Free Will and Heaven

The aspect of the Self that has been used and defiled by humankind is called free will. Our free will is the Living aspect of the Self that belongs to the Will of God. We have imprisoned our will in a time that it does not understand how to function in.
Our free will has been exposed to lies, deceptions, judgment, war, hate, fear, injustice, punishment, dishonesty, dishonor, loss, lack, and the list goes on.
We have within our power the most creative force in the Universe, yet it is being used in the most inappropriate way. It has been placed under the direction of the intellectual ego, which we consciously protect. We believe that our intellectual brain has the answers to everything we want to know. Yet we still remain confused and conflicted. This confusion and conflict is coming from the inappropriate conflicted value that our free will has learned under our watch. In essence, we have stolen something from Heaven, and it is time to give it back. The question is how, but also why should we give our free will back to Heaven?
Our free will is One with the Will of God. It does not operate well in a world that does not recognize or honor its holiness value. Instead, we have learned to use our free will to recognize value that can only be used to uphold the intellectual value of the ego. This is material value that cannot be recognized in Heaven. The question of error that occurred thousands of years ago concerned the value in free will. Was it possible to turn the spiritual value in free will away from Heaven so it would serve a lower value. Well, here we are, thousands of years after the original error, and it is time to answer this question.
Everything in this world can be used to serve a higher purpose. The only way this can be done is to consciously direct free will away from the material value, which as been assigned by the intellectual ego. The Plan for doing this must be directed from a higher Source, as we do not, nor have we ever, understood the power that lies within our free will.
The greatest reward that comes from investing in The Great Miracle Share is that it allows us to make a conscious decision to direct our free will Home, or back to the Will of God. Now the intellectual question becomes, why would we want to do this. Won’t we die? The answer is no. Our free will was assigned to us at birth. When we took our first breath, it became a part of our Living Universal Identity, which encompasses everything, which includes our body.
In the physical world, the ego attempted to claim our free will with a paper identity. This was our paper birth certificate, which allowed us to identify with the physical world.
Although it is time for our free will, or aspect of the Self, to return Home, this does not mean our body is no longer of any use. What it does mean that we are now in a position of understanding our OWN Glory within the body. Because it is impossible for us to ascend into Heaven without dying, we are being given an opportunity to undo the wrong that occurred thousands of years ago, while learning to understand our the power in our Will by giving it a new direction. This will be done by defining new assignments for everything in our world. This process is life changing, and will change the course of human history.
We begin with something simple, which teaches us that by returning our fragment of Power or free will to Heaven, miracle results can be attained. The more people who participate in moving their free will across the miracle bridge and through Heaven’s Gate, the faster Heaven on Earth can be attained.
Most of the lessons on how to use free will appropriately are individually taught. The Great Miracle Share, on the other hand, is a lesson that teaches how free will that is joined in Power can change the world.
The purpose of all miracle investing is to consciously direct the natural ability held in free will to God, where it is at Home in its natural abode. By giving the material thing that has bound free will to old world time, we consciously make a new decision that will begin the process of changing everything.
Because free will is a thought, and thoughts do not leave their source, as our personal free will is directed Home, our personal lives begin to experience the rapture of this Heavenly return. Slowly but surely, our lives begin to take on the spiritual qualities of Heaven. Thus, Heaven on Earth returns.
Salvation of the world depends on me. It depends on you. It depends on all of us working together in a Universal Plan that cannot fail.

Inspired by the Universal Virtual Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cherils’Word


The Breath of God

In the physical experience the intellect uses free will to verbally express. But free will has a higher purpose. Our will is linked to the Will of God. This will allows us to express non-verbally through e-motional integrity. E-motional integrity begins with Love. Perfect Love is expressed through the whole Universe through created aspects of the One Will, which is the Will of God. When free will is not in harmony with the One Perfect Will of God, then personal will is being used to express disharmony. Disharmony influences the mind/body with disease, greed, hate, conflict, guilt, fear, and the list goes on. Personal free will that is assigning disharmony is in denial of natural health, wealth, and happiness.
When we were born, free will was constantly moving through us with our breath. The breath of life is a Gift from God, which began when physical life began to populate this Planet. The God Breath of Life introduces the free will expression into our physical experience. Once the God Breath has been introduced, how free will is used becomes a personal preference.
Thousands of years ago, the God Breath was violated. The breath that defined free will was stolen from God to make a breath independent from the Will of God. With this theft began the separation of the body, along with the 3rd dimension where separated bodies would be allowed to assign individual meaning to their separate lives. But this was never how it was supposed to be. The breath was not designed to use independent of Love, and so it was the life force provided by the breath, once severed, began to show signs of disease, old age, and eventual death.
Reconnecting our breath to the God Breath cannot be done without higher direction. Because free will is involved with this process, and our free will has been involved in independent actions that violate the Will of God, the recognition of these inappropriate actions must be recognized and undone. Although we are not responsible for undoing what has been done, we are responsible for recognizing how we have used our free will to disconnect our breath from the God Breath.
Because the disconnection of our free will expression from the Free Will of God has been so profound, a profound measure of perfection had to be introduced to correct this problem. This perfect solution is called a miracle.
We believe the breath belongs to the body. This is our free will working independently of Source. As long as our free will is being used to protect an independent belief, we will be free of our OWN life force. This is not only insane, it is impossible. No man is an island, and no man can assign an individualized purpose without attempting to re-direct the whole Universe. Attempting to change the Universe without a whole purpose of Love is destructive, as is clearly visible in what we see in our world today.
Because what we believe is true, our free will expression is being used for our own demise. This is a global problem that must be addressed individually. The purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now is individualized to help people find their errors, or how they have disconnected their free will from the Will of God. This will heal at the individual level, but we have a global problem that must be addressed. This is what The Great Miracle Share is for.
The Great Miracle Share allows us to be connected to a Global Project, designed to bring the whole world back into harmony with the Breath of God. This will reconnect the collective consciousness of our world, which will allow our world to be recognized as One with the Whole Breath of God.
There is much work to do. The Great Miracle Share is Universally directed. We do not know or understand how to connect our world with the Breath of God. All we do know for sure is that this step is necessary in re-connecting our world with the whole Universal Integrity necessary to introduced Heaven on Earth.

Inspired by The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now
Information provided by The Great Miracle Share
Written by Cheril’Sword