have reached the end of the time allotted for the deception. We have 2 choices. One is to continue to hang onto a matrix that is collapsing, or we can invest in the time that we have left to create a New World where our valuables will be safe.
Miracles work in time. When they are invested in, they extend and increase in value. Thus, by investing in miracles, we invest in time. We need time to understand what we have done wrong, and why our world does not meet the criterion necessary to provide a home for what we have built over the last 6000 years. In fact, there is so much to learn, if we began right now, it would still take at least a thousand years to begin to fathom the mistake and the correction.
The means to safe ourselves and our possessions is being provided by a Universal Plan, but we the people cannot expect that we are obliged to do nothing to gain a whole New World. We must be willing to at least invest in a New World foundation that has no cracks in it. The only foundation that will carry the people and our possessions into a New World Matrix is Peace. Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share itself. This Love is in the Universal Mind, and we need the Universal Mind to create a New World reality. If we do nothing but work on ourselves, then we may be saved, but at the expense of the whole world. Is this what we really want?
We are being asked to save time to create a New World matrix with by investing in miracles. Miracles will extend and increase the time that is left only if we invest in peace to create a new global foundation with what is left of it. If the time that encompasses our world collapses without saving a tiny aspect of it, everything, and I mean everything, that our world has made in the past 6000 years will be lost. What happens when you lose the history that is worth saving is lost? You have to start all over again. This is not what we are being asked to do. We are being asked to invest in miracles so that the time that is left that houses our world will continue to house us and the past that is helpful with us. What we are being asked to invest is minimal next to what we will maintain and learn.
Every day we lose a little more time. Every day that is set aside to maintain the value in the old world is time lost that could be used for a better purpose.
There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain. This promise has guided our world for thousands of years in the hope that there is something better. Well, we have arrived. If we do not take this step, time is going to run out and the whole world will be lost. Choose again.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

The Problem and the Solution

In our world, the question of faith comes by answering 6 questions. These questions are who, what, when, where, why, and how. Thus, we are 6 degrees away from having what we want until these 6 questions are answered. Each question requires us to do something. If we cannot answer the call to do, then we must sacrifice what we want, or compromise it. Truth does not call for sacrifice or compromise, it calls for an act of faith, which we believe we must answer 6 questions to have. But this is not how it is supposed to be.
Not being able to answer one of the 6 questions that separate us from what we want stirs us a lot of internal anxiety and stress. On top of this, most people to do not assign meaning to what they want, but instead assign meaning to what they do not want. If you multiply this problem by 8 billion people who want to find the answers to the 6 questions, but are finding in difficult or are not looking for the solution where it is, and then by the billions of people who know what they don’t want, it is pretty obvious why our world is in the mess it is in. We are in need of one question, and one solution.
One question asked in honesty does not mean that we understand what the solution is or where to look for it. It doesn’t even mean that we understand our own question. All it means is that we have formed a feeling question in our mind. This feeling question that has no words to explain or define our question begins a whole new way of seeing our world, along with reversal process that eliminates a lot of misunderstanding that we have been collecting since our birth.
This is the time period that we have entered into. It is a time of Self reflection that centers on what we have learned to believe is true, and what actually is.
The question The Great Miracle Share has asked is centered around global peace. What is peace? Is it the opposite of war? But what if there was no opposite to war, what would peace be then? Obviously, this is a question we cannot answer because there has never been a time when our world did not understand that the opposite of war is peace.
The state of peace carries eternal property value. Because it has eternal property value, it can be invested in. We invest in peace with faith. In our world, faith requires us to do something. In the past, what we did was invest in war so we could have peace, but war defines the opposite of peace, and is therefore not within the value of the question or the answer. War also defines what we don’t want.
How much money is invested in war to maintain peace? Is this not insane thinking? No one really invests in peace because they really do not understand what it is.
If we were offered an opportunity to glimpse the eternal property value defined as peace, would this not be worth investing in? Yet this is what is being offered to us in terms we understand, and the offer is being looked at and rejected as if it had no value at all. Are we so caught up in what we believe we know that we are unwilling to take a chance on a Universal solution to global war?
We understand what it means to invest in something we want, and we understand what property value is. We are being offered a Universal Gift. This Gift will change everything we perceive. Without having to pay for weapons of mass destruction, the starving can be fed. Advances in medicine can be made, Without war, new ways will be established to create a new economy. Yet, for the most part, the Gift remains untouched.
6000 years ago, Noah invited the people in the world to come on board his boat, yet the people declined, believing he was insane. Well, we all know who ended up paying the price for Noah’s perceived insanity.
Every 2000 years a major spiritual event happens, and every time just before this event happens, a messenger is sent to tell the people how to escape the tragedy. Everything that is needed to escape is provided. If this escape is not taken advantage of, it does not go well for those who did not accept the offer. I am not trying to sound alarming, but it is time for the alarm to go off. Things are not going to get better, they are going to get worse until we as a global community begin to come together in a common purpose. This common purpose is global peace. Our fate is in our hands. The escape is being provided, along with the specifics necessary to save our world for future generations, all we have to do is accept it.
The solution is simple. It requires practically nothing of you, except a single act of faith. We are not asked to understand how our faith will cause an effect in the Universal Mind that will extend peace into world. All we are being asked is to invest in the eternal property defined as peace, which will introduce Heaven on Earth. Heaven wants to share eternal peace with us. Perhaps there are people who do not want to give up war because there is still some kind of value in it. Do we want to be included in this group, for what we find value in, we will experience in our lives. We do not understand eternal peace because we have never been exposed to it. Perhaps it is not war that is not fearful at all, perhaps it is global peace. Perhaps if we invest in global peace, we will also have to invest in peace in our OWN lives, and it is this that is scary. After all, change is scary.
It is time to ask our own selves these questions honestly, for the investment is in our own internal belief systems and it will require us to begin to let go of war to see the world through a new eyes. We can choose to see ego investments in war, or we can choose to see miracle investments in peace. Between these two there is nothing else. Staying on the fence will not save anyone and it will not buy more time. Miracles will buy us more time. Nothing else is available to us.
But perhaps people are not ready to begin to let go of their ego perceptions of war for global peace. Unfortunately the ego craves and desires war, and so do we. Because we have relied on the ego to teach us the benefits of war in the past. these are referenced memories that draw shadows in the interior of our mind. We host the shadow cravings of the ego for conflict. The world holds them not. We are the teachers that lend our value to the world. We are not the victims, we are the unwitting perpetrators. If we do not begin to recognize this, we will continue to seek for solutions where they cannot be found.
The beliefs of the ego are passing away, and there is better way. This better way is being provided for us. It is up to us to accept these Universally supplied provisions so we can learn eternal peace, instead of ego based war learned in the past.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

