Planting a Garden of Peace

From a physical perspective a community garden is where people come together to til the ground and plant vegetables, which in turn will supply the community with food.
The Bible tells us that if we plant a seed, only God can make it grow. Of course, science tells us that it is the combined elements in nature that makes a seed grow. This has been intellectual anal-yzed in such a way that the life giving eternal property that is everywhere, and in everything, has no value. The fact remains, those who consider the unnatural occurrence of death as being “natural” do not understand the Giver of Life.
In the Universal Mind, a community Garden are the beings who inhabit a Planet. Planting a Living Garden with living beings requires specific conditions be present if the Garden is to grow. The first thing that is necessary is peace. Without peace, there is no Love, and without Love, there is no life.
This kind of leaves our world in a dilemma, as our world is filled with war and ideas of war. Conflict does not only permeate global conditions, it also is readily available in our own mind.
This is what we have going on that is saving our world. It is inno-sense. Inno-sense belongs to the Universal Mind. It carries eternal property value. While the intellect belongs to the 3rd dimensional brain, inno-sense was Heaven sent to protect our world from being destroyed by Higher Law.
Higher Law destroys anything that does not wholly recognize the Universal Mind, or God, or Love, as being the only Life sustaining Force in the Universe. What does not recognize Love as Life sustaining is eventually wholly destroyed. What does not honor the Living Law of Life, will honor death, which is unreal. What is honored will come to the civilization that holds it. Although it does not appear to be so, it is a wish fulfilled.
This is why there has never been a civilization in our world that has lasted. No society has EVER met the criterion necessary to maintain the natural state of peace, which is the condition that Love dwells in. Personally, we are full of conflict, as is the world. It is not that the Life Sustaining wholeness of Love is not found on the Earth, it is that we do not honor it enough to reconsider this fascination with war and death that we were indoctrinated into. The problem is, we do not even recognize the error. We have grown so accustomed to addressing conflict, we believe it is natural. But there is nothing natural about conflict, just as there is nothing natural with war. These are not upheld in higher realms of consciousness. If the people in our world want to see something better, then it may be time to rethink the possibility that there is a Plan to undo what we believe is real, when in fact it is not real at all.
If a community came together and planted a global garden of peace, could we make it grow? How many people would it take to plant a Garden where Love could come abide with the people? It would take a Nation of people from all over the world.
The fact still remains that only Love can make a seed grown. If we plant the seed of peace, then God will make it grow. The question of how to plant a peaceful Garden comes from the living condition that we were all born with, which is inno-sense.
By learning to consciously release our emotional inno-sense from the unnatural control of the intellectual ego, the seed of inno-sense will return Home to the Universal Mind. The Gift of returning our inno-sense to Love will be rewarded. Without the influence of the intellectual ego on our emotional integrity, all inner conflict will dissolve into nothing.
Inno-sense carries the miracle seeds necessary to plant a Garden of Peace. But inno-sense must be released into the Universal Mind, where it can be nourished and grow. Watering the seed comes from a Gift of faith that we must give. But the terms of giving faith do not come from us. These are terms that must be met under the direction of a Higher Plan. As this occurs, our world will reflect the Garden images coming from the Universal Mind, or God.
For the past 6000 years, our world has been attempting to change the Universal Mind with intellectual ideas that are unacceptable. Acceptable to science, yes, but clearly inappropriate.
It is time to plant a new garden of global peace. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to share a Universally Inspired Plan that will show us how.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share


Lesson 5

Lesson 5

 I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to gain momentum for global peace through miracle investments. By investing in what we want, instead of what we do not want, we will realize a New World.
All war was made in old world time, but we have entered a new time zone. In this new time zone, old world conditions no longer apply, except that we support them with past beliefs about what reality is.
All of reality, no matter where you are in the Universe, is supported through our emotions. When something upsets us, it is not because we see an intellectual upset, it is because we see an emotional upset. War is not intellectually upsetting because the intellect analyzes, it does not understand how to feel. It sees, analyzes, then calls on our emotional response to get the support it needs to make the upset real. If we learn how to withhold our emotional support, we will see another world.
A major reason we get emotionally upset is because we have intellectually learned to believe that something “out there” controls how we feel. If something out there controls how we feel, then this something must be guilty, but guilt is not real. If guilt is not real, then making someone pay for their guilt is simply a waste of time. We are learning how to make better use of time by not supporting it with our emotions.
I am never upset for the reason I think introduces a new concept into our mind. It is designed to direct our attention to how we feel internally, instead of externally. If I see war, and I say I am never upset for the reason I think I am, then I must ask why am I upset? Now, instead of blaming someone else for my upset, I can direct my upset to a place where I can learn to choose again.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4

These thoughts do not mean anything

The Great Miracle Share is a global project designed to create a healthy stable foundation of miracles.
The foundation of any dimension comes from thought. In our world, all of our thoughts carry the dimensional error that began thousands of years ago. This has made cracks and gaps in the property value that defines the dimension we live in. These gaps instill fear at the body level. Fear is an unconscious reaction to a thought that is not real. These unreal thoughts are threatening to dismantle our beliefs. Once our beliefs that uphold higher integrity are completely dismantled, there will not nothing left to hold up the integrity of the dimension we live in. It is the thoughts that are undermining our Universal Rights that must be undone. These thoughts must be undone in time, for it is time where the problem exists.
The reality of global peace must come from time. The belief in peace “someday” must be replaced with peace “Now.” This aspect of time exists within the individual, but has not been developed because people are seeing something that is not there. It is a seed of Light that has been buried under unreal thoughts.
In this lesson we are being told that what our good thoughts are showing us are merely shadows of possibilities. What our bad thoughts are showing us are blocks that are forcing us to look at the error.

Lesson 2 and Global Peace

Lesson 2 – I Have Given Everything I See All The Meaning That It Has For Me

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This is the second lesson in ACIM. Although the lessons in ACIM are to be individually applied, the whole goal of the curriculum is to change the intellectual collective consciousness of our world to embrace a more Universal approach to understanding. This understanding will be explained through miracle understanding.
Changing collective consciousness one person at a time takes a long time. The goal of The Great Miracle Share is to boost the wholeness of collective consciousness all at once by introducing a global project that anyone and everyone participate in. Because the Power in the One can be magnified by the power in the Wholeness, the time it will take to define a New World will be greatly decreased. If the many collapse the value in old world time, New World or virtual time, will begin to expand. Miracles work in virtual time, or the same aspect of time that has been assigned to artificial intelligence. We have the Right to be emotionally involved in Virtual Time. If we can create a cartoon character that can fly in Virtual Time, what will we be able to do with a miracle understanding?

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Awakening Inner Peace for Global Awareness

One of the most difficult aspects of sharing The Great Miracle Share is telling people what it is for, and what we want to come of it. As stated many times over, the intellect does not understand spiritual matters, and it never will. Awakening the Inner Spirit WILL NOT come through the intellect, so intellectually understanding how The Great Miracle Share works is basically a waste of time. This is not for the intellect, it is designed to begin the process of waking the Spirit.
“There is a place in you that is perfect peace. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.” So says A Course in Miracles. If it were possible for the intellectual ego to understand this place, this place would be of no value to you, or this world. It is essential to understand that nothing the ego understands will ever understand what you have the capacity to understand and give this world.
The ego wants to understand first, and then give its approval. It wants us to give God to it so it can decide how the peace that passeth understanding should be used. How likely is that to occur? The answer is 0 percent.
The ego wants to know why you should give to a project that is essentially of no use to it, but offers every benefit to a world that is dying. The peace of God is in you. If you are not willing to give it, then our world will never experience it.
Another question is of money. Why do you have to give money to establish global peace? In our world money offers us a way of making choices. If you go to Walmart and make a choice to spend a dollar, you do not ask them how they are going to spend this dollar after you receive what you have paid for. Likewise, if you go to an amusement park to experience what they have to offer, you do not ask them how they are going to spend the money you gave them. You gave a dollar and got what you paid for. The end. This is not the end to miracle a blessing. Miracle blessings go on until the end of time. They are not limited to buying and selling. This value in the Gift is not money, but because you are offering a miracle blessing within the value of your investment. In effect, you have paid a miracle forward for the future value of peace in our world, and also made an investment in a hope for future generations. This hope does not exist in this world. This is what the investment is for, and what the value you give is for. Is there anything greater than this?
The intellect understands the value of money. What it does not understand is the value that rests in you. Making an investment in The Great Miracle Share is a conscious choice. In the past, you used money to get things outside of yourself. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to begin learning another kind of lesson of value; this is Self Value.
The journey to Self discovery begins with faith, not intellectual understanding. Words that are used for the intellectual understanding and the ego interpretations we use to explain the physical journey must take on new meaning. If we already know, how will we ever discover what is buried within? Our primary goal must be to release this new understanding, but if it is released into the old world, it will never survive.
2000 years ago, before Christ ascended into the Heavens, He told His followers that He was going to make a space for them. This is the New Earth. This space has already been created, but in order to save the world, we must accept the means.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word

Changing our Mind about War

The greatest challenge our world faces, both individually and globally, is changing our mind about what we believe we see. At the time of the separation, our vision shifted due to a shift at the mind level. It was our wish to see something that was not there that makes reference to the world as we perceive it today. In effect, we believe what we see, so we are a product of the fear that we externally behold. The fear is in us. It is not “out there.” Changing our mind about the fearful outcomes we envision in our mind involves involves introducing a higher thought into our mind to replace the fearful memories that we have designed to show us a fearful external fearful world.
We believe we can just change our mind when we want to, but the truth is we do not know how. Core beliefs that define the foundation of our world cannot be dismissed with a petition, a desire, an intention, or a treaty. Personal beliefs that define the 3rd dimensional body cannot be dismissed with an intention or a desire. The mind is the most powerful force in the Universe and it will not give up its treasured beliefs easily, even if what it believes is harmful and destructive to the one who holds them.
Because we would be bound to what was instilled in our mind, at the separation a Universal Plan was devised, which would allow us to see the whole world from another perspective. The whole meaning found in the book A Course in Miracles explains this process. This book is so profound, most people who begin to follow its guidance, continue to struggle with its meaning.
ACIM makes reference to a Universal experience that must occur in our world for whole change to begin. While a Universal theology regarding the purpose and meaning of peace is impossible, a Universal experience of peace is not only possible, it is necessary. The collective mind that governs the dimension we share with the 5th dimension is split about the purpose and meaning of time. Our world has been using time in a very destructive manner for 6000 years. The meaning of time held in collective core beliefs is riddled with guilt. In the 3rd dimensional body, guilt becomes fear. Fear of doing something that makes one guilty encourages the unnatural condition of body fear. As time is defined in our world, right now fear encourages us to see war. Dismissing war from the collective mind with previous methods, as mentioned above, is impossible.
The dimension that we share time with understands the higher property value in time, and they are happy to share this interpretive value with us, but we will not be given access to this understanding of property value without some kind of value investment that we perceive in the aspect of time we use. In other words, we are being asked to give what we deem as valuable to us in time, so we can receive a much higher value reward. These are called miracle rewards. In essence, we are buying property value in time so the collective consciousness in our world can be elevated into a higher frequency. We are willing to invest a lower property value understanding in time, to receive higher property value understanding in time. This higher frequency will allow us to see time from the same perspective as the dimension we share time with, or the 5th dimension.
We are not alone in the Universe, and the solutions we think are good ones, in fact miss the mark. Isn’t the definition of sin missing the mark?
The global solution for peace requires a Universal solution. We cannot change our mind about global war because it is all our world has ever had access to. Changing our mind requires a lifting up of the value held in our mind to a higher value. The Great Miracle Share offers us a way to share the miracle means necessary to change our mind to a higher frequency. How many will it take to see a peaceful possibility emerge to take the place of war? 10% of the global population is necessary to reach critical mass.
We have been given a Plan for global peace that cannot fail. It is up to us individually to accept the Universal Gift being given.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword

Seeds for Global Peace

Nature is abundant. It extends and increases in value every season. Investing in seeds to replant and grow a crop is how people are sustained. Sustenance is maintained and protected by the natural flow provided by the seasons. Time is provided for each season by allowing a specific amount of time for nature to produce her bounty. People do not understand how to create something that grows in time to specifically produce what they want. This is because we do not meet the intuitive standards necessary to understand what time and seasons are for. For instance, we know that we cannot take a physical nail, plant it, and expect it to grow no matter what time it is planted, in what season. The best we can do is mass produce it in a factory. In effect extending and increasing the value of a nail must be done through force and manipulation. Using the intellect to extend and increase value can only be done through force and manipulation. Once it is in place, this game must continue to completion, or until the made product is placed in the hands of the consumer. Intellectually, this is how we distribute what we have made.
Extending and increasing value through making does require some intuitive bility. However, the time it takes to intellectually redefine intuitive value in physical terms is a waste of time. If it were possible to access the natural intuitive ability within without ego/intellectual interference, the whole world would change. The 6 degrees of separation that the ego/intellect uses to get its needs met would dissolve. The who, what, when, where, why, and how, would be replaced with 2 questions; what do you want, and what is the value it has for you? This may seem impossible, but this is exactly what the new time zone we have entered into is calling for us to learn.
The Great Miracle Share is a global project that eliminates the 6 degrees of separation that asks the 6 questions, and attaches us directly to Universal intuitive value.
From a global perspective, everyone wants global peace, and they understand its value, so the 2 questions necessary to meet the criterion to end the 6 degrees of separation have already been answered. Now, the means to meet the goal must be accepted.
In our world, we use money to get what we want. If we do not have money, we believe we are without the means to have what we want. Most people attempt to get money to have what they want. The Great Miracle Share comes from a whole different perspective, which is that we already have the means to have what we want, but have limited our ability to express at the same intuitive level as nature.
In our core beliefs, which have no intuitive value whatsoever, we believe that money makes the world go round, that time is money, and that if we want something, we must place our money where our mouth is. These are our sayings and they come from global core beliefs held in time, which is what we share with nature. We are now sharing intuitive value in time, but we still do not understand what this means.
Being within the core value of globally held beliefs that it is money that controls time, and also how our core value is spent, we now can control time, and the season necessary to attain global peace. But we still do not have access to the means, or access to the same intuitive value as nature to extend and increase in value what we want, which is global peace. This is the purpose of miracles.
Miracles give us immediate access to time, because miracle work in time. This time/space is defined Universally as Now, which is the only aspect of time that is real. Miracles link what we believe with what we want in time, or in the Now. By eliminating the 6 degrees of separation that is necessary to force and manipulate to get what we want, we are in a position of using what we understand, or our money, to have a global solution to peace. Our money has thus become a seed to give us a new choice, which is a global intuitive reward, which will extend and increase in value, for having the faith in miracles to produce what we cannot produce for ourselves.
What we are being asked to learn far exceeds what we understood in the past about what we can and cannot do. We are unlimited beings, and intuitive value needs no force and manipulation to get. We are being asked to join with a Universal Project to introduce global peace by investing in The Great Miracle Share. This is a global project, but there is much to learn individually. By being willing to join in the same time and space that nature uses to produce a natural bounty, Higher Laws will be introduced to the people who live in our world, and our Universal Rights will be restored. Such a small price to pay to receive so much.

Inspired by the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share Project
Written by Cheril’Sword