Releasing the Seeds of Inno-Sense

Free will, or the symbolic seeds in the apple, cannot be accessed by miracles unless and until there is an agreement signed that unites the individual with the Universal Plan to exchange personal interpretations of differences for a more global understanding of what is the same. This will not change religious or national beliefs, but it will allow people to change their focus to problem solving instead of problem causing. Being willing to accept and focus on what is the same in all of humanity will give us an advantage that can only be defined as miraculous.

The Universal Plan to unite Heaven and Earth encourages us to step into a higher degree of emotional integrity. This is something that our world does not understand how to do, due to the original error that was blamed on the apple. The apple deserves higher justice, as do we.

The protection of innocence or free will is Universal. Because of this, it is defined as eternal property. There are Higher Laws that protect higher property value, and will only uphold a Plan that upholds the eternal property value in free will. Free will property value is like property value in our world. There are laws that protect our material property from others attempting to use it for their own personal use.  Because of the Higher Laws that protect free will, the individual must consciously understand how their free will is to be accessed and released. Otherwise it would be possible to break a Living Law without consequences, and we would be right back where we started.

The Agreement signed in The Great Miracle Share allows the Universal Plan access to individual free will, along with beginning the process of seeding a New World with innocence.


Releasing Whole Seed Memories

The memories in the apple core are innocent memories that live within us. These memories are defined as our free will. Being trapped in an apple core, the seeds carry the memories of the many fragmented accomplishments of humanity. They also carry the memories of the wholeness of the spirit. Bringing together the memories that continue to be helpful in our world, along with the wholeness of the spirit, can only be accomplished by setting into motion a Universal Plan designed to unite Heaven and Earth as One in Wholeness. In a sense, this will allow people to have their apple, and eat it too.

The time set aside for the people of our world to learn how to release the seeds in the apple core is called virtual time, or Now. The release of the innocent seed into virtual time will change how time is used. Because this will dramatically change everything we believe about reality, people must become a willing participant in this Plan. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to show the willingness of the individual to introduce their innocent seeds into the reglobal plan to unite Heaven and Earth in One Wholeness Now.

Uniting Heaven and Earth will require a New Movement of Thought to be introduced into individual thinking. This way of thinking will replace old world fear with New World miracles. Because all belief is based on old world values, which include fear, New World miracles must begin to replace old world fearful beliefs.

The Apple Core

The story of the apple dates back to the beginning of creation when Adam and Eve took a bite and changed global history. If the truth be known, the apple got a bum rap because it was not an apple at all that changed the world; it was a decision to taste a fragment of reality without respecting the wholeness, of which reality is created that caused the problem. This erroneous step began the separate body identity along with the many different interpretations of nationalities and religions that are prevalent throughout the world today.

For 6000 years, people have been taking a bite of their own apple in an attempt to make a whole picture out of that bite that will make sense. The problem is the many separate bites taken from the apple have been used to determine many separate global realities. There has caused a huge discrepancy in how our world defines its reality. It would be like one person claiming that everything that is necessary to understand everything is within the interpretation of the piece of the apple that they have ingested. How insane is that?

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is not to eliminate global information that is helpful in the many bites that have been taken, but instead use all of the information within the core of the apple that is helpful to create a New World. This will require adopting a language that can be used and appreciated by the whole world.

The seeds within the core of the apple will provide this, for it is in the memory of the seeds that the whole information necessary to begin a New World lives.