Belief, Faith, and Peace

Peace is beyond belief. In other words, peace does not need belief to be real in our mind, it needs our faith. When we plant a seed to grow a tree, we do not believe the tree will grow, for belief requires us to do something. Doing requires planting the tree, but only God can make a tree grow. Thus, it is faith that grows the tree, not belief. Once faith in place, it moves on to truth, and walla, a tree grows.
Many times in our personal lives, we give our belief in what we want instead of giving our faith. When this occurs, we do not receive what we want. Belief without faith does not have the consistency to move a mountain. Belief will often interfere with the growth of a seed by opening up the ground to see if the seed is growing. Faith requires patience, and truth requires peace.
Peace is the State where Love abides and seeks to share itself. Missing a required spiritual step in making a new choice in the new time zone we have entered is going to become more difficult. We would not expect to receive a PHD without a formal education, yet many people blame God for not performing according to their standards. Do we not think that the standards that the Higher Mind has for us is greater than physical requirements?
We have a greater obligation to our spirit than we do for our body. The spirit is eternal, while the body is not. For 6000 years we have learned to make conditions that provide support and comfort for the body, with little consideration for our Spirit. We have used the spirit to support the body in ways that have violated it, yet this error is not perceived. The error of comforting the separate body began 6000 years ago, thus depriving the natural ability within the spirit its direct connection to the whole, and depriving our spirit and this world of peace. So now it is time to correct this error.
We believe in peace, but the faith necessary to obtain it, we believe comes from our ability to understand what it is. We do not understand what peace is because we lost our ability to be aware of it thousands of year ago.
There is not one person who lives in this world, or any subsequent generation in past time, that understands whole peace. If whole peace came and hit us in the face, we would not call it peace because we do not understand what it is. The ability to understand whole peace was stripped from the awareness of the human mind when the error began long before any of us remember. Because of this, the true state of peace must be introduced into the awareness of the human mind in such a way that it will be recognized for what it is.
What we want in our lives we invest in. If we want a PHD, we invest our time and our money to earn a degree. We understand that it is impossible for the degree to just show up without us doing anything. The doing comes from belief, the learning comes from faith in our Self. The Self is the nature in the spirit, not the brain. The brain stores information and analysis it. The brain understands nothing. It is the spirit that puts information and understanding together to form a pattern of learning that allows us to obtain a PHD. Once it is in the awareness of the mind, it becomes part of our unconscious memory that we can call up into consciousness when needed. Connecting the memories in the brain and the unconscious is a spiritual ability, not a brain one.
We are being asked to use our belief to support faith in a higher Plan to undo the error that is afflicting our world. Our spirit has been forced to be a slave of the body/brain for a long time. Because we do not live in a peaceful world, we have taught our spirit it must serve what we individually want in the body. With no peaceful reference to the whole, our spirit is limited, and so are we.
We believe in peace, but we must exercise the faith necessary to plant the seeds of whole peace necessary to plant them in the awareness of our mind. This is our investment in time that will allow us to experience whole global peace rather than doing what we believe we must do to get it. Once faith has been applied through the investment, it will move on to truth. Look at the investment in The Great Miracle Share as being a seed that has been planted in the ground, waiting to grow. Once the seed begins to sprout, we will see the evidence of our faith. Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of a reality, though not beheld. Does this not describe a seed that has been planted?
Peace and truth come together as One to define the wholeness necessary to give us access to the understanding of Now, or the time period that we have entered into. This is where the truth of our investment becomes a global reality.
The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to understand God in our OWN mind. A global reward that benefits the whole world. Who could ask for a better peace than the one that is being offered to us?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

