The Certificate

The Great Miracle Share Certificate Investment

This certifies that ___________________________ has invested invested in living miracle property in the 4th dimension. The holder of this certificate is given immediate access to their Universal Rights, which are protected and sanctified by the Living Laws that protect the whole Universe.This Miracle Share Investment is recognized as being part of a Universal Plan called One Wholeness Now to save time for the future generations of the Planet Earth by changing the purpose of time. The MiracleShareholder shall also be given immediate access to A New Movement of Miracle Thought, which will shiftthe purpose of the world to a higher frequency and offer the individual, as well as the world, a new beginning.the Universally Inspired Plan of One Wholeness Now.
In witness whereof, the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now has caused this Miracle Certificate to be signed and authorized on this day.


The purchase price for one Miracle Share Investment is $2.00. The other dollar is for shipping and handling. Of course you are welcome to invest in more than one Miracle Share, or more than the initial $2.00 investment, which offers the Universe one miracle to repair the dimensional wound in time.  The purpose of The Great Miracle Share must reach critical mass, which is 10% of Earth’s population. This works out to be around 800,000,000 shares that must be invested  by the people to completely repair the 4th dimensional war wound that plagues our world. It is strongly suggested that individuals personally invest in The Great Miracle Share rather than investing in them for another. Of course, it is helpful if more than one Miracle Share is invested in, as this will help us create Heaven on Earth by creating a Universal City.
As people invest in Global Peace through The Great Miracle Share, the monies will be invested to create a global city that will be Universally Inspired to wholly develop individual talents. By placing individual talents under the protection of Higher Living Law, the City itself will grow to encompass the whole world. Our Universal Rights will begin to be understood and restored, and our Universal Citizenship will begin to be recognized. This City is the Promised Land that was promised by God thousands of years ago. It is also a new beginning for our world prophesied in the Bible. This will be a City of the people, for the people, and by the people, as it will be their miracle investments that will build and operate it. It will be Universally supported, and will last til time indefinite.
 By agreeing to live life in accordance with Higher Living Law, Heaven and Earth will unite as One, and we the people will once again have access to unlimited ancient memories that provide perfect health, abundance, and happiness forever.
This is what is referred to as the Golden Age of Enlightenment. We have entered into a mystical magical time when we will want for nothing, and anything is possible. It is a time assigned to us that is beyond belief, but not beyond our ability to consciously understand. It is time.

The Great Miracle Share Certificate Investment


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