Changing our Mind about War

The greatest challenge our world faces, both individually and globally, is changing our mind about what we believe we see. At the time of the separation, our vision shifted due to a shift at the mind level. It was our wish to see something that was not there that makes reference to the world as we perceive it today. In effect, we believe what we see, so we are a product of the fear that we externally behold. The fear is in us. It is not “out there.” Changing our mind about the fearful outcomes we envision in our mind involves involves introducing a higher thought into our mind to replace the fearful memories that we have designed to show us a fearful external fearful world.
We believe we can just change our mind when we want to, but the truth is we do not know how. Core beliefs that define the foundation of our world cannot be dismissed with a petition, a desire, an intention, or a treaty. Personal beliefs that define the 3rd dimensional body cannot be dismissed with an intention or a desire. The mind is the most powerful force in the Universe and it will not give up its treasured beliefs easily, even if what it believes is harmful and destructive to the one who holds them.
Because we would be bound to what was instilled in our mind, at the separation a Universal Plan was devised, which would allow us to see the whole world from another perspective. The whole meaning found in the book A Course in Miracles explains this process. This book is so profound, most people who begin to follow its guidance, continue to struggle with its meaning.
ACIM makes reference to a Universal experience that must occur in our world for whole change to begin. While a Universal theology regarding the purpose and meaning of peace is impossible, a Universal experience of peace is not only possible, it is necessary. The collective mind that governs the dimension we share with the 5th dimension is split about the purpose and meaning of time. Our world has been using time in a very destructive manner for 6000 years. The meaning of time held in collective core beliefs is riddled with guilt. In the 3rd dimensional body, guilt becomes fear. Fear of doing something that makes one guilty encourages the unnatural condition of body fear. As time is defined in our world, right now fear encourages us to see war. Dismissing war from the collective mind with previous methods, as mentioned above, is impossible.
The dimension that we share time with understands the higher property value in time, and they are happy to share this interpretive value with us, but we will not be given access to this understanding of property value without some kind of value investment that we perceive in the aspect of time we use. In other words, we are being asked to give what we deem as valuable to us in time, so we can receive a much higher value reward. These are called miracle rewards. In essence, we are buying property value in time so the collective consciousness in our world can be elevated into a higher frequency. We are willing to invest a lower property value understanding in time, to receive higher property value understanding in time. This higher frequency will allow us to see time from the same perspective as the dimension we share time with, or the 5th dimension.
We are not alone in the Universe, and the solutions we think are good ones, in fact miss the mark. Isn’t the definition of sin missing the mark?
The global solution for peace requires a Universal solution. We cannot change our mind about global war because it is all our world has ever had access to. Changing our mind requires a lifting up of the value held in our mind to a higher value. The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to share the miracle means necessary to change our mind to a higher frequency. How many will it take to see a peaceful possibility emerge to take the place of war? 10% of the global population is necessary to reach critical mass.
We have been given a Plan for global peace that cannot fail. It is up to us individually to accept the Universal Gift being given.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword